Friday, 31 August 2012

Disney Characters' 'New Look'

I love Disney. Really, I do. When I was young, I loved watching all their movies. Okay, Okay. I STILL love watching their movies. And I loved the characters - Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc. I've been to DisneyWorld, DisneyLand, and DisneyLand Paris. And if I ever got the chance, I'd go back there anytime!

So you can imagine how shocked I was when I read this:

Go to the link and see for yourself. That's right. The picture is of Minnie Mouse, wearing fashionable/designer clothes. I could NOT believe that Disney agreed to change the way their characters look just to advertise for designer clothes!

What really makes me angry is the fact that all the characters were made thinner and taller. This does not even look like Minnie Mouse anymore! Why couldn't they just dress Minnie in the designer clothes, but keep her original size and look?! Why did they have to make her look so...emaciated and 'model-like'?

A while ago, I wrote a blog about the media ( Think about it: the media is always using models who are unrealistically thin and beautiful, just to get people to purchase their products. And don't get me started on the photoshop and technology that they use to enhance these images. And now DISNEY is doing the same with their loveable and 'family-friendly' characters?

What does this picture show little kids? That you have to be extremely tall and thin in order to wear brand-name clothes? That the original Disney characters' size wasn't 'good enough'?! That to be famous and beautiful and wear rich clothing you have to lose your original body and shape? Obviously, this is a big problem. I saw this and was shocked - what will little kids do? I'm not necessarily saying that this is going to cause eating disorders (although it could lead to it), but I AM saying that this is giving out the wrong types of messages to children WORLDWIDE. And for those already with body-image issues or eating disorders, this is only reaffirming that the world places way too much stress on being thin.

Does this fuel ED? For me, it does not. But it certainly makes me angry. And it makes me want to walk into people's homes and shout 'LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE! THIN IS NOT IN!'.

I'm still in love with Disney movies and their ORIGINAL characters. But this is not working for me.


  1. I am shouting with you .LOVE YOUR SELF FOR WHO YOU ARE

    Yes Marina the media is to be bleamed at least partially in my ED but not any more.
    Marina since I met you on this blog,I have changed
    I am new person determind and working on my recovery and following you footsteps
    Media go to hell


    1. Anne, that is the spirit! I am SO happy that you are experiencing a shift in your thoughts. I pray that this blog continues to help and support you. Please continue to work on your recovery because you are so worth it.

  2. Whether they meant or not this is wrong to depeict Desney lovely character in this way.
    I agree this a very wrong message and Sorry We reject this from both the media that publish and from Desney


    1. Jack, you are right. I am sure Disney did not intend to give out these messages, but they certainly are apparent. This is just plain wrong.

  3. For many years my dear ,I have called the media and complained and no one ever paid attention to all the bad press
    I used to love and respect all Desney like like but now this is really disappointing

    I will shout also "THIN IN NOT IN"

    A Thankful mother

    1. The problem is that the media is seen as a free outlet for people. Protesting can sometimes lead to changes, but often, the media will backfire that they are not intending to send out such messages. What you CAN do is continue to advocate for yourself and for your daughter. And by all means, continue to call and express how you feel. You WILL be making a difference.

  4. Yes
    Love your self for who you are,Love your body and feel good about your self.
    Yes Marina the media and especilly all commercials have been playing a negative role in our society.I attribute my ED partially to ED.
    Now when I watch TV ,I can see with ny just eye and say that is wrong but when I was vulnerible ,I was looking at them as the best figure and myself as ugly.

    Recovered ED victim

    1. It is great that you can realize what the media is doing. This is really important - and we all need to develop this skill. We cannot passively watch TV without understanding the underlying messages. Once again, I admire your ability to recover and I pray that God may use your example to help others.

  5. The media also has severly influenced the third world countries as Arabs in a very negative way as smoking and violence,hate and revenge.
    I love Desney too but I do not like when they intentionally or unententionally give negative message


    1. You are right. Studies show that eating disorders increased dramatically when TVs were introduced into countries such as Fiji. Ads on TV often promote negative behaviours such as drinking - often in subliminal messages.

  6. Who made this Ad is ignorant about our health.I think she need to pull all these out and apologize to the public.
    I know what you mean .TV add played a major role in my alcohol addiction and never helped in my recovery


    1. I am sorry that you struggled with the media in your recovery, but I am very pleased that you managed to get through it. I agree with you - these pictures need to be removed.

  7. Of course all those ads are missing the point that there are a lot of famous ,beautiful and rich people who are not thin and may be even fat.If they are looking for business ,they are wrong because majority of our population do not agree with their views.
    Do you know if there any control over these ads,commercial that target the public.I know our media is free but to what extent.
    I love your blog even I do not know any body with ED


    1. You are right Hesham! There are so many examples of happy and successful people who are not teeny tiny. But the thing is - these companies know that they can convince people to buy into their products by promising happiness.

      I'm not sure if there are any controls over these ads, but I think I will post a petition here that we can all sign...

      Thanks for the comments. God bless you!

  8. My love
    I shout happily with you.LOVE you self and your body for who you are are.You can be healthy and happy at any size and that what I learnt from my last year nursing school

    Every day I love you more and more.Please love me


    1. Thanks Henry! You are right - being happy comes from within (personality, abilities, etc) - and not from what you look like from the outside.

    2. I agree with Henry ! Girlie, the media is corruptive and toxic and it breaks my heart to Disney has done this. However we must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in the eye of the media!

      Love u Marz :)

  9. Yes Marina let all say outloud
    Love your self and your body for who you are.Another benifit for recoevry is you eye looking way and beyond any normal person can see.
    You reading the fine prints of those media headlines .
    Keep up my dear


  10. You are right Mary! Another benefit of recovery is seeing the truth behind all of society's pressures to look a certain way - and accepting yourself for who you are!

  11. I can not believ Desney doing this .
    We are in love with every thing in Desney.
    Now Desney is giving wrong message and depicting unhealthy picture in our world
    I think who did this is unresponsible.
    I also believ this is not helpful to Desney profits either as this only please a very small fraction of north America if not the whole world.

    N A

  12. After reading this, I'm so mad! Like seriously disney?! Now you have to join the super thin model club? AAAGH! It is totally giving young kids the wrong picture. I'm dissapointed, that thing looks nothing like the happy original minnie mouse.



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