Monday, 15 October 2012

Life is Hard!

Life is hard
The challenge is tough
Study and work
It feels so rough

We become so busy
Caught up with things to do
We feel so trapped
The free hours seem so few

We deal with difficult people
And we are faced with long days
It becomes too much and frustrating
And sometimes, we can't see any of the sun's rays

But just when it feels like it won't get better
When it feels like you've taken it all
A sense of hope fills your heart
And you find strength to rise from the fall

Yes, life is crazy
With its turns and surprises
But you have God,
And His help comes in all sizes!

So when you feel down
As though you cannot persevere
Just remember that there's always hope
Because our God said, 'do not fear' (Isiah 41:10).


  1. Hope
    I say hope ,smell hope ,breathe hope and live in hope.
    My belief is a hope.

  2. I love your hopeful message

  3. You are making my day by your hopeful message.

  4. Hope is our refuge no matter life gets harder ,hope lead us to victory and sucess.
    Thank you you hopeful young girl
    Sam Ibrahim

  5. When you give a message of hope ,you mean it.
    keep up

  6. We love your blog and every day trust me I wait for a new one and if not yet,i choose this opportunity to review the old one.
    You do not know how much I admire you my friend and my daughter.I hope my daughter read your blog as often as I like.I print it out and leave them on the table ,hopeful she will keep track and may be annomyously contact you.
    Keep in hope and in progress

    A Thankful mother

  7. despite life is hard but we like and reason is Hope that makes us feel tomorrow will be better and next year will be easier and after 5 yearst from now I will be in a better psotion and so on

    Hope keeps us a live and happy

    With my humble respect

  8. Yes life is hard and crazy but we love it and we enjoy it as long as we have hope ,optimism and God support.


  9. I love my life and Hope is my hope to sucess and happiness .My down days are in the past .

  10. The benifit of complete recovery is to live with Hope and you have a joy in your life no matter how hard.
    Marina (Ms Hope) deserves the respect of many!!!


  11. Life is hard because you can get what you want the time you want.Look at me ,I want meet and see you now but I have no idea how.
    However I live in Hope ,Bc you Ms Hope is my hope and happiness .Even if I never meet you,I am happy to meet you only by reading your helpful respectful blog.
    I love you and I live in hope.
    Thank you my hope


  12. Your blog is the best source of hope not only to Ed but to every body.
    Keep up

    Recovered ED victim

  13. You are a symbol of Hope to many many
    That is why I love you and I wish you pay attention to me ,at least reply to my comment.
    I am living in TO and one day I will meet you(I will never lose hope)


  14. May be because life is hard one day ,We always hoping for a better day and so we are going on and on and planning and hoping for a better days to come.


  15. First thing I do in the morning is headline news and then your blog to get a message of the day that helps me through out my day even though,I do not have any mental illness


  16. I agree with who call you MS HOPE.
    Keep going ,We love you


  17. Marina
    As you know I started new job in To and I needed that message of Hope that helps us manage our difficult life .
    Yes life is hard but We love.
    You will be always in my thoughts and prayers.

    L Y

  18. What a hopeful message.
    I always pray for you and read your blog but seldom I leave any comment.Keep up .


  19. tough people are rough but hopeful people like you are treasures

  20. Thank you Miss Hope for your message of hope


  21. Aww - you guys are all so sweet! What would I do without all you wonderful and supportive people!? I love you all - God bless you. Know that the comments you all post are always read, and I treasure each one. Truly, my life would be incomplete without this blog and the connection that it holds between all of us. I am so blessed.


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