Sunday, 9 September 2012

Reaons to Smile

Have you ever thought about the act of smiling? It sounds silly, right? Why would we THINK about smiling - we just 'smile' and that's that. But why do you smile? Is it because you are happy? Or because something is funny?

Smiling is such a great thing. I'm sure you've heard that smiling actually uses less muscles than frowning. There is a lot of research on emotions and facial expressions. One study showed that when we smile, we tighten some facial muscles. This, in turn, reduces some blood flow to a sinus, which means that cooler blood reaches the brain. Apparently, cooling of the blood to the brain provides us with pleasant feelings (I'm NOT telling you to purposely make your blood cold to feel good - it only happens if it is natural!) - see for details.

Another study found that laughing actually decreases stress hormonse such as cortisol (which is released during stress, causing your body to break down protein in muscles; over prolonged stress, cortisol can cause increased fat deposits, reduced immunity, and cardia wear-and-tear). This study ( also found that laughing increases endorphins (remember these? I talked about them before - they reduce pain sensations!).

So, without going into any more detail, it is already obvious why we SHOULD smile. But, if that is not enough...well, I thought of some reasons why I should smile. Feel free to comment and add your own!

(By the way, you had better be smiling by the end of this post!)

1. I am alive
2. I have wonderful friends and family
3. I am recovering and got a second chance at life
4. I am able to share my experiences with supportive readers
5. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my body, food on my table, shoes on my feet, and a bed to lay in
6. I am able to go to school
7. I have enough money to buy my needs and wants
8. I am able to love others and get their love in return
9. I have an amazing Church community
10. I have a functioning brain, organs, and body
11. I can read and write. I have a chance at getting an education
12. I live in a free country
13. I have a GOD who loves me and guides me
14. I am me. I am special. I am strong. I am living without ED. I am a survivor. I am a fighter.



  1. Wow
    You are absolutely right,There are many many reasons to smile as you mention.
    The benifits of smiling are so many.When we smile ,we dismiss anger ,relieve stress,frustaion and sadness.When We smile we create friesndship and colleagiality.
    When We smile We relax ,feel happy ,think better and achieve more.We smile and then laugh and laughter is contagious.
    The langauge of all people is smile.
    When We pray look and feel your face ,you are smiling and enjoying all the benifts of smiling.

    Sunday Priest praying for you Monday and every day

  2. Hi Marina
    Thank you for this blog .I print it out and I am taking it with me to my in propgram and I will try smiling all the day to every body.I can feel how good you feel when you smile .
    Please pray for me


  3. I agrre with you .Lots of reasons and benifits of smiling.
    Even when it is hard to smile when you do not feel well but I learnt from my therapist during my recovery how to train my self to smile until it becomes natural ,coming from the heart and inside.
    Yes train your self to smile even if you can not do it at first till becomes natural
    Now I see ,feel and hear every body command me for my smiling face ,pleasant attitude and good spirit...
    I am too much different after my recovery from dysthymia than before .
    Please all of you smile all the time

    Social science student

  4. You are making me rank number one benifit of complete recovery is smiling and laughing.
    You are right smiling is a blessing to our life

    Praying for you


  5. My Dear marina
    I am a witness of how beautiful is your smile.If your smile that beautiful and comforting while you were ill ,how beautiful would it it be now after complete recovery.
    Please keep your smile as I believe it is a cure to many people and send a message of optimism and hope even to those who have none

    I admire you for who you are and you are such a lovely girl

    L Y

  6. Hi Marina
    I am blessed to have you in my life .When I read this blog ,I felt you are reading my mind .I was thinking about how to make my daughter feel happy.I will start by myself and keep smiling all the time and encourage her .Yes smile comfort. and laughter is contagious.

    Great thank you again from a thankful mother

  7. What is more beautiful in life than having your lovely girl smiling.
    You deserve all the happiness in the whole world.You are making all your reader happy and smile .This is a sacred mission.
    That is only one reason why I love you that much.
    So We will smile all the time no matter what.
    Smile does work


  8. I love to see people smiling and I love smiling.
    Please give a gift to others by just smiling ,it wont csot you any thing but will add to your life plenty of joy.


  9. For many years I had forgotten how to smile but since my recovery from deep depression,I have been feeling the blessing ,joy and happiness and my smile never miss my face.It is my strength now.Thank you Marina for addressing this hopeful hint


  10. I appreciate this blog as it hit my sore spot.I have been dealing with anger management problems and I am in recovery with help of SSRI and DBT .I am almost completely recovered but still not able to smile as I wish.
    I will make myself aware of all the benifits you mentioned and also all reasons to smile
    Thank you

    Political science student

  11. To smile is humor ,joy and happiness and blessing
    S C
    South Carolina

  12. I heard when you smile you live longer and happier and healthier.You can do your work faster and accuretley

    Welland ,On

  13. My friend Marina
    In our culture if you do not smile at people ,they will not look at you, or greet you and they ignore you.They have a common say ,"Greet me and not feed me" and It means i need your smile and attitude more than your food or genrosity.
    You are so generous to honour your readers with smile and good attitude.You are a great young woman

    My humble respect
    psychology student

  14. Yes Marina
    Good attitude and pleasant smile is the best gift to give our friends and neighbours.Thank you.I love you with big smile on my face



  15. This was a very encouraging post Marz <3 I love you!
    I have another reason to smile...God loves me unconditionally like no one else can!

    From the best sis :P lol jk!
    - Noosky


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