Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Summer plans

I'm done exams now, although I have summer school. I've been waiting for the summer for so long, considering that I didn't have much of a summer vacation last year. Last summer, I was in the hospital and did not have time to read, play, relax, or go out. This summer will be different. This summer, I plan on having fun!

Something that I've noticed about me is that keeping busy is important. I cannot stay at home one day and do nothing. I cannot stay in bed all day either. For one, this makes me feel lazy and it wastes time. It also gives me nothing to do, which means that there might be room for ED to taunt or tease me. This is why I like to keep busy. Thankfully, I have lots to do! I have books to read that I can't wait to start on! I also can't wait to have time to play board games, watch movies, and relax with family and friends. I'm a shopping addict, and I plan on shopping this summer as well! 

What makes this summer different is that I'm healthy and free from ED. I don't have to worry about being too weak to do anything because I'm eating my meals and I have enough energy. I don't have to be anxious about hiding food because I'm eating, just like everyone else. It feels great to look forward to a summer where ED won't bother me. Of course, ED WILL try to plague me. I know that he hates when I'm happy with recovery. He will make me feel fat and ugly. He will tell me that I'm a terrible person for eating regularly. But keeping busy helps me a lot. When I have something to do, I have no time to let ED bother me. Meal times no longer become horrific moments because I make sure that I'm eating while doing an activity - whatever that may be. 

This summer is going to be different. I won't worry about ED making my life terrible. This will be the first summer vacation in about seven years that I won't have to worry about finding ways to restrict. It will also be the first summer in a long time when I can go out and have the energy to do whatever I want - and not have to convince others that I "already hate". I will have actually eaten! I can't wait to spend my first summer free of ED. It's amazing to think how a year ago, I was so sick and never would have accepted eating anything at all. A year later, I'm feeding myself my meals, eating on time, healthy, and happy. A year makes a big difference. This, then, is another major benefit of recovery: being able to look forward to the summer and making fun plans, without worrying about ED wrecking everything. I'm very blessed. 


  1. Marina
    As you know I am a therapist and I love reading your post as I get hints to use them to counsell and support my clients and above all I learn from you about ED as ED is more common than We thought.
    I urge you you plan for more fun than work.
    Please try to have a summer vacaction that worth 5 vacctions as you deserve to make up for the time ED denied you all fun in life.
    Now please set an example of how to pamper ,please ,soothe ,comfort and perk up your self.

    I hope you have the best summer.

    Kelly W

  2. Go go go ,go Marina go .
    Vacation is the best time to build your energy and prepare you for the work to come.


  3. When you free from the controller and you are in control ,you will enjoy doing every thing you want without worrying .You will have fun this summer.
    Please go vacation and have the best summer


  4. I noted Mary forgot to keep tracks of benefits of complete recovery .
    I think she is excited same as me to hear that you are planning for a fun summer ,vacation planned for fun and happiness.
    I can not wait to hear from you after each fun time.
    You deserve Marina
    I can tell you since my recovery 6 years ago ,I have been enjoying every thing I do despite sometimes things can be stressful but I never forget how Ed robbed me by basic needs in life ,not only the fun, vacation

    Marina you deserve all the happiness and support.

    Recovered ED victim

  5. I wish you enjoy the best and remarkable vacation and you have lots of fun


  6. Go Marina go
    Go to where you like and enjoy the best of it.


    You deserve a good one


  8. I wish you enjoy the best summer


  9. What is better than being in control,doing things you want and you love ,teasing your enemy .He will declare defeat as you declaring victory.
    WOW really WOW


  10. Why do not have a plan for vacation 1 week soon and one week later and some weeks ends away ,some days shopping and getting good movies and intertaining boxes.
    It is your opportunity to fee you doing things you enjoy.
    As far as I know ,you are unique in defeating ED for ever.
    You made your recovery by yourself.
    I(from what I read in your blog and I have no doubt in its credibility) do not give any credit to any doctor or program for your recovery.
    Your recovery made by you ,blessed by God.

    People who read this blog can make that same choice with your support and guidance

    Let me thank you.


  11. Marina
    Did you family and friends celebtrate the huge success you have made??
    If not ask for a big party or big gift or shopping spree only for you .
    You deserve big girl

    Sandra D

  12. I wish you the best summer vacation Marina


  13. Enjoy the best summer ever


  14. What on earth better than recovery,vacation and fun.
    You worked hard ,you need the fun


  15. I am excited to hear you are planning fun for yourself.
    To me this the real recovery.
    I do not expect ED to bother you any more as ED now has no role in your life .
    I feel you are now in control and have the upper hand and you and only you have the say what to do and not to do.
    ED has no say in your life.
    I think ED has to leave our world and our life.
    Thanks to you Marina this can happen.
    I am following your path and I hope next summer I will plan my fun.


  16. feeling free from ED influence making you feel happy,free to make any decision and in complete control.
    This summer will be different for sure for you and me and Anne and many others in recovery ,thanks to you Marina


  17. I going to D R for 1 week in june ,see you there !!


  18. I am happy for you
    Can you invite me ?
    Just kidding


  19. Good for you and your family to have fun after last year ordeal.
    Sun will shine in your life from now on


  20. I have been impressed with your determination to make a difference inyour and others's life.
    I am originally from Jordan and has had Ed since I was 11 but never been diagnosed till I immigrated to Ca
    Keep up


  21. Kudos to you Marina for making a difference ,not only in your life and future but in others's too.
    Thank you


  22. Enjoy the best of the vacation


  23. Happiness is contagious.You are making me happy and I hope some one sponsor me for vacation.


  24. Enjoy the summer Marina


  25. I am happy that the change you have made is extending to the fun aspect of it .This is the best sign of complete recovery.
    I am making notes from your blog so that I will advise my clients when I am able to strat counselling as a carrier.I am going for it.

    With my humble respect ,please enjoy your summer


  26. For sure you are blessed and protected by the Al Mighty.
    God may give you peace ,happiness adn success .

    Sunday Priest

  27. Enjoying your summer not only help your body,perk up your spirit but can help you to continue your performance for next year.


  28. I wish you have a good summer


  29. You deserve the best one


  30. Way to go
    have lots of fun


  31. I hope you you have fun


  32. I am from Cuba.
    Please vist Cuba,you will have lots of fun.


    1. I think Marina may enjoy better if visit Jamaica .


  33. Whatever place you choose to go,please have fun and take care of your self


  34. If you have done a good job in recovery ,you deserve all the blessings and all the fun.
    Thanks for helping others



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