Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back to routine...

There's something I hate about getting back from the holidays. It's the fact that I know that now the real work begins - no more relaxing or doing nothing.

Now that the break is over, school begins. The work starts accumulating. The tests and assignments are listed. The stress comes along. The sleepless nights ensue. The rushing and lack of time is upon us. It's crazy!

The fact is, school is fun. I enjoy it, but it's when it gets stressful that I hate it. It makes me feel trapped and worried. I get caught up in all my work, so I feel stressed. I wish there was a balance between all this.

Part of me accepts that this is my job. I have to study and work to get my degree. But the other part of me feels that the break went by too quickly. And I don't quite feel ready to get into 'work' mode again! Sometimes, I feel hopeless. Like today.

I had a long day today. I had to wake up super early to get to my clinical placement, and I spent the whole day there. It was a tiresome experience. I enjoyed it, and I got really excited to see all the awesome things that the hospital had to offer....but I was nevertheless tired. And this made me miserable. I came home, broke down, and cried. I felt hopeless. I felt tired, frustrated, and sad. I don't know what happened - I just burst. Thankfully, my mom and sister calmed me down (thanks guys! I love you!).

This got me thinking: what on earth happened to make me feel this way? Sure, I had a hard day. But I have been through worse experiences...so why did this make me feel so angry and sad? I think it was just the stres starting to acculumate. I felt as though this year would be so ovcrwhelming. The workload (from my schedule) just looked too much. I doubted my ability to do it. And as I am writing this, I still do not feel great. I am worried about the stress that I will go through. I am scared that I will not be able to do it all. I am already dreading the stress and frustration that will occur.

It'll take time to get used to it. This is my job. It's what I do, and I love it. Maybe I just need to find a way to make it less stressful - perhaps not to freak out over every assignment or test. But this too will take time to get used to. Practice makes perfect! And maybe I am thinking too far ahead. Perhaps I need to take it a bit slower, one day at a time. But I am not the type of person who is good at this particular task. Sometimes I can cope, others I cannot. And today, I feel 'down'. I am probably just ovwerhelmed. I need to find ways to bring my mood up, to de-stress.

I'll likely end up getting through this. I will just sit with my family, read a good book, play on my phone, and watch a good movie. That will help....I hope.

So...does anyone have any 'stress relieving tips'? Please share!


  1. I had very much similar experience on Monday and I had to leave my school and go home in tears.I think you and me feel We may not be able to keep up our high standard.
    My therapist called me and comforted me and made me aware that I was thinking and worried too much and so felt stressed .I took yesterday off my school and did all the relaxation techniques as music ,drawing,breathing and reading my good lovely books.
    When I read your blog today ,I felt I am not alone ,We all go through this.

  2. I working 6 days a week and I book massage therapy once I feel stressed and it does work and my work insurance cover.
    Please have massage thearpy

  3. What really comforts me and take my stress away ius talking to my parents and I open up and tell them all my fears and my worries

  4. Bleieve it or not
    I self soothe myself

  5. I go to the gym and then come come and relax

  6. Massage is my favourite relaxation

  7. I think what made you feel overwhelmed is your worry and fear that you may not be able to keep high score while maintaining your hard work of recovery.
    I went through this myself many years and now I can come to conclude that only thing making sense to me is feeling well and my recovery and my heath is the most important achievement that I value .
    If I were you,I would feel happy and proud of my self by just being able to defeat serious disease and go to my school and just watch
    Do you know that you have the right to be exemted from assignments,attendance,shifts and be given extratime and frequent breaks
    All what you need is ask your doc to give you a note
    Please be easy on your self
    Recovered ED victim

  8. The hardest day is the first day.
    I always make sure have some fun after my stressful day
    I try not let any thing take away from my happiness being able to go my school and do my work even if half done


  9. Myself I learnt not to let my work now and my school before stress me out,I just do the best I can and leave the rest and results in God's hand.
    When I feel stressed ,my comfort is reading the Bible and have my parents give me a hug( I am still their little baby)


  10. Because I study to be in politics ,I do not let any thing stress me ,whether too much to study,demanding professor or a prof with an attitude or a colleague with an attitude all to me nothing
    I do not bother Politics
    My comfort if I feel need some comfort is writing !! and talking even I pretend I am giving a speach to public !!



  11. Hi Marina
    I had the same feeling last week after my long vacction back home.I think it is just We were worried about maintaining our high score and meeting all the objective and handing out assignment on time .
    Later on same day ,I sat with myself and refect on my wellbeing and sooner started my postive thinkning and I was successful to dispel any negative or worrying thoughts and I was back to my normal self ,doing little bit at a time and putting my happy mood ,hopeful attitude and my wellbeing as top priority
    All those do work
    In my experinece and my psycholoy study endorse this to me and to my Dad(has had severe depression) that I achieve more when I am happy and relaxed

    If I can do that ,I am sure you can do same too and even more .I believe you are talented Marina and you enjoy a set of skills that hard to see in one person

    With my humble respect


  12. I am a therapist in To and I do hear this from my patients who are students.
    I completely agree with all of the above .
    I endorse positive thinking and doing a little is wau better than doing nothing .
    Please spoil yourself

    Kelly W


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