Friday, 28 February 2014

What to believe?

Where do you get your information from? The internet? Others? Celebrities? News? Books? Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers? What kind of information do you seek from these sources? It is not uncommon for us to seek information on medications, lifestyle advice, nutrition, exercise, signs and symptoms, etc online. We might not have time to ask our healthcare providers, or we may not remember to ask. We also may feel intimidated to ask certain questions, so we feel that the internet will provide us with a 'safe' and comfortable way of getting information.

And that is not always bad. There are some great websites that provide great health information. But how do you know when what you are reading is true and reliable? For example, let's assume that you are looking online for information on whether or not drinking milk causes cancer. If you type this into google, you will more than likely find many different websites with information about this topic. Which information should you believe? How do you know what is true and reliable?

There are many ways to evaluate ways to determine if information is reliable and if you should believe it or not. First, you should try to stick with sites that are operated by medical organizations that are certified; for example, Canadian Diabetes Association or the Canadian Cancer Society. Great websites like PubMed are also useful, although these are usually tailored to healthcare professionals or individuals who understand research and medical terminology.

Next, look for sources of information. Where did the author get their information from? Did the person cite references, such as the studies that he or she used to write their article? This should be included whenever possible, so that readers can see the information themselves and evaluate what the research found without any bias. But remember, citing sources and studies is not always a reliable indicator. Some studies may not be conducted well, and they may report false conclusions. Go to this site: Sure, the author is apparently a 'Dr'. But there are so many grammatical errors on the page, and there aren't any sources for where the author got the information from. Also, there is no evidence of an in-depth discussion of the issue. All we can see is why we should not drink milk - but there isn't evidence of WHY or HOW milk causes cancer, what benefits milk has for us, etc. In summary, this website is NOT trustworthy - at least, the information and the way it is stated here isn't something you would use as your only source of knowledge. There isn't enough proof on the site to make you believe that what they are saying is true.

What about this article? First, this article contains many references, and if you were to go to each reference, you could see that they were many individual studies - some of them reliable, others not. However, the article DOES tell us WHY milk may be associated with prostate cancer, but it also tells us that this is not a direct cause. So, some people who drank milk also had prostate cancer, but this does not mean that milk CAUSES cancer. The article also states that more evidence is required to determine if milk causes cancer, or if there is something else we are missing here. Also, the article does not tell us, in the end, to avoid all milk consumption. It simply states that more research is needed, and that milk may be related to cancer. This does not mean that we all need to stop  drinking is simply an observation. For example, drinking too much water can cause death. Should we all stop drinking water? No. Again, moderation is often the best way to go.

So, when you are searching for advice, remember what I just talked about. Also, don't make any decisions without consulting your healthcare team and confirming that what you heard or read is true. Do not be a follower od advice without knowing whether or not it is true, reliable, and trustworthy!


  1. I had enough from what is written on the net and so even I have been fully recovered without any relapse for 7 years .I still like vist your blog as well searched and credible

  2. People got to believe those who use science ,critical appraisal and search credible literature .Your blog is one of the most credible one .
    No wonder ,you are a nurse and at Mac ,evidence base.


  3. Yes Marina
    One has to stop and think and evaluate and then draw conclusion that milk is the number nutrition to all of us.
    This study is misleading .
    I will advise every body to drink milk and eat dairy for health and as you said in moderations


    Kelly W

  4. My problem with internet is the so much false information. Any one can post any thing with no censorship or selection of what genuine and what false and harmful.


  5. Yes evaluate what your read before you take any action.
    You can not buy a book unless you trust ,right.?


  6. I wish when I start my career as a politician, I will regulate what is on the web .
    See how reliable and credible any thing you post !!


  7. Your readers trust and believe in you more than the net.


  8. Many do not know that 90% of what on the web is hoax.
    Your blog is credible.


  9. Who dares to say milk is not safe or can cause cancer. This is a crazy author


  10. We believe you and trust your blog but We can not believe most what is on the net.


  11. I will drink milk and enjoy not caring about incredible websites


  12. no doubt your blog is flawless and so We trust.


  13. I am 76 and my life long diet I take milk and dairy and no cancer .Milk protect from disease and from cancer.

    Sam Ibrahim

  14. Marina
    We know for sure how nutritious milk and dairy and how CFG recommendation re dairy product.
    I agree with you and I always advise my clients to look for credible sources of info.
    and I give them hand outs. I recommend you blog as a credible source .


  15. The internet is now like a flea market. People post what ever they have .


  16. If you do not believe this study, using all critical appraisal ,We will not believe it.


  17. We like your blog better than looking up ourselves


  18. There is lots of junk stuff on the net and you are right.
    This post is a prove of your credibility


  19. If We stop ,think, evaluate even if We are doctors or nurses, We could discern between credible and bogus websites and studies.


  20. When I was sick I had ED telling me and made me believe that all sorts of food are poison and I got to avoid all sorts of foods and drinks .
    Now I am drinking milk and eating dairy trying to catch up with what ED denied me for years.
    I choose this opportunity to thank God who guided me to know your blog and to help me go recovery and be alive and well.


    1. I want say exactly same as Anne and I would like choose any opportunity to thank God and Marina for my recovery


  21. Yes We all need to know what and where We get our information .


  22. I like the pictures and I agree with evaluation and appraisal before We read any article


  23. We trust and believe in your blog and what you are writing .


  24. We trust you blog because you prove to every body your words are credible


  25. I am very fan of your blog and I tell my Iraq companions about it.


  26. Your blog is priceless and trustworthy.


  27. I am not worried about this as I have you as a resource.


  28. I do not know how much milk used for this study. If people drink 5 L milk or water within one hour or 10 L daily for many months I can believe they will get sick ,not necessary cancer .
    Moderation is the key in healthy life.
    You work, eat ,exercise ,study and even love or hate in moderation to feel happy.


  29. We love milk and We do not want to say the God made food for babies and adults as well is causing cancer >I agree with you ,one has to evaluate what you read


  30. I can believe this only if tells me the study looked at those who were heavy milk consumers average 5 L daily for years .I read that milk alkali syndrome cause hypercalcemia and stones but only for very heavy milk drinker.


  31. Marina you are a GEM and so as your blog


  32. I trust your blog and that is why I read it


  33. You are doing all the work for us and we read you because we trust in you


  34. Sure We do believe in your blog and in yourself as you are knowledgeable and you know how to search and scour all credible sites and come up to your readers with the most important tips

    With my humble respect


  35. Marina blog is so unique because you doing great job on how to get your knowledge and information.

    Thanks Marina


  36. You are awesome in searching and giving eduacational tips.



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