Disney's reply...

Do you remember a few months back, when I posted about how Disney was going to change some of the characters to look 'thinner and more attractive'? You might also remember that I started a petition on this site, and many people signed it. Well, I sent this to Disney a while ago, but I just got a reply now.

'Dear valued visitor and fan,
Thank you for your concern and interest in Disney's products and media relations. We appreciate your strong devotion and love for our original characters. Due to the review we got from the public regarding this new characters, we have decided to remove them and keep the orignal characters in all their Disney states. We hope you continue to love Disney and get satisfation at all our products and services. Once again, we would like to thank you and orhers who signed your petition. This loyalty is heart-warming.

The team at Walt Disney'

YAY!!! We did it! I'm not saying that Disney decided to keep the original characters JUST because of the petition that we put otgether on this site, but I know that this made a difference! This is truly something amazing because it shows us just how much we can do if we work together. By signing this petition and voicing our concerns, we truly showed others that we value original beauty and satisfaction, and that distorting images is NOT okay!

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, who supports me here, and who reads and comments on the blog. I am overwhelemed by the amount of love, support, and honesty that this place has for many readers, as well as for myself. This is a perfect example of how we can make a difference.

So, it is possible. The world is a tough place, and it might seem as though small actions will not make a difference. Sometimes, they will not make an OBVIOUS difference. But this is an example of what happens when many people with the same beliefs and values work together - we can change the world. And to ED, we ARE decreasing his power over victims and his intent to capture more slaves. We are defeating ED, one bite at a time.

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