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If you read my last post on Disney's characters and their 'new look', you already know just how bad this can be for anyone - at any age. These characters are supposed to be fun - they are not meant to be tall and thin. These images of Disney characters wearing designer clothes are feeding into the stereotype that we need to be tall and very thin in order to wear brand name clothing. I urge you to sign your name below in the comments section (along with any message you may have for Disney - but please be appropriate!). I'm hoping to get as many signatures as possible, so tell anyone you know to come here and sign! I'll send this to the company after. If we make a difference and get the pictures pulled off, great. If we don't and Disney still goes through with it, we will know that we have certainly tried to raise awareness.

I'll start with my name. Please sign and tell others!


By signing below, I am advocating that the Disney characters presented here  http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/blogs/fashion/minnie-mouse-daisy-duck-whittled-down-barney-8217-172800382.html are atypical of the normal Disney characters. These images are promoting adherence to the stereotypes that we need to be tall and thin (and fit into the 'ideal weight category' in order to wear brand-name and designer clothes. Children and adults of all ages may be negatively affected by these images. The ideal way to display these characters would be to retain their original images and still have them wear these clothes, thus alluding to the fact that ALL sizes and body shapes are to be encouraged and accepted. 

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