My A-Z Life Tips

I thought it might be a good idea to bring some cheer in my life - as well as yours! So here are a few tips or 'pick-me-up' lines...from A-Z! Enjoy!

A. Always remember that you are not alone
B. Believe in yourself
C. Confidence is vital to success
D. Don't give up
E. Esteem yourself and your abilities
F. Faith will get you through tough times
G. Get help from others when you need it
H. Hope will give you peace
I. Inner beauty is what counts
J. Join others is praising your achievements
K. Knowledge comes from experience
L. Love yourself for who you are!
M. Make time for yourself and what you like to do
N. Never, never, EVER let someone tell you are not worth it
O. Omit the stressors in your life
P. Productivity means you are making the most of your life
Q. Quiet times are perfect moments of reflection
R. Realize how much potential you have
S. Strength is not always physical, but often mental and emotional as well
T. Tough times never last
U. Understand that you can achieve anything you put your mind to
V. Victory over difficult situations will come if you stay strong
W. Wonderful things happen when you pray
X. Xtra blessings come if you believe
Y. Yearn to achieve only your best; the rest if up to God
Z. Zeal will help you accomplish your goals

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