Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I just got back from a wonderful vacation at Antigua with my family. First, I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone! May this time of year give you peace, joy, and hope.

Next, I want to say thank you to all my readers and followers. You all are so great! This blog would not be possible without you!

A little bit about my trip....

It was fun! For the first time in my history of vacations, I didn't have to worry about the food. I had planned my meals earlier and so I just used the clock to know when I had to eat. My family was so supportive and we enjoyed our time. It was VERY relieving to not have any anxiety around mealtimes or open buffets. This made us all relaxed. For once, I did not feel dread before we all ate, and I didn't need to think of ways to avoid eating. It felt as though a big burden was taken off my chest.

We had a great time swimming, touring the grounds, reading, playing board games, watching TV, etc. it was a much-needed break. I was exhausted after exams and couldn't wait to relax!

By the way, exam marks are in! I did well, thank God. I guess I should expect that...I do tend to study a bit too hard!

All in all, I had a very Merry Christmas and am looking forward to a happy new year! I'm also interested in hearing how your holidays are doing! Let me know!

P.S. during my vacation, I had some time to reflect. The first thing that came to my mind is how truly lucky and blessed I am to have this blog and all of you who support me and show me love. I actually started to tear as I read all the comments wishing me a Merry Christmas. You all have no idea how thankful I am for each and every one of you! I pray that God grants you success and happiness always!


  1. You deserve to have a very Merry XMAS.


  2. Congratulations for Your best performance at school but I think having a good XMAS and enjoyable vacation and your recovery deserve even more congratulations

  3. Wow
    Not only you r trying all what you can to mainatain your recovery but also you scored high at school.Trust me I was worried about you going to school as as I see you doing too much and I know how recovery takes too much time and effort and commitment .Being in recovery from ED took 5 full years from my productive life.You are truely talented .
    You r maintaining recovery ,writing a very well organized blog ,helping others and on top taking all your nursing courses.Each one of those is a full time job.
    My congratulatioons and please keep up .

    Marina if you allow me share my tips of maintaining my recovery without relapse for SIX years now.
    I still eat by the hour to make sure I will not skip meals
    I am now able to feel hungry ,ask for food ,and go to open buffet and choose my food but if any time pass without taking my meal ,I will stick to my time of have a meal.I always takes 3 meals and at least one snack between meals.
    I still seeing my therapist and discuss the positives and negatives and how to mprove.
    I will not ignore my feeling ,emotions and sleep and I quickly address any isssue so that I keep my self happy.
    I have a written plan to avoid any negative thoughts and I use all my armamentarium to strike hard on any ED or negative thoughts and kick them all out.
    I make time for my self every day and make sure I do things I enjoy.
    I put my wellbeing as top priority and any thing else comes second.
    All these and other tips keeping me in happiness for 6 years and I am now catching on on what I lost.
    Once again congratulations for all what you achieved and I agree your recovery is the top achievemnt .I wish you all the best in the new year.
    Remember no one able to do what you did and I mean what I am saying.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my tips in your blog as I know you have many readers ..

    Recovered ED victim

  4. Congratulation for all the achievement and especially enjoying your XMAS vacation
    You deserve it


  5. You needed good vacation.I wish you all the best


  6. Merrrrrrrrry XMAS
    That is the belssing of XMAS ,you recovered ,scored high on your exam ,famous blog
    WOW !!
    I am very happy to hear all going well and more happy to hear you enjoyed good XMAS Vacation.
    I wish all the best


  7. Big WOW
    I am in medical school and I know how hard ,demanding,time consuming to study medicine and nursing is not different.
    I am amazed how you are so talented that you are able to follow with many tasks at the same time and you still doing well in all.
    I admire you for all the achievement and I also encourage you to keep priority for your health.
    I wish you all the best for new year.


  8. My heartfull congratulation for all your achievement.
    Having enjoyed XMAS vacation ,please do not deny yourself enjoying family and friends gathering and look for more fun time.
    I hope new year will the happiest for you.
    You deserve


  9. Our Small church had good spirtitual XMAS services and I was praying for you.
    I happy to hear all good new about you.
    I pray for you for the new year.
    You are a blessed girl .
    May God bless your years to come

    Sunday Priest

  10. You desreve the happiness in the days and years to come .
    Happy new year MS Hope.

  11. Happy New year Marina


  12. You are really sending a message of Hope to all ED victims


  13. It is noticible now that you are the master and ED is your slave .Because you recoverd from ED slavery your thoughts now free to make the choice and you are choosing the right track.You are enjoying your time with family and friends as long as you dismiss the jealously controlling monster.
    Keep up


  14. As all of the above ,I wish you all the best


  15. Keep up and keep going your sucess and progress.I wish you all the happiness in the new year.

    Fort Erie

  16. All the best for the new year.I believe you have achieved a lot this year


  17. I am happy that you had a very Merry XMAS.
    I wish you all the best in new year and I congratulate you for all your achievemnts


  18. Recovery,good vacation,famous blog and good marks at school all deserve a big WOW.
    You deserve.
    I hope this marks the end of your long years of sufferning.
    I wish you all the best

    Kelly W
    Therapist ,Toronto

  19. WoW
    You are amazing hard worker
    Happy new year


  20. Congrat for all your axchievements.


  21. so you've has ED for quite a while ? you did not just develop it around the time you got treatment ? how come no one noticed ?

  22. I wish you would just make a post that kind of connected all the dots. I don’t understand when you developed ED

    1. you should read the blog completely. it is very good and explains everything about her story

  23. I agree with previous comment,for some who recently started reading this very helpful and informative blog ,I guess to every body ,not only ED victims and their family,should better read the whole blog from the begining.



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