Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wear a corset, shrink your waist, hurt your body

I was reading the news the other day, when I came across this:

Basically, this story is about a young lady who decided that it would be interesting and somewhat helpful if she wore a corset (day and night) for three years. As a result, her waistline has become VERY tiny, to an unhealthy state. She states that now it is like an addiction - that she cannot simply stop wearing it because she is scared of becoming fat. On top of that, she says that she is happier now that she is so small, becaue she feels beautiful and in control.

Are the red lights flashing in your head by now? They were in mine! Does this not sound like a major problem, possibly ED? I found this sad, to be honest. First, why on earth is this on the news? Is this something to be proud of - that a young woman is killing herself in order to be thin? What kind of message is this sending out? That people should try this 'cheap' way to become thin or to change their bodies? I am horrified that this was in the news as a story.

I am saddened by the fact that society today feels that it is alright (and normal!) to do such horrific things to one's body in the drive to attain 'beauty' or thinness. When I was ill, I was not proud of it. I wanted to keep it a secret because I was ashamed. Only after I began recovery can I now talk about it freely, because I feel as though I have something to share in order to help others. But this? Telling people how to manipulate your body in unhealthy ways? This is simply unacceptable. To add to this,  the media is playing on our emotions. The media, through this story, is trying to tell people that if they do things like this lady, they can achieve the 'ideal' body without spending money, going on diets, eating certain foods, etc....

Want to know the secret to a healthy body? Here is it: MODERATION! I know that this is said often, but that is because it is true. When I was so thin, I gained weight when I started eating again because my body was starving and desperate to keep food in. Now that I am at a healthy weight, it no longer keeps gaining. Rather, I am maintaining my weight. I am eating what my body needs, excercising the right amount, and living happily. That is the secret to healthiness. No amount of unhealthy habits like wearing a corset for your entire life will make you live a healthy and happy life. Health and happiness go together - if one is missing, the other is, too.

I'm praying for the girl in this story, because I know that she can not be happy with the way she is living now. She is sadly trapped in a world where she believes that to be happy, she must wear this corset to keep her waist thin. But she is wrong. And she is unhealthy. She is also unhappy - if you read the article, she says that she 'cannot imagine her life without wearing the corset'. Is this happiness? Being addicted to wearing an article of clothing because of fear that one will gain weight? No. Please remember her, and other sufferers, in your prayers. They are addicted to a disease that is difficult to beat, especially with the way our society is today.

What's the message we learn from this? The media sucks. Seriously. This kind od story does not deserve to be in the news so that people can 'learn' unhealhy habits; rather, this girl should be sent to get treatment for her sad and deadly mental illness or issue. The media should focus on stories of hope, like people recovering from ED or other important stories around the world. To us, this reminds us of the type of world we live in - a world where people think it is okay to hurt your body just to look thin or to achieve an unhealthy body size or image. Don't fall prey into these kind of traps. Be media-smart, and pray for those who are ill.

*Deep breath*. I'm done my soap box now.


  1. You do not know how much compression on your organs by the tight corset can damage all organs


  2. This young woman is Crazy Crazy and crazy


  3. Marina
    This girl is really idiot,looking for publicity at the expence of harming her body to death.
    Really crazy.
    Can you rationalize and fix her dum brain


  4. You know Ed can wear different masks and hats.
    She better watch out


  5. I think she does this to attarct attention and be famous once and then die.


  6. I agree with you Marina ,it is ED to be blamed not her as ED is deceiving her and making her feel happy about being famous while the disease is digging deeper and hurrying to her organs failure.
    I hope some body read this blog and pass it to her so that she wakes up and fight her real enemy.
    Marina heling others through your blog is just one reason among millions to explain why God put you through this.



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