Friday, 14 June 2013

My post was chosen!!!

One of the pirests in my church community has an amazing and inspirational blog. His name is Fr. Anthony Messeh - I encourage everyone to read it. It is a spiriitual blog, but it certainly does not speak to those who are Christian only. His words and thoughts are very clear, touching, and informational. You can find my post, as well as his blog, here:

He recetnly posted saying that he was going to start accepting guest posts every Friday, so my sister approach me and told me to try out for it. With her encouargment, I decided to. I wrote a piece about my journey with ED last year in the ICU and how my family and friends never left my side. Writing this reminded me of how wonderful God is, and how supportive my community was. But, to be honest, I never thought that Fr. Anthony would get back to me and approve it. I felt that my writing was not good - that it was not worthy to be posted on someone else's website. Besides, Fr. Anthony (on his site) says that not all posts will be published because it is impossible to post what everyone gives him. He also says that only posts with certain messages and a meaning for others will be posted because they are meant to help, inspire, or teach others. When I read this, I definitely thought that mine would not be chosen. I felt that despite my story, it probably would not be good enough. So, I forgot about it. Then, three days later, I got an email from Fr. Anthony. He told me that my post was chosen to be posted on his site, and he also asked me to be avilable to respond to any comments on the blog.

WOW. Suffice to say, I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. My piece was chosen - out of hundreds, maybe thousands (?) - to be posted on his site? Really? It was good enough? He wanted others to read my story and he wanted me to reply to readers? I am honoured. I could not believe it. Glory to God!

So, I hope that you enjoy this post on his blog. I know that without the love and support of all my family members, friends, community members, and blog readers, this would not have been posssible. THANK YOU to everyone who continues to show their love and support for me. In just one year, my blog has received an Award nomination, I have been published several times on NEDIC, I have been published on FEAST, and now this. To add, my blog gets thousands of views a day from people all around the world. I am in recovery, going strong. I am living my life and doing everything that I have ever wanted to do, free from ED's control. What is even more important is that this blog has truly become a place where people can learn information, share their stories and get supoort, and not feel ashamed or angry at whatever life throws their way. When I started this blog a year ago, I never would have thought that this would happen. God truly works for good, for those who believe and trust in Him (Romans 8:28). What a difference a year makes.


  1. Got here from your post on Fr.Anthony's blog. Truly great story. Amazing to hear about a modern day miracle. Glad to see that He has saved your life and given you all this drive. Keep it up!!

  2. It is a blessing for all of us to hear this.


  3. I am not as surprized as you.
    I belive your blog is one of the most respected ,productive ,helpful and educational one that send positive messgaes to many.

    My congratulations


  4. Congratulations
    You can not hide the Candle that emits pure light to others.


  5. Now you are more famous.
    Keep up.


  6. If your blog does not worth it,father will not ask you.
    I believe your blog is very helpful not only for church goer,Ed victims ,university students struggling to meet the demands ,oppressed young fellows ,....all the above can benift and learn from it.


  7. I do not know Fr Anthony M personally but I visited his blog several times .
    My congratualtions and prayers .
    This is really acknoldgement that the miracles in your life will shine to others also in different ways

    May God bless you and all of us..

    Sunday Priest

  8. I have complete trust that church goer will be pleased with you posting on Father's blog.


  9. I am not religous person but I know you are .
    I think this may add more spirituality to your healing and more blessings to your blog.


  10. Please ask Father to pray for me.


  11. Way to go.
    From success to another.


  12. Congratulations Marina


  13. It is with great pleasure that I recieved this exciting news.I always believe in your skills and talent and I thank God for all the blessings.
    I am very proud that God is holding your hands ,paving your roads and planning for your future.

    From the bottom of my heart ,Congraulations..


  14. This is really a miracle that speaks to itself.
    I do believe in miracles

  15. Do you ever wish you just entered inpatient treatment before you went to the hospital and got pneumonia. Don’t you think it would have been easier that way. Do you know what kind of pneumonia you had ? I have never had pneumonia, but have been vaccinated with the pneumococcal vaccine.

    I have been very sick a number of times with DKA and in ICU. I made it through fine for whatever reason.

  16. What is better than having a miracle that set your life in the right direction.
    I read your post and it gave me alot of hope myself


  17. Congratulations


  18. You are the best.


  19. God Job Marina


  20. I am happy for you.
    You deserve


  21. I am also happy for you.


  22. One achievement after another.
    Way to go.


  23. For long time ,I have not been able to leave a comment,very busy girl as you know but with this one ,going now international and you are on American religous blog ,!!!
    Keep up .
    People need this message of hope when they may think no hope.


  24. You are chosen because your writing is honest and respectful and benificial to many and can influence good behaviour and can motivate making positive changes.

    Sandra D

  25. I think the picture that is used on the other blog is somewhat triggering
    Just my two cents

    can someone convert to coptic?

    1. I agree, I did not pick this picture, and I don't actually agree with it. The owner of the blog chose it - I would have chosen a picture of Christ or someone praying.

      Yes, people can definitely convert! If you want to learn more about our religion, let me know. By the way, the religion is Orthodox Christianity. Coptic is another word for Egyptian, so I am a Coptic Orthodox.

    2. what about fasting for religious reasons ? can you still do that ?

    3. Hi Tim, I can - I will post about this topic (many people have asked the same thing!) very soon! God bless

  26. Definitely, you should write a post about your religion or comment here. I am half-Iranian, so i guess Iranian’s are a bit like Egyptians bc Persians are not Arab although most Persians have Arab blood in them. And the original religion of Iran was not Islam, Iran was invaded by Arabs and Islam was imposed in Iran. There are Christians in Iran and you are allowed to Christian if you are born a Christian. However, you can be sentenced to death for converting to Christianity if you are born Muslim.

    I was reading that in Egypt it can also be hard to convert from Islam to Christianity. I was invited to a church once that the person assumed would be good for me because I am Iranian. I think it was for Syrians and Iraqi Christians. Anyways, it was not a good fit for me bc they spoke Arabic, and Persians do not speak Arabic. We speak Farsi

    It is interesting that the original language of Egypt was not Arabic either; most of the countries that the Arabs invaded seem to now all speak Arabic.

    I love Jesus and I believe Jesus loves me

    1. I will write a few posts about my religion - they are in the process of being written! JUst to clarify, I idetinfy myself as Egyptian by birth and not Arab. Arab is (as you said) the langauge that Muslims brought with them when they came to countries like Egypt - so technically, Arab is not a culture but rather a language (Arabic).
      There are a lot of difficulties in many Middle East countries in terms of religion - some allow people to practice what they please, while others do not have this right Yes, there are instances when converting could make someone kill another, although this is an unforuante event.
      I do not know which church you went to; the church I go to in Canada is for all people of Orthodoxy - our community has Egyptians, Asians, Europeans, and African Americans (and more!). Our services are also held in Arabic AND English so that anyone can attend. I am pleased that you have such amazing faith - Jesus truly does love all His children! If you need any resources or have any questions, please let me know. God bless you!

    2. It would be better to know your name .
      However it is very motivating to know you love Jesus and I am sure Jesus loves you so much.
      I command you for all the knowledge about Middle east history and religion.
      As I left my ME home country(Iraq )long ago ,I still belive if you are not Mozlem ,life would be hard for you in the ME as most people have zero intolerance and they are very fanatic about their religion and hard for them to use the brain and analytical abstract thinking.
      I welcome you to visit a church close to you and I recomment Coptic orthodox church where you feel welcome and support and als to know the good things about Jesus love .It is Jesus not religion that is matter .There are thousands of religion all over the world but only one Jesus who gave all of us great love..


  27. It is hopeful to show miracles still happening in our life.Yes I agree God is working


  28. Marina, you continue to be an inspiration and source of encouragement to me, and to a lot of people, many of whom you may not even know. God allows tribulation not to hurt us but to strenghten us - you are evidence of that, all glory be to Him. I pray that God's work may continue through you. God is revealing His will for you, He wants to use you for great things. Jesus loves you.
    So proud of you.
    - You know who I am :)

  29. Not only you inspiring those who suffer a chronic disease but also those who needs to drink from pure heavenly water so that will never feel thirsty again


  30. I agree with those who seek Jesus love and mercy.
    There are many religions but only one Jesus ,one God .
    Marina ,please pray for me


    1. God bless you, larivierie, and I am praying! let me know if i can help!

  31. I read this and it is phenomenal.
    It helped me to sort out my problems and have a plan for change


    1. God bless you, Mala. I am glad that my story gave you hope and that you were able to make a plan for change. please let me know if i can help!

  32. Can you tell me how you recover that quickly and you did not miss any time from school.
    Can you say it is purely miracle or your hard work to be on top of things or your doctor or all


    1. Hi Colin, thank you! First, let me say that you are right - it IS a miracle. My recovery would not have been successful otherwise. However, I also want to let you know that I worked VERY VERY hard in order to recover without missing any school. I also had lots of family support. It is possible - but difficult. if you are willing to work for it, it can happen! God bless you

  33. i want to say thank you to everyone who commented or raed this post! it was av ery popular one indeed; thank you! God bless all of you. I pray that you continue to experience health and happiness!


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