Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas @ NEDIC

I'm blessed to say that my work has been published by NEDIC once again! This is a piece I wrote about Christmas and how the holidays are truly enjoyable, yet the focus around food and weight can be difficult for those with ED. It is one of my favourite pieces because it really expresses how frustrating this season can become for people who struggle with these issues, yet it also provides hope and tips on how to deal with this stress.

Please take a look and it! And I am wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!


  1. Once again congratulation.


  2. WOW
    This acknoledging you as writer.
    It is an honour to write at the famous NEDIC


  3. Marina
    My heart filled congratulations for all your achievements.
    Being famous volunteer writer at NEDIC
    Sucess at your school.All is done while you moving steadfast in your recovery and taking a time to share your experience with others and helping others like me.
    I acknoldge ,without you I wolud hase been more sick but thanks your encouragement and motivation I am in recovery now.I completed my in patient program and I am on vacction till Jan 7 and I am going to be outpatient.
    As I feel you are doing well ,this encourage me to try to ask my school if they accept me return to school and I will do the same as you ,maintaining my recovery and keep every thing same as I learnt.I have the motivation to eat on schedule and do exact the same thing as inpatient without giving in to any ED thoughts.
    I will discuss this with my health care team ,family and my dear friend and Now I asking your advise.
    Do you encourage me to do this or your advise to complete the program till the end

    Once again congratulations and keep up.
    Thank you for all your help Marina
    happy New year


    1. My self as a recovered ED victim,and I hope Marina agrees with me,I suggest you stick to your care plan as schedduled by your health team.You are different than Marina and I think to complete your recovery better stick to the program even if you feel confident that you can do same thing like Marina and you can do what Marina is doing but for you ,no benifit of going second half of your school year .University is different.
      Please update us Anne.
      Happy new year both you and Marina and I wish new year come with hope and happiness to all those who have been suffering

      Recovered ED Victim

    2. Anne, i am SO proud of you. You have worked SO hard to get where you are. And i know that getting yourself help is not an easy thing with ED. But you did it, and I am so glad to hear that. WOW. You are so strong, brave, and beautiful. Keep up the great work!
      As to what you should do, well, no one can really answer that. I do not advocate leaving treatment unless you truly believe that you can continue to stay healthy without it. i did it, but it is NOT easy and took a lot of determimation and discipline. if you decide to leave, please continue to stay strong and do not let yourself slip back - and consider getting outside help if possible. if you decide to stay, you will continue to get better and losing some time off school may very well be worth the fight to get your health back. whatever you choose to do, remember that recovering from ED is not an easy task. it will take time. but you are doing it, and you are so strong. wow. Anne, I am AMAZED and so happy to hear this. you brought tears to my eyes.

    3. Marina
      Thank you so much for your honest advise and for your support.
      Thank you for your positive comments and for saying that I am beautiful .I lost my beauty when I gave in to Ed and I became like a a husk but now I feel beuatuful again
      Thank you for encourgemnts and honest advise and positive comments as always.
      I will stick to my treatment as you are right .Recovery worth the sacrife even losing one full year in hospital but it eventually Worth it.
      I wish you all the best again


  4. I this all Nedic readers will benifit from your writing.
    keep up
    Happy new year


  5. Congratulations and happy new year


  6. Holy


  7. Wonderful
    You deserve the honour
    Happy new year


  8. Way to go
    Happy new year


  9. I send you a bouquet of flowers on air to express my warm congratulation for all your achievement and on top is your recovery.
    All the best for the new year


  10. Keep up
    My best wishes for you and your family for a happy productive new year


  11. I wish you all the happiness in the new year.
    I know you from your blog only and I admire you.


  12. Holly
    What a year
    The best of 2012 is you made 360 degree turning point.
    Your recovery is the most important hallmark of 2012 that neither you or any body knows you will forget.
    Way to go


  13. Congrat for a happy and better new year


  14. Happy new year


  15. Congrat for excellent work in 2012 and all the best with
    happy new year


  16. I will follow your blog and NEDIC in the new year.
    Happy new year


  17. I could not believe it when I read commenter’s comments on “diabetes” on your previous blog posts. Wow, how can people have no clue that there are different kinds of diabetes and not are caused by lifestyle. Seriously, they sounded so hateful and judgmental.
    It is not surprising that young women with type 1 diabetes are driven to have eating disorders given this sad state of affairs

  18. Happy New year.
    I wish you all the happiness in our new year 2013.


  19. Congratulations for maintaining your recovery,success at school,success at your blog that I can see attacting more and more people and also estblishing yourself as acknoledged NEDIC writer!!
    All the best for 2013


  20. You deserve all the respect last year and this year.
    All the best


  21. All the best for 2013


  22. WOW
    keep up the amazing job.



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