Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Published again on NEDIC!

WOW! One of my posts has been published yet again on NEDIC.

This post is about not blaming the patient. We've talked about this before on this blog, and we noted how blaming the patient is unfair and unjust. It harms our society even more by making us think that people with mental illnesses are to blame for their troubles. What's more, this belief incorrectly identfies patients as being problematic. Instead, I believe that we need to realize that mental illnesses are real, serious, and that they are the cause of many factors. Blaming patients never helps, and with mental illnesses, this discourages victims frm getting help. We should, instead, care for these people and help them see that although they may have a mental illness (or even any problem at all!), they are not be to blamed. In addition, it is against the law to discriminate against anyone with any condiiton - whether that be a mental illness, a physical health condition, certain beliefs or values, etc.

So, this publication is for all those who have struggled with this. This is for people who have been called names because of their condition. It is for victims who have been told by others that they are useless or hopeless because of what they suffer from. I am sorry for your pain. But know that as society evolves and as people begin to speak out, things can and will change. Be confident in yourself and never let anyone bring you down. You are more than your mental or physical illness. In fact, I never say that I chose ED. ED chose me. I am not defined by my eating disorder; rather, I define myself by my experiences, my stregnths,  my joys, and my accomplishments.


  1. Who else can say better words than this to those who has or had any challenge in their life.


  2. That is how I counsel my clients
    "you are defined by your accomplishments ,achievements,testimonies,attitude and personality.
    You are not defined by your shape, color or your illness.
    We all need to have confidence in our self and feel proud about how We made a difference .
    How tough disease did not break us and We up again and we move up.

    Excellent post Marina

    Kelly W
    Therapist ,To

    1. can you please post you office info. i am looking for a therapist . i live in richmond hill


    2. I am one of a group and I will take to my manager and get back tou to Sarah

      Kelly W

  3. We did not choose to be ill or have ED .ED hit us very hard.
    No body has any rights to blame us or to discriminate against any sick person.
    We all get sick one time and We recover and move on.
    Well said Marina

    Recovered ED victim

  4. Marina
    I hope people can understand that ED hit us hard from no where. I wish they can understand that the ED is to be blamed for all our misery and when We recover ,We are normal in every thing and no one will look at our past except to say Hey you made it ,you fought hard and you won.
    I am as you proud of myself that I stood up for my self and defending myself against ED and You and me winning.


  5. I beleive all of us are equal ,no matter what happened to us.
    Marina your courage needs to be rewarded and you be proud off .
    What you did and accomlish ,only feel people can achieve .
    Bog WOW for you


  6. I had eye infection 40 years ago and my boss at that time sent me home and not letting me get back to my work before I get clearance from a doctor.
    I recovered and this was even contagious but past ,does any body dare to say you had eye infection ..
    No blame ,.,,no discriminations,no judjment ED is the same as any disease ,We get sick ,we recover ,not a big deal

    What a bid deal is what you sustained Marina and how you took the responsibility for yoyur own recovery and you writing to raise the awareness.

    Sam Ibrahim
    76 years young

  7. However without a sin shall cast the first stone..
    Who on earth does not have or had a medical condition.
    If we blame each other for our illness,will be a disaster .
    Bravo Marina you are blaming the disease and exonerating the victims.
    I agree with you completely

    Shady Mississauga


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