Monday, 17 December 2012

Weight on Report Cards?

Recently, there has been talk in Australia that a child's weight should be listen on their report card. Read about it here:

By now, you should all know what I think about this. But, I'm going to say it anyway.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! The argument of these people is that putting the weight on report cards will make parents aware if their child is obese or overweight. It is thought that this will stop or help to reduce obesity.

And I can see why they think this: parents will get to know their child's weight because they will see it three times a year on the kid's report card. But I also think that the harm that this will do is greater than the benefits. First, how humiliating is it if teachers have to weight each kid in order to report it? That is not the school's job. It is a medical issue and can be dealt with in the context of a doctor's visit.

And what about the comparing that will occur? Kids already compare grades - with this, they will start to compare their weights. And this can cause bullying. Or trigger eating disorders. Low self-esteem. Shame. Embarrassment. Isolation.

Weight is not a school issue. Sure, the school can make healthy food choices available for kids. And they can promote healthy eating and physical activity. But it is NOT their job to put the weight on a child's report card. This makes it seem as though the child is being 'marked' or 'graded' for their weight. The risk is too big. This should not happen.

Obesity is a problem. I am not denying that. But I think it should be dealt with at the doctor's office. Not by putting weights on a report card. Not by promoting the talk of weight and comparisons among children. And just like obesity is an issue, so are eating disorders. So is low self-esteem. So is bullying.

To make a long story short, I don't agree with this. AT ALL. I think people need to think about the pros and cons before they go about deciding or suggesting that policies take place. It's not hard - it is called DECISION MAKING. And wise decision making. When it comes to sensitive issues like body image, we need to be more careful and aware that these are delicate topics - and thus, they must be thought about rationally.


  1. Because I am positive and I am looking to see any thing positive ,I also see this as wake up call for parents whose children at risk of ED.

    Kelly W
    Therapist TO

  2. WoW Marina
    You are reading my mind
    You talk like a doctor really ,However I am not that far you are a nurse(even you are a nurse student but your knowledge and skills is even more than a practical nurse).
    In my medical education I see some nurses more skilled and educated than doctors and no offence .
    I agree with you completely ,weighing student smoething went that far to cross boundry of confidentaility,some students may love to go on the scale but few may feel humiliated and may be a source of bulleying .
    I think this should be left to school nurse and should be completley confidentail and dealt with in a very senstive atomosphere.
    Also I hope that the message will be

    Loving our healthy body.
    Appropraite weight no over but also no under.
    We should watch for abnormal eating behaviours that can lead to either extreme.

    medical student

  3. Point well taken


  4. You are addressing the 3 most challenging issue for school childrens.
    EDs,Self esteem and bulleying .
    I do not know if our education system has any plan to address this at school.
    They may scramble around the issue but I do not see any clear plan to target and eliminate these 3 basic issue that affect school children .
    I do not want somebody to say We can address this at doctors office as I see this a public common concerns affecting at least 20% of school children.
    Wake up miniter of Education.


  5. Your ideas making sense to me .
    Is our school system crumpling??


  6. If what you are hopeing for come true ,our school will prevent the 3 biggest issue causing much difficulties to our kids.
    Low slef esteem


  7. Is it possible to demand that all school teachers get extratarining in how to prevent ED,Low self esteem and bullying?


  8. I agree with Marina
    Schools for learning,doctors office for medical. why mix up??


  9. This is totally wrong...why would schools nose themselves into what a doctor should be doing? Their weight they would give also would most likely be off. I'm recovering from my ED and what didn't help at school was when they did a BMI check, now weighing? I can't believe this

  10. I agree school nose is too long .
    Better for school focus on education and prevent bulleying

  11. My lovely Marina
    Today is Chrismas Eve and I am with my family and friends.Thank to you I feel good this year than the past 7 years while I was deep in the mud with ED.
    I am not recovered yet but I feel better and diffrent.
    I know you are Christian and so I congratualte you for the Holy time of the year.
    I want to thank you for motivating me to wake up and stand for my self and get help.
    I wish you all the best in the new year.


  12. Merry Christmas Marina
    May the blessing of Christmas fill your heart with Joy and serenity.


  13. Marina even I do not myself celebrate Christmas but I wish you a very Merry one and I wish you all the happiness.I hope all the blessing of God help you to continue on your hard way of comlpete recovery .

    Sam Ibrahim

  14. I wish you all the best in the holy Christmas and in the new year


  15. Not only my heartfilled wishes for you to have a very Merry XMAS and very happy New year but also my gratitude and respect for all the work you have done during your tough year 2012.
    I am sure with your complete recovery ,the days and years a head will be joyful and prosperous.

    With my humble respect


  16. I wish you all the best during Holiday seasons.


  17. Merry XMAS and Happy new year Marina.
    You did an amazing work this year
    I hope you keep up your progress and look for happiness in the new year.


  18. Have a very Merry XMAS and happy new year Marina.
    Your hard work and success in recovery and your altruism and your encouragement to all who suffer will not pass unnoticed.
    Year 2012 will be a turning point in your life.
    Keep up

  19. Let me send you my best wishes to have all the blessings of XMAS .
    If I choose one girl that is making a difference ,I will choose you.
    People call you Ms Hope and I love that name.
    You are my Hope and when I read your blog as If I am reading my Holy book.Both gives me joy and happiness.
    I love you


  20. Merry XMAS Marina


  21. Happy Holidays Marina


  22. Merry XMAS and Happy new year marina
    I agree 2012 was full of events but You are now in control and came back stronger and making a difference in others life .

    Clorado,Fort Erie ,On

  23. You deserve to enjoy the blessings of the Holidays

  24. Happy Holidays
    Do not forget to celebrate your achievements during the last few months.
    What did you do fr yourself is beyond imaginations.
    If I consider who is the person of the year ,I would name you for what you did for your own recovery,and trying motivate and help others in your blog.
    Today I am celebrating my 6th anniversary of my complete recovery without relapse.
    I congratulate my self while I receive the credits from my loved family and friends.
    Keep up

    Recovered ED victim for 6 years now without relapse

  25. Happy Holidays Marina
    Your last year was turning point in your life .
    You experienced a lot and you are now offering what your learn t to help others in misery.
    Wonderful mission


  26. Merry XMAS Marina.
    While you enjoying the blessing of Christ please celebrate your achievements also.

    God bless you
    Sunday Priest

  27. I wish you a MERRY XMAS and happy New Year.


  28. Happy Holidays
    I wish you all the best and I believe you are talented person


  29. If I choose the most determined person of the year ,I would select you.
    Happy Holidays


  30. Happy Holidays



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