Positive Affirmations and Emotions

A positive affirmation is a statement that gives someone strength, peace, comfort, or a sense of control and power. Simply put, they are things we can say to ourselves to makes us feel good, or help us in times of trouble. I'm not suggesting that you say these out loud to yourself, although you can. But usually what I do is repeat some of these in my head when I feel overwhelmed. I've listed some of my favourite or most-used ones. You may have your own - use those as well! The point of these affirmations is to help us feel strong in times of weakness or despair. They truly help, but it ttakes practice. Sometimes, you might not even have the ability to believe what you are saying. But at other times, you can really think about what the affirmation says, and it can help a lot. They can also help you focus on what is happening, why, and what you can do about it.

1) When you feel angry
-anger is a normal human emtion
-I am angry and that is okay. But why am I angry? Should I be angry? What happened?
-am I angry with myself, with someone else, or because of something that happened?
-is there a solution to this problem?
-have I hurt someone because of my anger? Can I do something to fix this?
-how can I calm myself down? Take a walk, drink something, take deep breathes, etc...?

2) When you are sad
-why am I sad? Did something hurt me physically or emotionally?
-do I feel hopeless?
-can I find ANYTHING good in the situation?
-is there someone I can talk to? Do I feel misunderstood?
-am I lonely? Do I just want someone to be there for me, or to tell me that everything will be okay?
-I might feel sad now, but things do get better. They always do. It might not be easy, but I need to look for a solution. What can I do about this?
-Are there any positive things about this situation? Did I learn something new?

3) When you are stressed
-what is happening? Why does this make me feel stressed?
-how do I know that I am stressed? Do I feel hot, tense, sweaty, etc.? Is my heart beating fast? Do I feel dizzy or want to throw up?
-Is there anything I can do to take some stress away? Can I use any relaxation techniques?
-I feel stressed and that is okay. We all get overwhelmed. But the longer I feel stressed, the harder it will become. I need to think of ways to help myself, or to make the situation better.
-Life is hectic, and we all get frustrated. I am not different. But I also know that I can handle tough situations.
-Try to remember a difficult time before and how you handled it. Can you do the same thing now?

And there are other emotions as well, but I am sure you get the general idea. Reorient yourself and try to take control over how you feel. Remind yourself that emotions are normal and human, but you should also try to think of ways to make yourself better. Find ways to express your emotions, though - this is very important. Sometimes, we do not always want solutions. Expressing our feelings is all we need. That is okay, because solutions can come later. Find ways to help yourself, or seek others to help you. Emotions become easier to handle and experience when you acknowledge your right to emotions, and you also feel better knowing that you CAN overcome this situation.

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