Sunday, 29 December 2013


It is almost the end of this year and the beginning of next year - 2014! This year went by so fast, likely because it was so busy and full of events! If you remember, last year, I discussed New Year's resolutions: Well, it is that time of year again! Everyone starts thinking of what they want to do differently this year - what goals they want to accomplish, or what they want to achieve in 2014.

Before we jump into this, I want to challenge you with a little activity. I want you to think back tothis year of 2013. But don't think of ANY event. I want you to think of the following:

1) An event that made you really happy or excited (ex. a good mark on a test, the birth of a baby, a ;promotion, a funny moment you shared with others, a vacation, etc). What happened? How did you feel at this time? Why did it make you happy? What was special about this event that made you remember it now?

Thinking back to something about the last year that made us happy is a great way to feel pleased with our lives. We remember an event that really made a difference to us - that made us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, or that made us realize how blessed we are. The moment that I can think of is when I got invited to do multiple interviews for radio stations. This moment made me feel thankful for how far I have come, and it made me realize how many blessings God gave me. He gave me the chance to live life again, and this time, to use my experiences and pain to help others.

2) Now, I want you to think of an event that was difficult to deal with. Think back to something that frustrated you or made you feel angry or sad. This could be a fight with a spouse, a hard time at work with a boss or co-worker, lack of money to pay bills, etc.

No, I am not trying to make you depressed again! I want you to look at this event without any emotion - without the pain or hurt. Look back at what happened. What have you learned from this situation? How did this make you stronger or more mature? The moment in my life that I thought of was when I was being bullied online. I was angry and frustrated and hurt that this was happening to me, and I didn't understand why anyone would enjoy hurting me. At the time, I was angry and tried my best not to let it bother me. But I felt that I would always be bothered by it. However, I became stronger as a result of this situation. I learned not to let anyone bother me, regardless of what others say to me or think about me. I realized that people are always going to dislike you if you are better than them, or if they don't like something about you. You cannot please all humans at one time, and this situation made me realize that I don't really care what others say or feel about me. I love myself, and I have family and friends (and readers!) who love me, too. I also have a God who is bigger and greater than anything else, and He alone gives me strength and peace. The situation with the bullying taught me that I am a strong, beautiful ,smart, and determined woman. It also taught me not to let anything or anyone bring me down. So, I am thankful for this experience - not for the pain that it brought, but for the lessons it taught me and for the strength that came out of it.

Do you see how looking at the last year in this way can be therapeutic and helpful? Congratulations - you survived 2013! And while it may have been full of problems and frustrations, I am sure that it was also full of joys and surprises. I am also confident that you have grown and become stronger, wiser, happier, or smarter as a result of difficult experiences from 2013. As the new year comes in, I am inviting you to look back on 2013 with appreciation. Know that you survived 2013 and have also become a different person as a result of it. Now, look forward to 2014. Bring in the new year with those who love you and those that mean a lot to you. Have fun and make goals that will help you become a better person (but that will be a different post!). For now, please enjoy the beginning of 2014 and look back on 2013 with gratefulness and satisfaction, knowing that while it may have been hard, it was also fun, exciting, and a great learning experience.

God bless all of you. With all my heart, I pray and hope that you bring in 2014 with happiness and joy, and that you may all be safe. Thank you for the support that has allowed me to stay strong in my recover, to keep writing and working, and to be where I am today. I am so blessed (thank God!) to be celebrating the new year of 2014 with the support and love of all my family, friends, readers, and God. Take a deep breath and bring in 2014 with excitement, strength, love, and joy!


  1. Yes Marina
    You survived the hardship in 2013 and you have become stronger.
    Tough times never last .Here you are a leader to help others recover the same tough illness that hurt you.
    You have great love for humans and you wish no one has to suffer.
    You got hit hard by Ed and by some one unknown to you who used to cyber bully you but you stood strong and hard.
    The stick that dose not break you ,make you stronger.
    We are all very proud of you.
    I can see as many as thousands of friends love ,pray and wish you the best.
    If only one person does not like you,I am sure one day that person will know how loving is your hurt and that person will change and become a loving friend.
    I am sure Marina you are a forgiving person.
    God bless you
    N A

  2. Binge on life. Purge negativity. Starve guilty feelings. Restrict unhappy thoughts. Count blessings, not calories. The only weight you ever need to lose is the weight of the world on your shoulders.


  3. Happy new year 2014


  4. Since 2012 up till now the achievements are innumerable.
    The best is yet to come .
    Always push positivity and highlight achievement
    and normalize failure.To err is human

  5. Thank you so much Marina for this post and best wishes to all of us for a happy new year.
    You can see the benefits of complete recovery will not only flood you with happiness but will spread to all those around you and to many of those you do not know as myself and other readers

    I love you

  6. Happy New year Marina


  7. Happy new year to Marina and all readers.


  8. What a bright, hopeful post for a happy new year 2014.


  9. If only one person, deserves the best for 2014,must be Marina

    Happy new year to Marina and all her readers


  10. I wish you all the best in 2014
    You deserve.


  11. You deserve all the best in 2014.


  12. I wish you a very happy 2014 and the years to come.
    You ,me ,and all ED survivors deserve the best

    Recovered ED survivor

  13. Hi Marina, I have a daughter, she suffered badly of Anorexia. She is very restricing on her eating and continuely dropping weight. She was hospitalized once last summer, but during the FBT, she relapsed. Now she is on waiting list to Sickkids.
    I found your blog sometime ago, I am not sure whether we can contact you, you can share some insight with my daughter (she is 14).
    my contact email:

    Thanks and happy new year


  14. Happy New year Marina
    I am happy to tell you my daughter and myself had really the best Christmas ever for years. She is now normal in eating, sleeping and behaviours. She was very happy.
    I would like to thank you again for helping my daughter to prevent falling into the slippery slope of ED

    A thankful mother

  15. Happy new year and thank you for this wonderful post for 2014.
    We do learn more from exposure to hardship and tough time. I hope people be nice to each other and no one would hurt the feelings of others


  16. I wish you a very happy and bright peaceful future


  17. Happy new year Marina and to your blog and readers.
    You have done a good job 2013 for yourself, blog and for others.


  18. You have been doing excellent job since your recovery and you deserve a a big AHA moment and happy new year


  19. Happy new year Marina


  20. You are an angel from heaven and I wish all the best for 2014


  21. I credit you for the amazing work 2013 and I wish you the best for 2014.


  22. Marina
    As you helped me and supported me till I recovered I would like to thank you and I wish you all the luck, happiness you deserve in 2014


  23. I admire all your hard work and commitment and I wish you the best in 2014


  24. I want to thank you for the lovely picture and hopeful post.Happy new year


  25. May God bless your year2014 and all the years to come and give you what you are hoping for.

    Sunday Priest

  26. I always applaud you and I wish you the best year.Yes the best is yet to come for you.


  27. I wish you 2014 full of joy, happiness and success


  28. Strength comes from things once you thought you could not do.
    We learn from experience.
    In medicine I was taught good experience comes from bad judgement and good judgement comes from a bad experience.
    Happy new year Marina

    Med student

  29. Big wow and big congratulations for a very happy new year


  30. I wish you had a good XMAS and wish you a very successful happy new year.
    I had a good time with my family and now I do believe We can make our happiness no matter what.
    I can tell you what a difference in my life since I have been eating and behaving normally.
    My mood better ,my sleep better and my interaction with people is full with love and lots of smile.
    I want to thank you Marina .I recall when I was sick ,I was immature and irresponsible.


  31. You are the best and you deserve a big WOW


  32. Excellent post just for a happy new year to you and all of us

    Mohammed send you a humble respect

  33. Zak send you a big congratulation for concluding a year with lots of achievements

  34. Happy new year Marina
    Very proud of you as my Egyptian friend


  35. Best wishes for 2014 from Shahinaz

  36. I love the stories and comments of hope and love here! Thank you to all who read and comment! God bless your year!


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