Saturday, 18 May 2013

Disney's reply...

Do you remember a few months back, when I posted about how Disney was going to change some of the characters to look 'thinner and more attractive'? You might also remember that I started a petition on this site, and many people signed it. Well, I sent this to Disney a while ago, but I just got a reply now.

'Dear valued visitor and fan,
Thank you for your concern and interest in Disney's products and media relations. We appreciate your strong devotion and love for our original characters. Due to the review we got from the public regarding this new characters, we have decided to remove them and keep the orignal characters in all their Disney states. We hope you continue to love Disney and get satisfation at all our products and services. Once again, we would like to thank you and orhers who signed your petition. This loyalty is heart-warming.

The team at Walt Disney'

YAY!!! We did it! I'm not saying that Disney decided to keep the original characters JUST because of the petition that we put otgether on this site, but I know that this made a difference! This is truly something amazing because it shows us just how much we can do if we work together. By signing this petition and voicing our concerns, we truly showed others that we value original beauty and satisfaction, and that distorting images is NOT okay!

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, who supports me here, and who reads and comments on the blog. I am overwhelemed by the amount of love, support, and honesty that this place has for many readers, as well as for myself. This is a perfect example of how we can make a difference.

So, it is possible. The world is a tough place, and it might seem as though small actions will not make a difference. Sometimes, they will not make an OBVIOUS difference. But this is an example of what happens when many people with the same beliefs and values work together - we can change the world. And to ED, we ARE decreasing his power over victims and his intent to capture more slaves. We are defeating ED, one bite at a time.


  1. Congratualtions Marina


  2. Your blog played a major a role .


  3. It is who did it ..
    I can not believe
    You are amazing Marina
    That is the benifit of recovery


  4. Congrat Marina
    Your hard work paid off.
    You plea was so strong and they had to listen


  5. WOW Marina


  6. My congrat Marina
    Good work


  7. I can not believe this happened.
    Good job


  8. You must be kidding..


  9. I give you a lot of credit and I extend my congratulations ..


  10. Is it true that you were actually overweight when you were younger or were the bullies just being mean. If you were overweight why do you think it was genetics, too many calories consumed, not enough activity. What is the best course of action of you become overweigh again ? consult with you medical team ? are you allowed to exercise as of right now as part of your recovery plan ? i heard that anorexia / ED messes up your metabolism so you are prone to becoming heavy even with proper calorie consumption. like with a history of ED would you be forbidden from going on any kind of diet in the future say low carb or south beach.

    Sorry for the million questions, but i am working toward recovery right now. I have a diagnosis of EDNOS . I am also hypothyroid and have celiac


    1. Hi Karen and welcome. I was actually overweight, yes, but this was during puberty, so it was not a good time to think about weight. Had I waited a bit longer, I think my body would have evened out. I am not sure if it is genetics, I think it was my lfiestye in general.
      In regards to now, I am cleared to excercise, but this is because this was never an issue with ED and me. This is after a long time of no activity and lots of weight gain. While ED does mess up wit hthe metabolism, the body is well adapted and can adjust if it has recovered for enough tiem. This is soemthing your medical team needs to discuss with you. I am not forbidden to diet by anyone - this is a personal choice; nevertheless it is MY choice never to diet again because I know that ED can sneak in again anytime; also, diets truly do not work as healthy lifestyles with moderation are always better and healthier.
      I am sorry you are fighting. It is so hard. Let us know how we can help or support you. God bless you. And don't let ED win - he is a mean, harsh bully who wants to see you fail. Do not give him that satisfaction.

    2. First Marina
      I am thrilled with the reply from Disney Team and I strongly believe that your petition signed by all of us made a big difference .
      I am also very impressed with your reply to Karen and your warm welcome to her.
      Yes Moderation is the way to go and looking at balanced healthy life is our goal.
      For Karen I would err on the side of caution as ED may sway her to the negative.

      This all your blog about Marina is like health club. We vent our feeling and we share our experiences and you have the knowledge and experience .
      Thanks Marina and Karen
      We together will fight off and finish off ED.



  11. My daughter ended up back in hospital for 5 weeks during March and April...she stopped eating altogether which was a new issue...was tube fed and gained 7kgs, but still had nothing to eat...she was discharged, and refused to eat at home, losing the 7kgs she gained so landed herself back in hospital 4 weeks later...she has been in for 4 weeks and had an overdose 2 weeks ago, she was stockpiling her Seroquel, Lamictal and Lexapro, needing charcoal and the toxicology team from another hospital...there is talk of discharge next week but I'm a tad sceptical and worried because she still hasn't eaten anything...but from a medical point of view she is stable....she is only 14 and has anorexia since age 11....I feel like she has been put into the too hard basket as she refuses to go on the program, because she refuses to eat...she now weighs 36 kgs...


    1. Hi Betty, and welcome. I am so sorry that your daughter is fighting this mental illness and that she is ill. As her mom, I think that you have a big role to play in her recovery. Perhaps she is not ready to be discharged yet, especially if she is not eating at home. I understand that medically she is stable. If she comes home, you need to be sure that she will eat and get well. If she cannot help herself, you need to do this in the meantime. She is also very thin and needs food. If she gets discharged, here are a few tips to get you started:
      1) Let her know that she needs to eat. It is not an option. If she will not eat at hone, arrange for her to be taken to the ER for help. Healthy people eat; sick people do not. I know this sounds cruel, but it is for her own good. If she cannot eat at home, she might pass out at any second. Let her know that you lvoe her, and this is why you are doing this. SHe might say that she hates you, but she does not. She will be scared and riht now, she cannot take control over ED. This is why you need to do it for her.
      2) Make her food. Follow her hospital meal plan or make your own, but she needs to eat. Prepare her meals and sit with her to eat them. They need to be compelted. Some days will be harder than others, but she must understand that no food = no life. If she is too sick that she cannot eat, she is also too sick to play, watch TV, etc.
      3) If you can get any help, get it. Are you married or have a partner that can help with the fight of ED? Can someone help you cook or clean? Can someone support you during this time?
      Please come back and let us know how you are doing, and if you need any help or support. God bless you. You are a strong mom and can do this. ED does not stand a chance

    2. I agree with you Marina., she needs to eat 1 meal every 3 hours .Even with hard push and struggle ,she needs to eat to build up her body and take over control from ED who wants her to starve till death.
      Betty ,remember when somebody is sick ,is not able to make the right decision or choice .You have no options to leave her alone .Let her medical team support one plan>>>>>>>> Eating to restore the body and be able to see the truth and be in control away from the control of ED.
      Please get support for yourself Betty as the work to come for you is too much in order to succeed.
      From my experience Marina and her blog have been very helpful is sending message of hope that We all can defeat ED if We put our mind to it and if we make this our choice and our goal not only our wish or dream.

      I pray for you.


    3. Yes Marina
      We really need to support Betty at least praying for her and reply to her questions and concerns
      I like your message to her when you emphasized the need for food to live .Also you made it clear that her daughter now under the control of ED and so she will see ,believe and think in the same way that ED wants and she is not free now to make her own choices or decisions.
      I also agree with You and Nanaraj that once Betty's daughter take the lead and control from ED ,she will make her own choice and help herself to recovery with the support of mother, family ,health care team and our blog led by Marina


  12. For sure you petition made a difference .Many people signed your petition and as you said when people united ,they are stronger.
    You and your readers are much mor stronger than ED voice or control.
    A applaud you..

    Sandra D

  13. I have no doubt that your petition influenced the decision maker to make the right decison.

    You and your reader have a strong voice
    I appreciate the effort to help victims of ED ,bullying ,addictions and menntal heaeth.
    Marina you are unique person.

    Shiela Kitson

  14. I command you for this reply from Desney.


  15. Excellent Job Marina


  16. Wonderful job Marina


  17. I am proud of you




  19. Congratulations.
    You know you can do a lot of things if you put your mind to it.


  20. I am very proud of you Marina


  21. You are the best.


  22. I bet your petition made the difference


  23. This is a huge achievement Marina.
    You know every little bit helps and every little task can make a difference.You wrote the petition ,readers agreed and just signed.You know it will not take a lot from you to sign a petition but many signatures together made it real.
    Believe me I thought Desney will go with flow and will not retreat for business sake.
    LLet me great you and also Desney Team for keeping the value up and above any profits.

    Medical student

  24. Marina
    I had complete trust that your petition will get a listening ear from Walt Disney


  25. Thank you to everyone here! We all did it together! God bless all of you!

  26. It is wonderful to know that victims and their families are trying to get any help.Despite the devastating impact of the Ed ,still people try to escape and find an exit from its chains.This blog for sure is for those to ask questions and get support.
    Karen and Betty please continue to read this blog and do not hesitate to ask Marina SPECIFIC questions as she has the knowledges that is up to date and also she suffered herself and she knows what suffering means.
    I great you Marina


  27. I like the advise you gave to Betty .
    Eat ,eat and eat.
    You are right Marina
    Grass neeeds nutrition,trees needs fertilizers,birds fly miles looking for food and cars can not run without gas.
    We,human need food for life .
    Please help people to get rid of the most verrocious enemy to human existence ED.

    Sorry if I am emotional
    Keep helping people Marina
    I have a son who struggled for 10 years and I am blessed he has been o k for the last 5 years.



    1. Hello and welcome! I'm sorry your son suffered buy I'm glad he is better! God bless all of you. Thanks for being so strong and wonderful!


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