Monday, 19 November 2012


I was thinking today - what would it be like to be fully recovered? To feel as though nothing is feel care-free. I wrote a list - but when I read it over now, I realize that these are some goals or hopes that we can all possibly share! Let me know if you agree with any of them - or add your own! Really, this is more of a 'what a good and relaxed' life would look it works for all of us!

-Freedom from ED
-feeling good about who I am
-looking in the mirror and feeling that I like what I see
-walking out the door and feeling confident
-being proud of who I am
-not caring about what people say about how I look
-getting hunger cues back...maybe even feeling hungry sometimes!
-seeing the good in me
-smiling and laughing because life is good
-not worrying over the little things
-spoiling myself by making time for me and taking breaks
-break the cycle of perfectionism
-sleeping properly
-not being worried about spending money on myself
-realizing that I've come so far in life
-looking forward to the future
-learning from m mistakes and knowing that I was a victim
-stop blaming myself for ED
-learn to love myself because I am God's child
-understanding that everything happens for a reason because God is in control
-forgiving myself for not being perfect
-accepting challenges and knowing that 'this too shall pass'
-enjoying the little things in life that I might take for granted (family, friends, my community, etc)
-waking up in the morning and feeling that it is going to be a good day
-going to bed at night and not having anything to think about
-cherishing the quiet moments in life that help me appreciate my blessings
-feeling peaceful inside; as though I am care-free
-knowing that its okay to cry because I am allowed to have those days or moments
-letting myself feel sad or mad because I am human and I have the right to express my emotions
-understanding that I deserve to be loved, regardless of how I look or what size my body is
-having the capacity to love freely and my worry about being hurt
-seeing life as a lifelong adventure and not a journey that ends
-standing firm in my values and beliefs and defending them when necessary
-shrugging over a 'reasonable' mark because I know that I don't have to get 90s all the time
-telling others when I am hurt because they should know that I feel that way
-smiling in the face of adversity because God is with me
-knowing that you can't have a rainbow without getting through the rain
-deciding to live my life to the fullest and enjoying every second of it
-feeling that the burden on my heat had been lifted
-understanding that I'm not a burden on my family
-feeling my importance as a member in my family and among my friends
-accepting compliments from others without wondering if they really mean it or not
-stop trying to read people's minds and thinking that others will only see the worst in me
-living each day as though it were my last: enjoying every second of the day, realizing that I'm blessed and that life is meant to be enjoyable. Feeling free from all my struggles and worries.

'Casting all your cares on Him, for He cares for you' (1 Peter 5:7).


  1. Hey Marina
    I can congratulate you ,Just thinking about those means you are heading there for sure
    I can answer your question by saying
    Complete recovery means you achieve 70% or more of those listed or you achieve all of them 70% of the time
    Remeber no such a life that is 100% of the time.
    I appreciete your perfectionistic attitude but remeber when it is a disease rather than a character
    I hope all people suffer certain kind of illness try to achieve and feel good 70% of their time .
    Keep up


  2. I completely agree with Penny
    Just to achieve 70% of those goals 70% of the time make you healthy and well and happy and live longer


  3. Isn’t pride like a sin or something ?

    1. Pride is wonderful,arrogancy and self inflation is socailly unaceptable and may be a sin.

    2. you are rude. hoenstly, why do you post here? you do nothing but negative comments. you are jealous of marina. we all love her and support her but all you can do is take time to write negative stuff. you clearly have no life other than to post bad and mean stuff here. you need help. you are just so pathetic because you know that marina is better than you and this is why you post stupid and rude and harsh comment. go get help before you post things here. we are all behind you marina!

    3. i agree John. to this poster, we all agree that you are not welcome here but marina too kind to say something to you. do you not read her post about negative comment? you are not supposed to write here because you need help and jealous of her. my family and i and readers here appreciate what marina write and say and do but you do not because you are jealous and have nothing to do but write negative things. please stop and get help like john and others said. we all feel strong about this blog because it is good place for all of us so you not helping with your negativity.

    4. That was a legitimate question because I am not knowledgeable about religion and I have hears some Christians say it is frowned upon to be prideful.
      I am not religious but I do not think I have really ever felt proud of myself. Except maybe in minor ways.

      With your rude comments, it is almost like you are instigating a fight over an innocent question. It is not your fight to instigate either

      if there are issues with posts don't allow anon. posts - that will crack down on the issue
      i have taken the higher road by not stooping to your level with insults

    5. The way your question was written is easy to understand it as negative and with not a good a feeling.Of course any body welcome to leave a comment.
      However knowing the ordeal that Marina went through and despite that stood up for herself and doing much much more than her recovery worth A crdit,a pride and an honour.
      You may be another person than the negative competitor one that you could feel he/she hates Marina .
      I do not know any body ,only I admire Marina and I pray for her.
      My be knowing God ,help you to feel compassion for others.
      Let me admire John and Krestie as those who took the time to speak up.I think ther are many many following Marina 's blog but all are in silence and may not even bother leave a comment.
      Can you consider Marina as your friend and you will see how lovely she is.
      I wish I can meet Marina one day.
      K W

  4. Let me iterate what Penny and Diana were saying.
    If you achieve 70% of them 70% of the time ,you have a happy healthy life.
    No human being is well,perfect or happy 100% of the time.
    Enough and normal to be well,happy and perfect 70% of the time.
    I love this blog the most as it is a kind of setting your goals that you are hoping to achiev.
    Reading this today is giving me hope,motivation and happiness.
    Thank you

  5. That is the bottom line
    Now you are making clear those are your targets as asign of complete recovery
    I agree with others ,.achieving 70% of those 70% of the time is doable and means a lot.
    Continue to be a role model and prove that all those are doable.


  6. I agree with all of you
    You can achieve 70%


  7. Come on guys what is wrong with 50/50
    If you achieve 50% of those 50% of the time.
    Look we pass our exam when we score 50% or more


  8. I love you to achive all your goals ,all the time and also I believe life is mixed with both bitterness and sweet.
    So if have sweet more than bitterness ,we feel good and enjoy.
    I wish you and my daughter all the happiness
    Yes Marina those all my goals for you and my daughter and I pray God help both of you to achiev them 80% of the time.
    I am sure we can handle 20% of the time if things come not the way we like.

    Thank you again

    A Thankful Mother

  9. I like 50/50 idea.I believ if I achieve 50% of my goals 50% of the time ,I am o k except with my health I need to feel healthy and well 80% of the time


  10. I agree with Sally .For my health and well being I like to be 80% and for other issue including school and work I am happy with 60% of my goals 60% of the time


  11. Oh Marina
    That is a very thorough list of hopes and wishes of complete recovery from any illness.
    I believ all of us wish to taste 70-90% of those 70-90% of the time
    Now I do not have to keep track of the benifits of complete recovery as you listed them all


  12. Bravo Marina
    I wish all of us achive most of those wishes

  13. It is our goals as ED victims to try to achieve most of them ,most of the time ,knowing all of those goals are promation to our health and well being.
    I like your say about accepting low mark and giving others benift of doubt before We misinterpreting what they saying as a way to avoid falling into traps of OCD.
    That is an excellent blog Marina

    I am my self will print it and laminate it and put it on my desc and I will pass it on to my friends too

    Keep up my dear

    Recovered ED victim

  14. I love this blog

  15. Excellent blog
    Keep up the good Job

  16. I like achive 70% of those 70% of the time


  17. I can use those goal in my future counselling .
    I am very glad to hear that all those are your goals and your wishes to achieve

    I admire you motivation and determination.
    Please continue to maintain your excellent job


  18. I love all your blog especailly this



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