Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mood Swings!

 I know what you are thinking: mood swings are only for girls at a certain time of the month. In one way, this is true - menstruation does cause mood fluctuations. On the other hand, we ALL get mood swings - it's human.

There can be many reasons why our moods can bounce around the charts. First, we are leading difficult lives. One moment you are happy because you got a good mark, and the next second you are devastated because you have an upcoming test. One moment you are distressed because you have a problem at work, and the next second your smiling because of a funny joke.

Mood swings are difficult to handle. If your feeling great at first, feeling low the next second is devastating. It feels like the happiness is being swept out of your soul. And if you feel sad one minute and happy the next, it feels as though your problems have disappeared. Strange, isn't it?

But what's important is how we deal with these moments. Sometimes, I just want to scream because of my unstable mood. I'm frustrated how quickly life can change, and how these events impact my mood.

It may sound silly, but I've come to simply accept the mood swings. It's part of life, and I can't change that. But what I CAN change is how I react. I might hate that something turns my mood upside down, but I can attend to my emotions and realize that there are ways to deal with this. So, the next time I suddenly feel down after being happy, I'll remind myself of how joyful I was before. Of course, this might not always work - sometimes we just need to feel certain emotions. But making the effort to lighten your mood can be the difference between a good and a bad day.

I like a saying that empowers me daily: you often can't change the ACT, but you can change how you REACT. In other words, life throws us surprises - what's important is that you control whether or not you let those events take you down.


  1. I am one of your follwer and I do not have any Ed but I do have mood swings .
    As always I read quickly your first paragraph (problem or issue) and focus more on the last one when you give your tips on soluitioon.Yes We may not change the ACT(daily stressors)but we are able and we can control how to react.Why we worried and why we make life harder
    I just take it easy.I mean 60% to mean pass and equal to 100%.
    I take it easy
    I still enjoy and looking forward to your blog


  2. You got my girl
    I take it easy, if I can not avoid stress,I will avoid being botherd by it.I change my reaction.


  3. Life is short
    I enjoy all what I can enjoy and will not let one minute waste in worrying or a mark or a dollar.Happiness equal billions
    Please kick worry away with your old shoes and trash it with ED ,both garbage


  4. When I was inpatient during my recovery (I had been inpatient treatment several times before my complete recovery for 5 years now),they taught us DBT basically teach you how to regulate your emotions ,means when you are happy ,be happy but not too much and when you feel unwell ,do not take all the dark aspect of life and when you are angry ,catch your breath and slow down and do not yell,hit or throw things and so on
    As you know when you do things over and over ,automaticlly become part of your personality and that how we learn

    Keep going
    Recovered ED victim

  5. You got me
    I have worst mood swing but my therapist is helping me out and also I take medication and I do not know which one is helping.Good news I am now happy 90% of the time .

  6. My mood swings is way better to the extent that non existing now after my recovery ,however I learnt to put aside any thing for my wellbeing.
    My prayers,thanks and good wishes


  7. Who does not have mood swings?

  8. After years of struggling with my mood swings,Now I do not care about marks,grades,As or Bs ,money ,jobs or negative comments and attitude.What is more important to me is I feel healthy and happy.I say it in short H an H.
    Thanks for addressing this very common issue

    Political science student
    Never looking for A ,B is fine with me

  9. I use your strategy to get me out of my down moments and it works



  10. Hi Marina
    I hope there is essy tip to get my daughter out of low mood. she is better eating now thanks to your guidance but mood swings often .
    i will use tips you mentioned and keep u updated.
    thank you for talking about important issues in our life

    A Thankful mother

    1. I hope you are also seeking guidance from your daughter’s medical team. Eating disorders have a biological/organic basis. Maybe marina can write a blog entry about this but the research indicates that successful ED treatment usually requires treatment with medication and talk therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive behavior therapy etc etc

      Good luck to you.

  11. I like your tips

  12. The way I handle is my happiness first and school ,howework or duties later


  13. Hi my love
    My mood swings to low side when I do not read your blog.By the time I read and come to the bottom line I am up in the sky
    I love you so much

  14. I read the book mind over mood and this helped me a great deal after my recovery
    Thanks for all your good work

    L Y

  15. My trick of boosting my low mood is talking to positive ,hopeful people who always their smile on their face.


  16. I have some CDs that make you laugh and smile and they do help perk up low mood ,I can send them to you if you give me your address



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