Friday, 16 November 2012

Watching what you say/do

Is there a way to prevent eating disorders? I wish there was a simple answer to this. The truth is, we can't say we can prevent eating disorders because we are not exactly sure of what causes them. But, we CAN take small steps to make them much less likely to occur.

Let's start with the media. I've written about this before, so I won't go onto detail again. We all know this - the media depicts unrealistic images and tries to convince us that we have to look the same way. What can we do? We need to speak up! You don't have to go far to see or hear someone trying to achieve these demands. Let them know how the media fools us!

But what's most important, on my opinion, is to change the way WE think and see ourselves. Are you happy with your body? Do you honor it because of all the wonderful things it does for you? Do you appreciate all the lovely things about yourself? Do you stand on front of the mirror and criticize your appearance, or are you thankful for simply being you? Do you complain about your size and shape, and pick out all the little things you hate about yourself?

When you talk with others, are you talking about how much you weigh or how often you work out? Do you compare what you eat and who is healthier? Do you discuss calories and laugh because you've 'eaten too much'?

These things might seem irrelevant to you, but these are just a few ways in which you can help to stop the negative associations that society has made with food, weight, appearances, bodies, calories. You might not know it, but someone around you may be struggling with an eating disorder, and these conversations will trigger them. Or someone might be struggling with body image issues and this will make them more insecure. So whatcha what you say, how you act, and think about your attitudes about food, weight, and your body.

Because you never know who is hearing what you are saying, what they are going through, and how this will affect them. You may be saving someone's life by simply watching what you say and do.


  1. That is it
    If you feel happy with your body,love your self for who you are and when you look at the mirror ,you feel pleased with your body and thankful for your health.
    If you do that you hit ED to his core.
    You are right Marina ,if you do that only I believe not only prevent Ed but you are treating Ed if you achieve this.
    I hope all of us try Marina to send message so that ED will be obsolete for ever

    Recovered ED victim

  2. Many times ,just simple discussion about something ,can trigger a flood of emotion in some people .
    You are right ,we need to be sensitive when we talk as we are different and we have different opinions,belives,values and also medical conditions
    To be a successful politicain ,you need to choose your words carefully so that be inclusive not exclusive of any


  3. My dear Marina
    Thanks to you my self has been talking all steps you mentioned in this blog and A-Z tips and I think my daughter is now normal thanks to you.
    My best regards

    A Thankful mother

  4. When your cup is full ,you can spread it around.
    Now being recovered ,you are able to help other prevent ED and also prevent relapse.
    This is wonderful


  5. So this means changing the way we think( to be hopeful ,optimistic ,heading for cure and making a little difference ,non judgemental) can make us feel better ,concur Ed ,and may treat chronic illness.
    You are absolutely right
    This is the basic principal of CBT (our bread and butter to help people as psychologist)

    With my humble respect
    Psychologist to be (in spring of 2013)

  6. We can not change or affect the media
    So We need to focus on what we can do our selves

  7. In our free society ,no body is watching what they say .
    I think we need to learn not to be oversenstive and not take thing personally even though when We are not completely recovered ,we are hypersensitive
    Good point

  8. O my lovely girl
    i am amazed with your advise
    I agree changing our thinking is a key to feel good about our selves.
    This in our nursing ,we do CBT with clients .
    Media wise ,forget it ,media biased and politically motivated.I agree media and non sensitive discussion can hurt

    Every day ,I love you more and more
    Have a good WE


  9. You are right
    Changing our way of thinking help us to embark on and endorse new behaviour,positive thoughts and good feeling
    That was my help to recover from my alcohol and depression


  10. I do not see why the media would convince someone to starve themselves to 56 pounds. Even your readers / commenters have implied that your emerging psychological issues have to do with trauma.

    More than one of your readers has suggested eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. That has to do with reiterating a traumatic event. That implies that your readers believe trauma is behind some of your issues

    Of course trauma comes in many forms

    1. Media may not convince some body to do any thing but when some body is vulnerable and still sick or after a trauma ,that person is easily infleunced and manipulated to do harmful things to themselves without being aware.
      So it is not the media by itself but its influence.
      I agree with you CBT and EDMR help a lot

    2. maybe she have trauma but here she not says that media made her starve but that we need to change thoughts. read carefully before you write something

  11. Media yes have negative effects but our ability to change our way of thinking can mitigate any negative effect.
    We will try all what We can to be positive and have positive hopeful life despite negative people and negative media


  12. Hi Marina
    This is Anne
    Media and bullying got me to be locked in my jail in my inpatient program since Sept .Even though I am here to stay till complete recovery despite you know how hard it is.
    I have to admit ,I am not as strong as you and I am afraid if I sign my self out now before my complete recovery ,I will relapse.
    I am improving in my thinking and the way I am looking at my body and this never happened before .Yes Marina ,We can not stop the media but we can change our thinking and We can love our body.

    I do not know what is EDDR but I am learning DBT and CBT and both very helpful in my change of my thinking.
    Thanks Marina
    Again without your help and your blog,probably I would not even thought of getting help .
    soon I will recover and go home but I will take whole year off school for my recovery as now I realized ,my recovery worth a lot.
    have a good weekend my lovely friend on the web.


    1. Good advice Anne. you should invest the time in your recovery rather than rush back into school. Recovery is hard work. I am glad you are getting proper IP care. It seems some ppl rush from being acutely ill one day and in school full time the next. I think this could be a bad idea in the long run

    2. you jealous person. marina is brave strong smart girl. we like her blog very much. you post rude things here. leave her alone

    3. person who wrote to anne is one of those people who is a hater. why are you so rude on marina's blog? i myself do not have ED but this writing is so helpful to me and my family. if you do not have good to say do not write

    4. Bravo kristie
      I agree with you completely
      That person is jealous and hateful and I think all negative comments written here by that same person.When some one is recovering,doing more ,hard working,achiever ,going school,writing a blog ,We need to give standing ovation and give them a hand and credit.not to show our jealousness.
      I agree Kristie ,that negative person needs CBT
      Please speak up again and agin
      Marina needs your positivity


    5. i agree with Mays and Kristie and all posters. This person keep writing negative things here and we all see how hard marina works and this is not fair. this person needs help because of jealousy. to marina, keep going. we all behind you and love you

    6. I am Anne
      Thanks for your comment that shows you are caring for me and encouraging me to continue my recovery and I will do but on the same time I feel you are hinting that Marina did not make right choice by going to her school.Am I right??
      If this what you think,let me say ,You are wrong as you do not know Marina well or you know her at school and you are competeing with her at school and you wish she is away from your space so you can show your superiority .You may feel inferior when Marina around you !!
      Look Marina is a strong person and determind .
      I believe Marina will be the first person to get recovered from this serious disease using only little resources and little help.
      Please look at the person ,not the disease .
      May be up to 10% have some sort of ED but every case is different.
      Marina can go to school and can write her blog and can be sucessful while she is in her recovery .This is Marina .
      Please read her blog again and see how talented she is and instead of discouraging ,you can add positivity to her life and you be her friend on the web if you do not know her.
      By the way I do not know Marina personally ,and only a remote friend of mine passed on her blog to me and I gave her a lot of Credit for my recovery.
      I spoke about her in our cofession session in our IP program and many of the attendant took her blog .
      Keep up
      Go to your school
      Continue your blog
      But I agree with every body ,Recovery worth billions.
      Without recovery ,will will not achieve any thing

      My regards to all readers and commentors and first my regards,prayers and good wishes to Marina and my hope I meet her one day


  13. Media sucks but We are in control of our body and We can just brush off the negativity of the media and we build some defence so that nothing negative can make any dent on our life .
    We are stronger by our positivity and believ in our self.


  14. you are right marina. wow. i like what you say about thoughts and media. i think all readers here need to appreciate your writing and ideas. they teach us a lot. thank yoy for this blog

  15. You are right Marina
    If just We can make a little change in our life .
    Any little change that We believ can make us feel better will work
    And little change at a time
    Eventually will be strong enough and We build enough defense so that neither media,ED or negative comments we hear or see from other will affect us in a negative way
    I know you Marina and I know how strong ,comapssionate and lovely you are.I was seeing you daily struggling and despite that you were smiling,taking time to say Hello and with big smile on your face despite the pain.
    I will continue to pray for you and hoping one day I will see you

    Working in Toronto GH now

  16. My Dear
    Keep your progress bothin recovery and in school .So far you are doing a great job in both.
    Yes if there is conflict between doing both ,so your recovery takes priority.So far I see a great talented young women facing the chanllenge and stand strong and hard.
    WOW and BRAVO Marina

    That is why many love and respect you even do not know you.
    I agree with Mays,Krestie and John



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