Friday, 25 January 2013

Resolutions at NEDIC!

I am blessed to say that NEDIC has published yet another one of my pieces. Please take a look at it - I find it to be very approrpriate for the time we are in.

I hope all is well with all of you! I read all of the comments and am so blessed to have all of you! God bless you all.


  1. I just finished reading it and it is very interesting .
    You are very articulate and you are using the words and sentensnes to impress your readers and add to their knowledge.
    Keep up the good job

    The thankful mother

  2. WOW
    Millions of Congratulations
    Very very good blog


  3. Very good
    The sky is the limit


  4. I am very proud of your success and I attribute this to benifits of complete recovery


  5. Your achievement is not without notice.
    Excellent job


  6. My best congratulations


  7. My resolution is to make sure I feel happy and proud of my self.
    That is all


  8. You are way too good


  9. Hi Marina
    I am Anne again and I am very happy and very proud that you are as my leader and my guide is doing great job.
    Your blog and NEDIC blog botha are well written and you are like a pro.
    I am doing well and I promise I will continue to do all what I can to make ED history in the past.
    This is my resolution is weeding out ED,love my body and my self image ,respect and listen to my body needs and up my self esteem.I deserve

  10. As all of your commentators ,I send you a bouquet of flower to express my heartfilled congratulation.

    Recoveerd ED victim

  11. Your advice is so reassuring and inspirational so I've gone through pretty much all your blog and favourited loads that reassure me and have helped me through bad times. I'm not recovered yet but you're an inspiration to me, so I wanted to say a big massive thankyou and GOOD LUCK. I believe you will crack it ☺xxx

  12. I am so impressed by your NEDIC articles as much as I am impressed with your own blog.
    What a wonderful person and a talented writer you are .
    Keep up the phenomenoal job.


  13. Having a resolution is something that can motivate us and help us to commit.
    My best resolution is commit taking care of my health and my family

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Miss

  14. I agree with all of the reader that you are a good writer and NEDIC is blessed by your writings

    May God bless you
    Sunday Priest

  15. It is a honour to both NEDIC and yourself to co-operate witheach other.
    Your writing setting an example of conquering the Monster ED and helping NEDIC's readers and you are showing you skills in writing and knowledge as skilled nurse


  16. My congratulation for well written blog in the new year.
    I have a hope and wish and this my resolution to be hopeful that ED one day with be obsolete,vanished and become history.
    With your blog ,NEDIC and all of us raising the awareness ,we can prevent
    I admire your motivation and altruism


  17. You are full of blessing and you actions and behaviours tell us how good nature you are.
    Keep up the good job and enjoy all the blessings you earned or bestowed upon you.


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