Have you ever had one of 'those days' when you REALLY do not feel happy? It is as though everything is going wrong and nothing is going right. You know: you forgot to pay your bills so now you have to pay interest, your child is sick but you need to go to work, you are tired and do not want to get out of bed, and there are a million things that you need to get done but do not have the energy, motivation, or will-power to do any of them.

Well, I had one of those days yesterday. And what really helped me was writing reasons why I should smile instead of frown. Why I should be happy and thankful instead of being down and gloomy. Here are my thoughts - I hope they lighten up your day and fill you with peace and joy!....

Smile today because you are alive. Smile because you can see, hear, and walk. Smile because you woke up in a house and not the street. Smile because you have food to eat and need not starve. Smile because you have clothes and need not be cold.

Smile because although life is hard, these challenges make you stronger. Smile because although you have work, it keeps you busy and teaches you things. Smile because although you may argue with your family, you have one and they love you. Smile because although you struggle, you have the strength to face tribulations. Smile because although you may feel alone, God is always by your side. Smile because although you don't have hope, you know that God can do all things. Smile because although its hard now, you know that it will get better.
Smile because although money is tight, you can still buy your basic needs. Smile because although you have no motivation, you have people who love you. Smile because you have a cover at night to keep you warm. Smile because you have clean water to drink when you are thirsty. Smile because you have a school to go to or a job to work at. Smile because you have people to talk to. Smile because you are able to talk, think, sing, dance, and play. Smile because you are living.
Smile because you are created for a reason. Smile because although you may not yet know what this reason is, there is a bigger Power who DOES know and has a great plan for you. Smile because when you feel alone, God is there. Smile because you are actually never alone. Smile because there are trees and flowers that make the world beautiful. Smile because you are beautiful - simply because you were made by Someone who does not make mistakes. Smile because you are needed. Smile because you are loved and wanted and cherished by God, who loves you the same way no matter what.
Smile because although you feel sad, you know the One who gives eternal joy. Smile because although you are frustrated, you know the Healer who takes away the pain. Smile because although you may not be happy with your life now, you know that God is in control and knows what He is doing. Smile because although you may feel tired, you know that Almighty who gives strength. Smile today because although you have troubles, you know you have more blessings.

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