Sunday, 5 August 2012

ED does not discriminate

Someone on my blog commented, asking me what my field of education is. I'm proud to say that I am a nursing student.

....Now, here comes the awkward silence. Everyone looks at me with mouths wide open. How can I, someone suffering with an eating disorder, be a nurse? Shouldn't I KNOW that anorexia is dangerous, that starving myself is wrong, and that this will make me unhealthy? If I'm a nursing student, should that not protect me from becoming ill with ED?

The truth of the matter ED does not discriminate. He creeps into one's life, threatening to take away everything. He blinded me, making me believe that he knew what was best for me. That once I listened to his every command, I'd be granted a life of happiness and peace.

He was lying. And I let him lie away, taking bits and pieces out of my life as time went on. ED took away everything from me - my body, my school, my relationships, and my happiness. If it were not for the grace of God, ED would have taken my life.

I guess my point is that no one is really naturally 'armed' against ED. Personally, I had a wealth of information on anorexia before falling into it's trap. I was always giving presentations about eating disorders, informing others of the harm that it does to people. I was the girl who spoke against negative body image and why it was so harmful to people. And yet, I was the girl who became anorexic.

My message to parents: watch out for your children. If you notice any change in the way they eat, take action. Talk to them about it and learn why it is that they are doing this. If they are not satisfied with their bodies, take the time to understand their feelings and address these issues immediately. There is nothing wrong with seeing professionals like therapists if you need to. Please, do not waste time! Once this disorder sets it's foot into the victim, it can be VERY difficult to stop.

My message to any individual reading this blog: watch out for yourself. Do not let yourself be fooled by all the hype in the media about thinness and the so-called 'happiness' that it will bring to your lives. Do not let others tell you that you are not treasured or beautiful because of the way you look. Love and cherish yourself for who you are - inside and out. Be proud of who you have become. Look to God for peace and comfort. Be mindful of all the world's messages and discern between which are right and which are wrong. Watch out for others who may be falling into ED. Take action if you feel it is necessary. Please. You could be saving someone's life.

Looking back now, perhaps this is what motivated me to become a nurse. Maybe I saw all of my struggles with ED and hoped to one day, become someone that could help others. Maybe I wanted to use my experience for the benefit of others. Maybe I thought that one day, I could use my journey to change someone's life, to make a difference.

And everyday as I write this blog, I continue to pray that it may be helping others - directly or indirectly.


  1. This is very helpful for me as a mother as I have 2 teen age daughters and both are very picky eaters and daily they watch TV shows about thinness and losing weight .
    I will keep an eye and I have your blog printed out as a reminder.
    You are helping others right now and rest assured You will be a great nurse and one of the well known figures fighting this disease and putting an end to this misleading media.
    Keep up
    Let me thank you so much for all your time and efforts
    A worried mother of two

  2. Hi
    I am carlos Lopez
    I am not ashamed to write my name as all those around me know my situation.I believe you disease does not discriminate as I was happy working in my carrier as RD or registered dietician till my acohol use increased day after day when my GF of 5 years walked out of the relationship for no reason that I am aware of.
    No body noted at the beginning till one day I was trying to talk to her hoping to get her back to me when she yelled at me ,telling me to go away and she is regretting the 5 years she has been with me.
    My self esteem went as ow as you can imagine and I had more alcohol that day.I went to my work next day ,off course was a bad decision .I got fired .
    Guess what I continued to drink every day and each time I try cut down ,voice in my head telling me you are stressed out,lonely DaDA Da DA and one drink will help relax you ,you will feel good and sleep,you get more energy and feel strong etc and I used to believe that voice
    Finally I went to inpatient program and got recovered and now back on my feet again

    By the way I got a job and new GF and believe me this past taught me a great lesson
    The point I am making is I know the healthy life style I counsell people every day about safe use and I was the one who got trapped in .
    May be I was blinded when I was trapped but I opened my eye and saw the right track
    Now I have my new GF that I love.She knows all my past and is very supportive

    I love your blog
    Can you be my nurse?

  3. I do believe you
    Up till now no matter what my mom ,my doctor or my brother tells me ,I will not listen and I am stuborn.
    I yield to my ED voice and soon I do all what he wants
    You are right He is a lier and I wish I will not believe him and kick him out of my whole life
    A A

  4. Wow you are a nurse
    If this disease can target educated people like you ,so it can hit any body like this.
    I think Canada should have more public awareness about this disease and educate youg kids before they get trapped
    Thanks for this helpful blog

  5. I am confused
    So your awareness about body image,ED ,giving presentaion about Ed,being a nurse,etc All this awareness did not prevent the disease

    So what can people do?
    Is there any medicine,shot that can prevent it ??


  6. Hi there
    From your experience and now We know you are a nurse,how can people reject ED voices,Commands and Lies and believe only rational voices and professional advice?
    I think if we have an easy idea about how to get people trust the real facts and iqnore the fiction and the quack,We will be able to advance our armmentarily in the war against ED.

    Can you comment
    I am waiting

    S C South Carolina

  7. So the ED blinds the brain about the reality !!!.
    So Why all treatment programs want victims to get treated only voluntraily?
    You know They will not like to go .
    You know their decision is biased and manipulated by ED voices whick tell them lies at least tell them ,you better off stay away from all doctors and programms if you like to stay happy.

    Do you know the answer?

    A A

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    1. Let me make a comment to Henry
      I do not think you are the only one wish to marry an intelligent and kind girl like her.I believe there may be many over there wish but are silent


  9. Hi there
    Can some one motivated,and eduacted like you use your reciepe of wise and rational mind+ little perfectionistic personality + support systems+ caring physicain = defeat the ED and get to a Perfcet haelthy body.You know what I mean by perfect healthy body from medical and social undersatnding Not perfect as ED tells us .
    Am I right?

    Victoria B C

  10. Hello my dear
    I am quite sure that with support of your family,your church and friends you will have a happy successful life free from stress or pressure of any one or any disease.
    May God bless you
    You are a honor to your family,church and your country


  11. I believe every one of us has a mission or at least a message in life .
    I seems like you are up to it.You already started by yourself ,preparing yourself to the big duty.You are in recovery,studying nursing,writing your personal story and giving all your personal experience ,all possible advise .Also reading and looking at what is written and researches about this disease and summarize all in very simple words to your readers.
    As far as I as know people may read a blog much easier and learn from it much more than reading a book.
    I give you a lot of credits for your courage and altruism.
    Thank you


  12. Here you go
    I am not surprized ,I thought you are in the medical field as your knowledge ,understanding and advise is much much more and well organized than just a simple individual talking about his or her own ordeal and what did he or she learnt from it.

    Let also ask you ,I have some issues as well and wish to have a nurse.
    Can you be my nurse?
    Thank you


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  14. Recently I feel like I’m starting to gain weight. I feel like I have no appetite. I feel like food is just disgusting. Even when I’m a little bit hungry I just try to avoid food. Everyone keeps telling me I’m losing weight but I really don’t see it.


  15. I just recently started following your blog after a post on NEDIC. I too am a nursing student that is battling anorexia. I'd like to thank you for your post, because eating disorders do not discriminate. I get that surprised look a lot when people find out what I'm studying. We didn't choose to have an eating disorder. From my experience I think I'm a better nurse because of it, especially in mental health. I know what it's like to struggle and I channel that energy and what I have learned to help my patients. I'm glad I found someone I can relate to. Being a nursing student by no means protects us from any illness. I just wish people wouldn't be so ignorant.

    1. Welcome! I am glad to know that you are able to find support in NEDIC ot here. Please read, ask questiions, and take hope! There are many people tha are able to support you!

  16. Thanks Marina. I look forward to reading more of your blog. You are an inspiration to all. I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey.

    Calgary, AB


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