ED does not discriminate

Someone on my blog commented, asking me what my field of education is. I'm proud to say that I am a nursing student.

....Now, here comes the awkward silence. Everyone looks at me with mouths wide open. How can I, someone suffering with an eating disorder, be a nurse? Shouldn't I KNOW that anorexia is dangerous, that starving myself is wrong, and that this will make me unhealthy? If I'm a nursing student, should that not protect me from becoming ill with ED?

The truth of the matter is...no. ED does not discriminate. He creeps into one's life, threatening to take away everything. He blinded me, making me believe that he knew what was best for me. That once I listened to his every command, I'd be granted a life of happiness and peace.

He was lying. And I let him lie away, taking bits and pieces out of my life as time went on. ED took away everything from me - my body, my school, my relationships, and my happiness. If it were not for the grace of God, ED would have taken my life.

I guess my point is that no one is really naturally 'armed' against ED. Personally, I had a wealth of information on anorexia before falling into it's trap. I was always giving presentations about eating disorders, informing others of the harm that it does to people. I was the girl who spoke against negative body image and why it was so harmful to people. And yet, I was the girl who became anorexic.

My message to parents: watch out for your children. If you notice any change in the way they eat, take action. Talk to them about it and learn why it is that they are doing this. If they are not satisfied with their bodies, take the time to understand their feelings and address these issues immediately. There is nothing wrong with seeing professionals like therapists if you need to. Please, do not waste time! Once this disorder sets it's foot into the victim, it can be VERY difficult to stop.

My message to any individual reading this blog: watch out for yourself. Do not let yourself be fooled by all the hype in the media about thinness and the so-called 'happiness' that it will bring to your lives. Do not let others tell you that you are not treasured or beautiful because of the way you look. Love and cherish yourself for who you are - inside and out. Be proud of who you have become. Look to God for peace and comfort. Be mindful of all the world's messages and discern between which are right and which are wrong. Watch out for others who may be falling into ED. Take action if you feel it is necessary. Please. You could be saving someone's life.

Looking back now, perhaps this is what motivated me to become a nurse. Maybe I saw all of my struggles with ED and hoped to one day, become someone that could help others. Maybe I wanted to use my experience for the benefit of others. Maybe I thought that one day, I could use my journey to change someone's life, to make a difference.

And everyday as I write this blog, I continue to pray that it may be helping others - directly or indirectly.

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