Saturday, 16 February 2013

Published again!

I am very honoured to say that my work has been recognized by a different INTERNATIONAL organization called FEAST (families empowered and supporting eating disorder treatment). This organization is for caregivers of people with ED - spouses, siblings, parents, friends, etc. They have a lot of information on their website and they really do make an effort to get the word around about EDs.

They have asked me to include my story on their website to encourage caregivers to keep fighting for their loved one. I have included a brief summary of my journey, and I am now volunteering with FEAST to ensure that people are informed about ED. I am really blessed to have this opportunity, as I have received feedback from parents/spouses/siblings from FEAST saying that my story has given them hope and strength that their loved one will recover as well.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and please - if you know anyone with ED or have ED yourself and need help, seek it. Read my blog, other websites, get information, etc. And I am always here to help anyone - there is help, you just need to ask! God bless you all!

P.S. I dedicate this publication to my mom, dad, and sister - the people who were by my side every moment when I was ill. They encouraged me to push for recovery and they are the most supportive people I know. I love you guys! Thank you for bringing me this far - this post is dedicated to you, the people who loved me no matter what and strengthened me along recovery. I wish all caregivers for people with ED were like you!


  1. Even though I never left any comments but this time i can not stop from sending you my congratulations.
    Of course when ever you do good ,you will be rewarded some where ,some how .
    Keep up the excellent job


  2. Yahooooo


  3. That is another benifit of recovery.
    Acknoledgement of your efforts and altruism.
    FEAST is as if not more famous than NEDIC

    Keep up


  4. Ther sky is the limit.

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Mississauga

  5. That is a great hope for all victims and their families that recovery is pssible and all of us need to do all what We can to help those who suffer.
    Your story touched my heart and soul.
    I thank you and congratulat you and your family.


  6. WOW that is very hopeful and strong messgae to all parents ,not only those who have kids with ED but all parents to love and care and protect their children from SNEAKY disease that wears the mask of whatever person likes ,decieving victims till fall to their knees.
    Thank you so much for helping freeing many who are already ill and millions who may be at risk of becaoming new victims.

    Keep up the good job
    God bless you.


  7. Congratultions


  8. I read you letter very carefully several times and and I wish I am a parent to enjoy that warm feeling of your calming well articulate words.
    I believe any parent with ED victim will keep your letter as a support ,encouragemnt and hope especailly when things get tough and you are looking for motivation.


  9. It is also an honour for FEAST to write this wonderful hopeful letter.
    I am very happy for you.


  10. My warm congratulations for you and my respect to your family.
    What a wonderful message to every parents


  11. That is a big achievement that you should be proud of.
    I believe you message will motivate and strengthen many parents


  12. Yahoooo.
    That is a girl


  13. I shared this with my parents and both applaud you saying not as many kids appreciate their parents.


  14. very strong and clear hopeful message to parents .
    Good Job


  15. Good job


  16. Very empathetic message that can give hope to parents and can motivate them to continue all what they can


  17. You deserve a big Credit


  18. This is an OH AA moment.
    You hard work and intention to help will never be forgotten

    My congratulations and regards


  19. This is a prove that confirms with no doubt your talent as a writer,you skills and care as a nurse and your altrusim and love to others as a believer and your love and gratitude to your family as a loving daughter and a sister.
    Several times you asked the question ,why me ,has to suffer and endure hit after hit after hit.We believe God allows that for a strong reason.God is preparing you ,so that one day you may help someone in trouble and that day has already started .
    Here is a prove
    Your message to parents is an evidence .
    Many parents will be encouraged by your message and will continue to support their children even when their children ,when they are sick ,may turn them off ,yell at them ,etc .your message has a very cooling effects on any parent and family meembers .
    Your message takes a lot pride in showing parents the determination to continue the recovery and the importance of continuously supporting and encouragement of their loved one is paramount in success.
    I believe not only your family but many many families are proud of you Marina.
    You are really talented.
    I am very happy that you are using your talents and skills to fight the deception of Ed and help all of us how to challnge his lies.

  20. Hi Marina
    This is a very huge aknowledgement of your work.
    Your recoevry ,your getting to your normal life ,mainataining success and your hopeful message is a very strong encouragement to parents .
    My Congrat


  21. What a wonderful message you are sending to parents.
    What a credit you are giving to your family.I am sure they are as happy as you are with your recovery


  22. Congratulations.
    Excellent work


  23. Hi Marina
    My heartfilled congratulations to you and my respect to your family who have been supporting you all the way>
    I need your help
    I am eating much more and I am o k during weekdays at the program but when I am home ,I have the ED thoughts that are bugging me and telling me you are fat .
    When I do not eat as requested by my dietientian ,my parents get mad and yell at me and I do not what to do.
    Please tell me what I can do .
    Thank you so much.


    1. Anne I will address this in my next post just for you! For now, keep going! Ignore stupid ED! I know how you feel but you must keep going. I'm eating with you!

  24. Wonderful supportive message to all parents.


  25. This is a big accomplishment.
    My question is how can you find time to do all of this ,recovery ,writing blog ,volunteering at NEDIC and now FEAST and taking time for your self and at same time going to school of nursing .
    This is 5 full time jobs!!!
    Please give me an answer


  26. Excellent work.
    As a parent I feel shy as I do not support my kids even 10% of what I should.
    Your message is a wake up call for me to be availble,good listener ,support ,support and support with no judgement.
    This is my plan.
    Thank you for waking me up

    Mehmet Ozayden.


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