Thursday, 13 December 2012

Okay, we have a problem!

I don't know if you have ever seen the show 'The Biggest Loser'. If you have, you know that this show is about overweight people who compete to see who can lose the most weight. It is basically for adults to get 'healthier' but to 'win' a show at the same time. Sounds harmless, right?

Well, it WAS. Until the show recently (about a week ago) announced that they would now be putting children on the show.

DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THE PROBLEM HERE?! It is one thing to use people's weight to entertain others....and it is another totally different thing to be putting children on a show where they are forced to lose weight as a competition with others.

You can visit this site for more info, or simply type 'the biggest loser kids' in google to know what I am talking about.

What is this telling kids? That they should be forced onto a program that makes you diet, excericse, and restrict food in order to become 'healthy'. The kids invovled in this show will no doubt feel a great deal of pressure to 'win' by dieting and excercising.

NOTE: I am not against people losing weight or excercising to become healthy. Sometimes people need to do this, as occurs when they are SUPERVISED by a doctor and are deemed NECESSARY to lose weight. In that case, they are not doing it as a source of entertainment for others. They are doing it to keep themselves healthy.

But this is different. Even if these kids need to lose weight, they really should not be on a TV show that does so. It sends out the wrong message to kids, who will watch the program and think 'gee, that looks fun. Maybe I should try not eating and just drinking water and see how long I can last...'.

And BOOM. We have set the path out for an eating disorder, or disordered eating. We have created within a child the ideas of losing weight and restricting, even if they do not intend to actually become thinner. To those with ED, this show will just make it worse.

I don't know what else to say. I am shocked that someone actually came up with the idea to put children on this show. What is wrong with the media?! Simple: they want money. If putting kids on a show to lose weight will make more money, it is going to happen. Even if that means it is harming the self-esteem or thoughts of viewers. Money, money, money. That is all that matters to the media.

I sincerely hope that more people speak up about this issue. It is not just important to people who have ED - it is important to everyone around the world. Kids should not be on a show to lose weight. If they need to do so, they should be doing it with a doctor. Not to entertain others on a TV show.

The media, unfortunately, is again not showing realistic or healthy behaviours. It is not surprising to me. But I thought that some people would realize that some things are going too far - like this is. *Sigh*


  1. I agree with you.
    Using kids is going way too far.
    Media is going after business and money making industry .
    I think they never see it in the way we see it .
    They just invlove themselves in any thing promote seeling and money
    Any issue attract the attention ,they will go after.
    I think media do not appreciate the consequences of what they do as long as promote their business.


  2. Shouldn't be illegal to invlove kids in this??


  3. What our pschologists have to say about involving our kids in this potentailly harmful behaviour even with good intention (to help high risk people to have healthy weight)

    Sam Ibrahim

  4. I can not believe that is true .
    Competition ,involve kids!!!
    Isn't is a strange world ??


  5. Let me assure you Marina
    For those who are rceovering like you and me ,we have build strong defense mechanism that can fight and resistant any temtaion to restrict and we are able to fight strong and hard and maintain our sucess of recovery.
    I agree with you ,young kids especailly those who are gentically vulnerable to ED or under trauma may not abe able to fight and may be at risk
    Our hope is for their parents to support them and teach them that this is not meant for every body but only for those who have health problems that can benifit from weight loss as morbid obesity plus another medical conditions as type 2 diabetes or severe arthritis

    Recovered ED victim

  6. Hi Marina
    I am not sure if my daughter saw this or not.
    I hope she will see see this add.
    I think she may still be vulnerable but I will continue using all the tips that you mentioned in all your blogs about parents observations,support ,endorsement of reasonable good habbits and keep her in control of her life .

    Media sucks for sure ,greedy for money

    JP a thankful mother

  7. The only way to protect our kids is to raise awareness of this and parents try to protect their kids from media invasion.

  8. Hi Marina
    Media will not stop but We are now stronger and aware of ED and what are the challenges a head of us from media and naive comments and malice comments.
    I am going home next week and I am very very happy that I can now add my name to people who can say recovering ED victim
    I will continue follow your blog and get support and help.
    Thank tyou for saving my life
    Without your blog I would not have ever thoughts of going 8into treatemnt.
    If you remember me ,I thought I had mild ED and Ifelt no insight into seriousness and depth of my disease till I went into recovery.
    I learnt alot of skill that would help me continue and maintain my recovery .
    I will return back as out patient from 9 to 5 daily 5 days aweek in the new year till end of April .
    Long and sometimes painful recovery but it is the best thing I ever done for myself since I was plagued by ED.
    Merry Christmas to you and happy new year


    1. Anne, i am SO proud of you. you are a hero, a true warrior and fighter. i have been praying for you everyday and i am so glad to hear from you! God bless you. keep fighting. you are SO strong! wow! amazing! thanks for taking the time to read the blog and comment.

    2. Thank Marina
      You are the real HERO and my COACH

  9. I do not believ Meia but I believ you

  10. I love your blog as I find it helpful and most comments make sense and give me knowledge
    Even when I disagree with what it said ,I feel your blog and comments are convincing.


  11. thanks everyone for the comments! i know i say this a lot - but youa re all truly wonderful and amazing people! may God bless all of you. i hope all is well with all of you! the holidays are around the everyone should be having some fun! thanks again for all the readers and comments - im so blessed!

  12. An interesting blog would be an entry on your inpatient experience. Did you meet other ED patients or were you on a general mental illness ward. Who does your treatment team consist of today. I see you are looking weight restored these days.

    Looks like your BMI is up to at least 18.5. sorry if I have overestimated but really 18.5 should be your minimum goal

    Congratulations on your progress. Really, you look much more attractive now. Your hair , skin and eyes also look much better . you used to look dead in the eyes

  13. Your blog is very inspiring. But I almost feel I don't have the right to be inspired by it or to see myself as 'recovering'. I'm not under my bmi enough to be anorexic and I don't binge enough to be bulimic. Its like I'm not sick enough. Its just my head that is messed up then?! I'm so confused, and sad. Sorry about the depressing tone of this message.

  14. As I understand from Marina's blog and her accurate description of the Monster ED symtoms ,It seems like you are heading towards the worst and may be without you being aware.main symtoms of ED is denial of feeling or having an illness and sometimes Ed trick you and telling you that you are good when you starve or restrict.
    Please raed and learn from Marina 's blog and get her support till your recovery.
    I remeber Anne was saying same before and now she is recovering.

    JP A thankful Mother


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