My post was chosen!!!

One of the pirests in my church community has an amazing and inspirational blog. His name is Fr. Anthony Messeh - I encourage everyone to read it. It is a spiriitual blog, but it certainly does not speak to those who are Christian only. His words and thoughts are very clear, touching, and informational. You can find my post, as well as his blog, here:

He recetnly posted saying that he was going to start accepting guest posts every Friday, so my sister approach me and told me to try out for it. With her encouargment, I decided to. I wrote a piece about my journey with ED last year in the ICU and how my family and friends never left my side. Writing this reminded me of how wonderful God is, and how supportive my community was. But, to be honest, I never thought that Fr. Anthony would get back to me and approve it. I felt that my writing was not good - that it was not worthy to be posted on someone else's website. Besides, Fr. Anthony (on his site) says that not all posts will be published because it is impossible to post what everyone gives him. He also says that only posts with certain messages and a meaning for others will be posted because they are meant to help, inspire, or teach others. When I read this, I definitely thought that mine would not be chosen. I felt that despite my story, it probably would not be good enough. So, I forgot about it. Then, three days later, I got an email from Fr. Anthony. He told me that my post was chosen to be posted on his site, and he also asked me to be avilable to respond to any comments on the blog.

WOW. Suffice to say, I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. My piece was chosen - out of hundreds, maybe thousands (?) - to be posted on his site? Really? It was good enough? He wanted others to read my story and he wanted me to reply to readers? I am honoured. I could not believe it. Glory to God!

So, I hope that you enjoy this post on his blog. I know that without the love and support of all my family members, friends, community members, and blog readers, this would not have been posssible. THANK YOU to everyone who continues to show their love and support for me. In just one year, my blog has received an Award nomination, I have been published several times on NEDIC, I have been published on FEAST, and now this. To add, my blog gets thousands of views a day from people all around the world. I am in recovery, going strong. I am living my life and doing everything that I have ever wanted to do, free from ED's control. What is even more important is that this blog has truly become a place where people can learn information, share their stories and get supoort, and not feel ashamed or angry at whatever life throws their way. When I started this blog a year ago, I never would have thought that this would happen. God truly works for good, for those who believe and trust in Him (Romans 8:28). What a difference a year makes.

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