Monday, 1 October 2012


I think at some point, we all feel a bit insecure. We may question why we are doing what we are, why we are on this earth, or how we will manage with all the obstacles in life. It gets so overwhelming when we have too much to do, but so little time. Sometimes, I question whether or not I'm actually 'up to' my life - can I really do it? Will I survive?!

This insecurity can be really bothersome. No one wants to have doubt that they can accomplish great things. But then there are days when it feels like we are getting nowhere...and this insecure or unsure feeling aches in our hearts, threatening to take away our hope and joy.

When I feel like this, I don't want to do anything. I feel like I CAN'T do anything because I'm unsure if I can actually succeed. Honestly, when I feel this insecurity, I get nothing done because I'm too busy worrying about everything in my life.

What's a person to do?! Feeling insecure is so debilitating - it makes us feel powerless and incapable. And when we feel like that, we cannot and will not do anything.

I've found that the best way to handle this insecurity is to challenge it. Basically, I ask myself: why do I feel this way? What proof do I have that tells me that I'm a failure?

ED loves to tell me that there's A LOT of proof of my failure.

You silly and foolish girl. Don't you remember all the pain you made your family and friends go through? You ruined everyone's lives. You are a selfish and worthless girl. You can't beat me - you are too weak.

But even if you don't have ED, there are days when we all feel 'down' and question where our lives are going. And sometimes, it can truly feel as though it isn't going where you want it to go.

But don't submit to this feeling. We mustn't admit defeat. I learned that I need up stay strong. To show ED - and myself - that I AM successful. That although I may not know exactly what will happen in the future, I DO know that my God has a plan for me. And I know that as long as I do my part, I'll be fine. There's no need to feel insecure or to despair. I have no concrete evidence that I'm destined to fail - actually, all of my experiences show that I have great things ahead of me. And you do, too. No matter what happens in your life today, know that the temporary feeling of insecurity shall pass. Do not let yourself feel this way - pick yourself back up and realize your potential. You are loved. You are worthy of good things. You will be successful.

Grey skies are always followed by sunshine. And sometimes, you need to have the rain before you see the rainbow.


  1. Yes Marina
    I agree
    I do not know you but through this blog I can tell that you are armed with high education ,top notch knowledge and skills.You are also strong and detrmind and fighter and survivor.
    Some body has 1% of those skill and armed well sould not fear any insecurity .
    HOPE is the best gurantor
    If We are hopeful ,we can turn scars into stars.
    Marina you did turn your scars of ED into starts now shinnig in your life and others through you blog

    Keep up

    Medical student

  2. The benifit of complete recovery is to feel secure ,safe and able to challenge all ED thoughts and you deafeat his thoughts.
    You are able and showed us how
    Thanks Marina


  3. We are in Canada ,We all feel safe and secure realtive to people who are living in other areas.
    However you are right sometimes all of us feels this when they are overwhelmed with many things
    I agree with you,be optimistic,do one thing at a time ,lower your expectaions and better do something than doing nothing.
    All work
    Political science student

  4. My Love
    If I see you,meet with you and you agree to marry me ,I would feel more secure.
    Through your blog,I learnt how to chllenge fears and obstcales and that why I love you without seeing see.
    I know you are more mature than any girl I ever met(I dated 3 all immature)


  5. My Daughter
    You are filled with Jesus love and care and so you are safe and secure.
    Yes Jesus allow you to suffer the diseaase but He is helping you through complete recovery.
    I Jesus We are safe and secure.
    Yes at certain moment any one of us may feel weak and insecure but when we resort to Jesus ,engage our talents and skill ,we regain our strenght and self confidence and we make a difference
    God bless you

    Sunday priest

  6. This happens to me but much less than when I was depressed and now I am able to challenged exactly as you said in this blog
    Thanks for the tips on how to get yourself out of this insecurity feeling

    Keep up my friend


  7. I agree all of us may feel this way.I am a counsellor and I help others overcome their fears and insecurity using same tips you mentioned.I tell them this is a feeling.We acknoledge the feeling ,expose it ,challenge it with facts and dismiss the fiction and believ only the facts.
    I know you personality from your blog.You are a strong determined person.

    K W
    Social worker

  8. From your blog and all comments ,what i see only success and well power allof us should admire>.
    thanks for helpful tips on how to handle insecurity in our life.


  9. My dear
    This blog is helpful to all of us as We all get sometime of feeling insecure.
    I agree with your tips on how to avoid this and how to get rid of it

  10. very helpful blog
    Keep going

  11. You alwyas amazing.
    You are the best

    L Y

  12. Good work my Love

    I am studying at U of T
    One day i will meet you
    Keep up
    Love you


  13. You are right
    Our belief is a strong defence against insecurity feeling.

  14. This is helful to all of us when we have a moment of insecurity feeling


  15. The only gurantor for security is having good health with ZERO ED thoughts
    Keep up with complete recovery

    Recoevred ED victim

  16. I do feel insecure sometimes.Thanks for helpful tips

  17. Yes My dear daughter.I have been feeling insecure when I felt something not right affecting my daughter.You helped me understand her and guided me to help avoid her going into the slippery mud.Now I feel secure and safe
    Thank you

    A Thankful mother

  18. Marina my dear friend
    I agree with you having strong belief and good health is immunity against insecurity
    With my humble respect



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