Yet another interview! Food and the Holiday Season

I'm so blessed to have yet another opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with the world. This time, I was asked by OCN (Orthodox Christian Network) to do an interview about food and the holiday season - a topic relevant to this time of the year!

This interview topic is near and dear to my heart or several reasons. As a survivor of anorexia nervosa, I know all too well how it feels to be overwhelmed by food - especially at Christmas time, when everyone is talking about food! Last Christmas, I was still in recovery - but before that, I was struggling with ED. When I was ill, I tried my hardest to avoid food at all costs, but this became very hard to do during the holiday season. Being recovered now (thank God!), I realize how difficult this time was for me and how it stressed me out. As a recovered victim of an eating disorder, I understand how stressful food can become for many people - even those without eating disorders.

We are bombarded during this time (all the time really, but MORE at Christmas!) with advertisements on food, weight loss, how to avoid weight gain during parties, etc. In fact, we sometimes forget what Christmas is all about because we get so caught up in the gifts, parties, and food. Some people struggle because they have ED, while others struggle because they do not want to gain excessive weight during this festive season. Even if you do not struggle with this at all, it is worth listening to the interview so that you can understand how to support others who may need help, but also to learn how to protect yourself from bring preoccupied with weight and food during this season.

So, I encourage you to listen to my latest interview with OCN abut food and the holidays, and how to avoid getting caught up with the 'small stuff' and instead focus on what this season really means to us: the birth of Christ, spending time with loved ones, being thankful for our blessings, and sharing with those who need any support or assistance. Once again, I would like to thank you all for your help, support, and love. I would never have the motivation to do all these interviews, publications, etc. without all the support I receive from my readers, friends, and family. God bless all of you!

Here is the link Let me know what you think of my interview!

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