Something Special!

Something special.

There is something special about everyone. Something that makes you unique and wonderful.

ED used to make me think that I was special because I could survive without eating anything. I didn't need food. I was 'strong, I was special'. It was as though I was able to do what no one else could - I could function and NOT eat anything!

But now I see that that was wrong. It was a lie. I wasn't surviving - I was slowly dying. But I could not see it at the time. I was blinded. The drive to lose weight and stay thin was too strong and powerful - it was all I could think of. I wanted - no, I NEEDED to be thin. Nothing else mattered. If I was not thin, I was a failure. If I did not stay small, I was weak and powerless.

Of course, this was totally wrong. ED had me fooled. He took away my happiness, and he nearly got my life. So now without ED, it is as though I have nothing special about me - well, I am eating like everyone else. I am no longer the girl who could starve all day and still function well. It is a good thing. But now I am left to wonder...what is special about me?

I'm calling on all my readers and commenters to read this, think about yourself, and post. I want you to think of two things that are special about you. Anything. Maybe it is something that you can do that no one knows about. Maybe you have a special talent. Maybe you have an awesome personality. Whatever it is, think of it. Then please comment and tell me what it is. This is a great way to see just how wonderful you are - and it will help you realize how special and loved you are!

I'll start:
1) I love to sing. I don't know if I'm good, but I certainly enjoy it!
2) I'm good at public speaking. I don't get  nervous (most of the time), and I feel that I'm an articulate speaker.

How about YOU?

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