Saturday, 11 August 2012

Night Sweats

Okay, this might sound disgusting...but bear with me.

A starved anorexic is...well, a starved person. The body has the ability to compensate for this lack of food by lowering the metabolism. This is why I used to be so cold all the time - instead of wasting energy on keeping me warm, my body decided to use that valuable energy to keep my brain, heart, and organs alive. Hence, my metabolism slowed down. A LOT. This is why I can a little bit of food and gain weight easily - my body is scared that a period of famine will come again, so it wants to store all it can just in case it happens.

Now, into my third week of refeeding, my body is revving up again. This means that although I am gaining weight, my body is anticipating that food is coming, so it can keep me warm. This sounds great, right? IS good news. But the annoying and uncomfortable part of this is that I get sweaty at night. I mean, REALLY sweaty. My body is getting warmer, so it produces sweat (like normal human beings!). The only difference is that it does this at night. And so, I wake up, feel the sweat on my back, and then instantly feel cold as the air passes over my body. It feels so uncomfortable!

I have to admit, my night sweats are not as bad as some other people. I have heard of patients who must get up three times during the night in order to change their beds and clothes because they are simply too wet! Nevertheless, ANY amount of night sweats is highly uncomfortable.

I suppose this is a good sign - my body is getting back to normal functioning and it recognizes that it can now keep me warm. So, in a way, I should be thankful for the light sweats. But it is ever so difficult to be thankful for something that is so...weird, nasty, and uncomfortable. I hate feeling the sweat on my back, the sensation of my shirt sticking to my back, and the horrible chill that follows. I hate waking up in the middle of my sleep and feeling that I want to change my clothes...but then I'm too lazy!

And so, like many other things in recovery (and I'll say this A LOT!), night sweats (to put it bluntly) suck. They are such a nuisance. But, like other things in recovery, they are a good sign that health is on it's way.

So, for now, I have to live with the discomfort. Night sweats can last a long time - about three to six months for some patients. I guess now I realize that a few extra set of PJs are the perfect birthday present!


  1. When is your Birthday ,so that I'll be ready

  2. U R right,it is a good sign of recovery ,however I feel night sweat a lot when I am nervous ,angry and have a lot of adrenaline rush

    So drink some cold water before sleep,relax and enjoy the night not worrying about what to come next day


  3. My pleasant Lady

    You are making me happy with every hint you mention about your recovery.
    I am a nurse and I agree with you ,this a good sign,you are warm and hot and full of feelings and emotions of love ,care and giving to others .You are a lot mature than any body I ever known

    Washington,D C

  4. This gives me hope now I am leaving my name on the waiting list.If recovery is possible ,I am willing to go for it at any cost.
    Let me know what is happening.

    A A

  5. Yes
    Feeling warm and sweating is a postive sign than cold and chilly.
    your battle of recoevry is going in the right direction and the heat is on.

    SC South Carolina

  6. Wow

    I feel warm right now
    happy to hear the progress.


  7. Your metabolism is up and now you are burning more and giving out more energy as your body not worried about a "famine "is coming..

    Positive change
    Waiting for more steps to recoevry


  8. Sweating ,means recoevry!!! that is really interesting.

  9. Hi my nurse.

    I am glad you are feeling the warth and little more of it( the sweat.I believe it is sweet as you.
    You are soooo sweet


  10. Gooooooooooooooooooooooo you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its probably one of the hardest things anyone can go through and you are doing wonderfully! Keep pushing! The world is praying for you!

  11. Wow!! You inspire me so much! I love reading about your journey and your constant struggle! It gives me so much hope! Don't give up! Keep Fighting and I know you will overcome this with God's help. I'll be praying for you in this battle!

  12. How it feels when you are warm after feeling cold.Should be good feeling albeit wet(sweat) and joyful hope of recoevry.
    Wish you luck

    Mother of ED victim

  13. Keep up the good work :)

  14. Your doing an awesome job! It's amazing to see your strength in fighting. May God continue to give you power in this journey!!!!

    Pete Saad

  15. Keep hanging in there!! Good job thus far :) God Bless :)

  16. Your right Marina, even though it must be so annoying, its a great sign. I am so happy to hear about your recovery. Keep on fighting! :)

  17. So proud of you Marina, you're a fighter!! The fact that your on your way to recovery is AMAZINGG news and I'm sure that for every step you put forward God blesses you ten fold! Don't ever give up, you're an inspiration to us all!!

    Marina M

  18. Slowly but sure you are dismissing all the fears Ed has been hunting you with.
    You are a role model
    Keep up


  19. Happy to hear all good news
    Keep your motivation


  20. Wow
    This is the blessing of Virgin Mary
    You are winning
    You deserve a good happy life to enjoy all what God offers to us ,one is food to nourish and enjoy..

    I pray for you


  21. This blog endorses what you said in previous one about Feelings
    As you recoever you will regain normal feelings include feeling hungry,taste of food ,enjoying your food .Normal happy life that U Deserve.
    I like your blog,I enjoy it and I learn from it even I do not have ED

    Walland ,On


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