Friday, 12 October 2012

The Extremes That People Go To

If you have not seen this already, I suggest you do. WARNING: this is just sad, plain wrong, and terrible.

The story, as you can see, is that a woman tried to shrink her waist by wearing a corset for nearly an entire day. Apparently, this did the trick. She shrunk her waist to a tiny size. Interestingly enough, the end of the article mentions that she had anorexia nervosa (AN).

What bothers me about this is not that her waist is so small. It is the fact that she went to such an extreme to do so. She manipulated her body to get a small waist - in such an unhealthy manner. Sad, isn't it? What does this say to people today about their body size? That we have to go to such terrible ways of changing our bodies because we need to look a certain way? And what about the fact that this story made the news? It is REALLY so wonderful that she has done something like this, and that she is famous for letting ED drive her to do this?

I was shocked when I saw this. I mean, is it one thing to have a natural waist that small - but it is certainly another thing to do this to yourself. It makes me wonder - I was so terribly sick this summer, I was dying, and I had every possible organ fail on me. But did I make the news? No. Why? Because the media does not care if someone is sick and dying - they care about someone who is sick and who is doing such extreme things that seems interesting to others.

NOTE: I am not saying that I wanted to make the news. I'm just trying to show that the media really filters what it wants us to see. Clearly, this story of this girl was interesting because of the extreme and horrible things that she did to her body. And yet, she stands very proud about it because she has nearly broke the world record for the smallest waist. Really, is this something to be proud of? That an eating disorder is controlling you and that the world can now see how sick you are?

And what message does this send to all of us, sitting here and reading about this woman's actions? Does it not send out a terrible message to everyone about manipulating our body shapes? How does this compare to what we are trying to tell our loved ones - to love themselves for who they are? This is just disgusting. I am horrified.

I think this is a perfect example of 1) how ED can really take control and make people so awfully sick; and 2) how the media so negatively affects us and promotes unhealthy lifestyles or actions in order to change our bodies to unrealistic ideals.


  1. I completely agree with you.This is DEAD WRONG

  2. This is ridiculous.
    I am shocked too.


  3. The media does not care about people.Only they compete to find weird news so thier sales go up


  4. Excuse me if I describe publishing her story is a consipracy

  5. My dear
    God says there will be tough times in this world and we will be facing challenges a head of us and pressure around us every where
    But with our strong believe and with God providence ,we are able to igonre these negativity of the world .
    See what TV shows every day in front of our children.
    We will stick to our morality ,values and beliefs.We will look at our health in the way that God tells us to care for our body.
    May God bless you

    Sunday priest

  6. I am not concerned.To me this is like showing a weird movie or hearing inappropriate language

    Teacher,Oshawa To

  7. Always we see bad images and hear silly words.I am getting used to that silliness and this does not affect me.It is better if you can raise an awarenss and we all behind you.

    S C

  8. I am 45 years young and I had Ed and have been well for 20 years .I am following your blog and I am very upset when I read how the media,schools and even people in the street ignore the diversity and just send wrong signal to the public.I add my voice to yours and I support you.
    Let me say neither you or me or any ED victim will be affected by headline news,Desney charachter ,school project ,jokes from others etc.
    We will maitain our recovey and will send a healthy life long message to our children.
    Have a good WE

    North York

  9. No matter what We see,hear or read ,we will fight Ed every where.I am still in program ,doing better than last few weeks .I started feel stronger and healthier.
    I am determind now more than ever to make Ed a history and an issue of the past that will never come to surface again.
    I will follow your path.


  10. It is weird to sacrifice damamging you body,to gain publicity, be sexy or what ever.The blog said ,she is monitored by a doctor and taking regualr x rays .
    Also We know she had Ed and was down to 84 Ibs but recoevered.We do not know her weight now.
    Which one do we like like to be weird,unhealthy ,putting our health at risk but to be famous and sexy .
    Or live normal life,protecting our body and accepting our body and ourself and do not worry too much about being sexy or not.guys love us or not.
    We can live normal lives without having boy friends but We can not live normal happy life with ED
    Let us all fight it and not fall into its traps

  11. Marina My Dear
    I understand your point clearly and I suuport you 100%.
    I am as a psychlogy student is frustrated from lack of sensitivity of both govermental agencies,media and also our friends and neibours towards each other.
    As example is what goes to media headlines and what messages they send on TV
    I see ignorance to ED for sake of obese and daibetic.
    I see ignorance of ethnic minority rights.
    I see ignorance of people live in poverity.
    So what can we do /
    I pray day and night

    With my Humble respect

    1. Please distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes you lose your credibility when you fail to distinguish. Also, when you fail to say type 1 vs. type 2 you are implying you could be referring to diabetes insipidus

      are you aware type 1 diabetes isn't related to lifestyle ?

    2. Alright, it is pretty clear that you have a passion about diabetes as well! Please note that when people here are talking about diabetes and obesity, they are simply stating the fact that studies show that 90% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. this is not saying that anyone is fat becaue it is their fault, or because having any type of diabetes is a stigma or means you are overweight. i understand your concern and i appreciate it; but really, try to see the comment in the context. commenters on my blog realize that it is not a place to be rude to others; as such, you will see that no one here writes something to offend anyone. i hope you understand the intentions and realize that there is no offense here. I do not tolerate any ofensive or rude comments - they are all deleted. So i hope you understand the reasoning behind the comments about diabetes and obestity; anyhow, this is irrelevant to the blog and was only mentioned as a side note. the point is that all people need to enjoy life in moderation, and that one should only go on a 'diet' if directed by a physician - no matter what health conidition they have. I actually prefer the use of 'lifestyle changes' because put simply, diets do not work. Thank you.

    3. Can you please delete comments that states “diabetes” when they mean to say type 2 diabetes. Even if is from lack of education their words are hurtful. I don’t know why your blog is attracting these ignorant words. Please delete them in the future. I am going to be talking to my contact at about approaching NEDIC about this issue because it really pains me as someone with type 1 diabetes and ENDOS who comes here for support and then people post ignorant comments about “diabetes” – and the url too access your blog is linked on the NEDIC site
      Since you seem to have a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects it may benefit you to research the fact that young women with type 1 diabetes are a lot more likely to have ED, when compared with our peers without the disease

      And when you say diabetes is irrelevant your blog you are marginalizing those of us who have diabetes and an ED. ED of any type is much more deadly when combined with type 1 diabetes. (I have no knowledge of type 2 diabetes and ED )

    4. When I make any comment here ,It reflects only my personal opinion and you have all rights to agree or disagree and Marina has nothing to do with my msitakes.In fact Marina has used and quoted all literatures and most credible websites.
      I think you are not aware that when We talk about diabetic ,we mean type 2 that is insulin resistant and usually affects obese.Yes you are right some Tyle 1 who are insulin dependent(auto immune disease)may be assocaited with ED.
      You are absolutely right when you said Ed is more deadly than Diabetes 1 or 2 .Ed especailly AN is the most deadly among all mental illnesses.
      What I suggest is if I make a comment that is not right ,you are welcome to correct me and I will use my discretion to accept your comment or not.
      Once again I think all Marina's blog is credible and I hope you you can add to this blog as you can work together and not competing.
      My regards


    5. mohammed,
      Thanks just to clarify – although I think this is what you have meant to write – all type 1’s are insulin dependent – many type 2’s progress to using insulin type 2’s do not transition to type 1 in the event of starting insulin therapy – this is a big misconception
      Anyways, if you are going in the field of psychology people with chronic illness are a group you may encounter and work. I am sure you can imagine feeling misunderstood is a very isolating feeling

    6. I was just saddened because I read other pro-recovery blogs and have never seen a or entry tread where people decide out of the blue to talk about “diabetes” when as Marina pointed out it is not a topic related to either entry. I have never seen this come up on a pro-recovery blog . If someone says type 2 it doesn’t bother me

  12. What I recommend is when you ahev astress you can not avoid,try build immunity to it ,so that will not affect you.
    Slowly you are learning how to handle stress without bothering you..

  13. It would be good if you wrote a blog entry about your IP experience

  14. I love your blog and I amire your efforts.


  15. Your efforts is highligting the negative impact on our health is appreciated

  16. Keep up no matter what obstacles in the road

  17. Marina
    remeber the frutful palm tree always get hit but the fruitless ones no stones thrown at them.
    Stay tune and keep up
    you are making a difference.

    Sunday priest

  18. I absolutely loved this blog post. I agree 100% with you. They glorify eating disorders to make them seem fun, attainable and as if we "do it to ourselves"; when in reality it is not something that we choose or wish upon ourselves. This woman is obviously in denial about her sickness, as she says that she is recovered from her eating disorder. Not only do I completely disagree with this "desired look", but she needs to realize that she is bringing a whole other century into our modernized lifestyles. We are trying to prevent eating disorders, not promote them. If there's one record that she does beat, it will be for "Most Pro-Anorexia Person Alive".

    I'd love to have you on Facebook again by the way, so I can interact with you more. Please consider it!


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