Published again!

I am very honoured to say that my work has been recognized by a different INTERNATIONAL organization called FEAST (families empowered and supporting eating disorder treatment). This organization is for caregivers of people with ED - spouses, siblings, parents, friends, etc. They have a lot of information on their website and they really do make an effort to get the word around about EDs.

They have asked me to include my story on their website to encourage caregivers to keep fighting for their loved one. I have included a brief summary of my journey, and I am now volunteering with FEAST to ensure that people are informed about ED. I am really blessed to have this opportunity, as I have received feedback from parents/spouses/siblings from FEAST saying that my story has given them hope and strength that their loved one will recover as well.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and please - if you know anyone with ED or have ED yourself and need help, seek it. Read my blog, other websites, get information, etc. And I am always here to help anyone - there is help, you just need to ask! God bless you all!

P.S. I dedicate this publication to my mom, dad, and sister - the people who were by my side every moment when I was ill. They encouraged me to push for recovery and they are the most supportive people I know. I love you guys! Thank you for bringing me this far - this post is dedicated to you, the people who loved me no matter what and strengthened me along recovery. I wish all caregivers for people with ED were like you!

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