Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I recently came upon an image that I quite liked. Basically, it said "HOPE. Hold On, Pain Ends".

Wow. Whoever came up with this is a genius. How many times have you felt hopeless? You know...that feelings that nothing is going right, that the world is such a hard place to be in, that your life keeps throwing obstacles at you, and that you just want to SCREAM?!

I think I'm the queen of hopelessness. I've had my share of days that seemed like life was ending. That nothing would ever get better. I remember the days in the hospital when I would ask the doctors when I would be out of there - and they would look at me and stare - we all knew that I did not have a good chance of even getting out alive.

I recall the days in the ICU, when I had the breathing tube and dialysis. I would open my eyes for a few seconds and see darkness all around me - and then I'd feel the soft touch of my mom, dad, or sister next to me. And the next thing I knew, I was out again (the medications they gave me to put me to sleep really worked!).

Those days were painful. I remember thinking that I would never get out of the hospital. That my life, as I knew it, was over. That this was it - I had lived nineteen years of my life, and now it was over. I had no hope...I had lost it as my hospital stay got longer. As my coniditon worsened from being underweight to pneumonia to kidney failure to shortness of breath to breathing tube to blood transfusion...well, I felt that I was going to die. For sure.

But something that my family, friends, and community did for me was amazing. They always came in to visit me and smiled. They told me, 'just pray. God will help you. Be hopeful'.

I admit, at that time, I was praying. But I did not think that God heard me so well. I mean, if He heard me, why on earth was I struggling so much? Why wasn't I getting better?

The truth is, God WAS listening. He listened to me, my family, and my friends. He performed miracles with me that I could not believe. At the time when the entire medical team thought that I would surely die (the days in the ICU with the breathing tube, dialysis, blood transfusions, high blood pressure, heart failure, the NG tube, and multiple IV lines), God heard us. He felt our need and He answered us. He gave us hope. He reminded us that if we just hold on, pain will end.

So, I've learned to have HOPE. Even when everything - to be blunt - 'sucks'. Even when my world is so crazy and I feel sick and tired of living my life. It happens to all of us - but the most imporatnt thing is to have HOPE.

Because pain WILL end. Because "the Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed" (Psalm 34:18).


  1. I have been waiting for you to mention this
    The best benifit of complete recovery is HOPE no matter how gloomy it looks to human

    Keep hope ,optimism and good wishes


  2. If you have Jesus ,you have hope and good life

    In Jesus we live in Hope ,peace and happiness
    Nothing make us worry or fearful.
    Miracles happens all the time

    Sunday Priest

  3. I believ in miracles.
    We need that hope

    Engeering student

  4. I am happy that you wrote about HOPE.As you know all ED at certain momemts lose hope completely and they just struggle from one one day to next.
    On recovery we feel the joy of hope and good life.
    Please always send messages of Hope to all your readers.

    Recovered ED victim

  5. What a miracle in your life.

  6. When I was in deep depression ,I saw the death,felt the despair and heard the shame .NOW I see the smile ,feel the joy and hear the music and live with HOPE

    Thanks Marina for opening our eyes to see and feel the happiness of HOPE
    I believe in miracles too

  7. I am same like you Marina
    I never felt any hope and almost lost every thing in my depression as I said before and since my recovery I feel and enjoy the hope

  8. I like this blog as one of my best to read
    It fills my heart with Hope in life and joy in believing there is light at the endof a tunnel


  9. Marina MY dear
    It gives me the joy and serenity all the time I read your blog but this one in particular filled my heart with HOPE in good life despite all what one has to go through.
    Despite it breaks my heart to read about all the pain you suffered when you were ill,even I read it previously in your blog but I feel more joy of the miracles in our lives especailly your miracles when doctors almost lost hope but God is here and is able.
    I call you Marina Hope as you gave hope ,joy and support to me and my daughter and I will never forget

    A Thankful Mother

  10. Yes Marina
    We need the HOPE
    Help others by let them live in HOPE
    I like this blog

  11. My Love and my hope in my life
    You are my hope and my way in life.
    I love you and I have great hope we will meet and I will live with that HOPE

    From Hopeful Henry to Marina Hope

  12. My Dear Marina
    How amazing God's "healing.
    You are a blessed girl with many of God's gifts
    Hope is a gift from God and We need that Hope.
    I admire you blog taht sends message of hope and optimsim to others
    With my humble respect

  13. That is a strong message of HOPE to all of us
    We all need it
    Thanks Marina

  14. Today I had a hard day but this message of hope helped me recoever and I apprecaite you help to allof us ,not only victims of menatl illness


  15. When alcohol hit me hard ,it took every thing from me and no hope left,.
    Now Hope and happiness never far from me.
    I apprecite this message and all your blog

  16. Hope is always the dream I live with


  17. Thank you for the hope

  18. Jesus is Love and Hope
    Keep hopeful no matter what


  19. What is better than Hope and having fun with friends and family


  20. I honestly love everything about you. You inspire me so much Marina. I'm sorry for not being the best friend I could be, but I promise to be better!
    -Madonna :)

  21. Hope is life and life is joy and joy is no worry and no worry means you are always hopeful for the best.

    Math Teacher

  22. Hope is from your belief.If you believ in Jesus ,you always have hope

    Sales representative

  23. When I am hopeful ,I am alive and well
    I respect you and love your blog.

    Car parts

  24. I have been following many blogs lately but your is the one that full of knowledge,serious ,has a goal and objectives and gives me and I bet all of us HOPE.
    Please continue your mission

    Arts student

  25. I know how imortant to be hopeful as I was denied hope for years.
    Thanks for your hopeful blog

    Quality inspector

  26. Hope is motivating

  27. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

  28. Hope is our air that we breathe


  29. Hope gives me joy and motivation to do little better than nothing and see blessing in a very a little


  30. Hope shed the light on any darkness


  31. Hope makes the whole world better future


  32. If you are hopeful ,so you are not depressed and you can make a difference ,one step at a time



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