Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Magazines and media

I watch TV and read maagzines. Who doesn't? The common thing I see these days are 'WOW! Beyonce shows off her hot body on the beach' or 'Jennifer Anniston loses fourty pounds and wows'. Then there things like 'Why did Katy Perry gain weight?'' or 'Kate Middleton packs on the pounds'.

Needless to say, this annoys the life out of me. The media (including magazines, radio, TV, or whatever) is so focussed on people's bodies and how they look. Beyonce lost weight and looks thin? So what? Why is that worthy of news? I mean, that is great for her. But I don't care. Kate Middleton gained weight? So? She still looks healthy to me. And even if she DID gain weight and became a little overweight, why must the world know? Who cares? It is her body and her life. I honestly could not care more about who lost and gained weight.

Maybe this is because of my experience with ED. The obsession with my body and weight made me realize that the world is too focussed on these things. What is saddening is that people (ex. the media) uses this stuff as 'news' and to attract our attention. Honestly, I am sick of seeing stories about celebrities and weight loss/gain. It is not news-worthy. And it is these stories that reinforce our soceity's beleifs about weight, food, and our bodies. For someone struggling with ED, this can make it worse. Everyone around them tries to say 'do not worry about your weight! No one cares!' - but then everywhere this person looks, everyone is talking about weight. This makes it hard to recover, to get better, and to seek help. For someone without ED - and for me in recovery - this just make me disgusted. Is our world so void of anything interesting that we have to write about people's bodies and their weights? Really? You have nothing better to talk about?

The focus on weight and bodies is just too much. Celebrities are often (not surprsingly) hit with eating disorders because of all the pressure to lose weight, to look good, etc. The media definitely does not help.

When someone gains weight, the news is all over the person. Why did they gain? Are they lacking control over themselves? Are they emotionally eating? Are they PREGANNT? If they lost weight, the same happens. Why did they lose? Do they have ED? HOW did they lose the weight? What is the golden secret? How can YOU lose weight just like they did? Who is their cook and trainer?! How much did it cost? How long did it take? How can you do this at home with the same resutls?!

I'm not saying our bodies are not important. They are. And we should take care of them. We should eat in moderation, happily and in a healthy. But the media does not need to let us know everytime a celebrity gains or loses weight. And this really does not matter. Bodies are not meant to be bought and sold on an open market. News should not tell us about who gained how much and how XXX lost this many pounds. It is simply not appropriate. And it is not healthy.

Here's a challenge for you. The next time you go out to a store or mall, look at the first magazine you see. What is the cover about? The stories inside? Is there talk of someone losing or gaining weight? Or something about how 'hot' or 'chubby' this person looks? I guarantee you will see something about this. It just goes to show that the world, unforuantely, has come to put so much attention on weight and our bodies that it fails to realize how deterimental this is.


  1. Media is after the fans.
    Those public figures are under the microscope and radar of all media .Even their pees and poops are monitored!!!(sorry.)
    People can pay a fortune to get a glimpse from one of them.
    Their old nasty smelly shoes can be sold for millions.
    By contrast University professors ,scientists and researchers are given blind eyes and deaf ears by media


  2. I think Media do not care about others.
    Media may go with the flow to make business and so ignores the needs of others.
    Media is unfair to many.
    Media have no loyalty to readers ,values or missions


  3. I am not frustrated or disappointed from the media and magazines as I come to realize that this is their business.
    To be honest with you I read them out of curiosity but I do not take any learning from them.
    I feel the negative in TV and media and magazines can outweigh any positives specially for those who are young, less experienced or vulnerable and so I encourage my young grandkids from using them and I encourage my kids as well my wife to counsel them re which websites they can visit and which not etc

    I am old man .I admit .Forgive me Marina

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Mississauga

  4. Marina
    You are right about media
    I learnt a lot about how to hold all my reactions and judgments and my replies at least several minutes if not more before I react to news or reply to questions.
    I was told the immediate reaction and response is emotional and if I wait at least few minute ,I could analyse and risk assess and look at benefits and risks and I may come up with answer ,decision or reply that more or less rational based on facts and not based on emotional response

    I am reading all magazines and I hold my reaction and then I say just news ,business


  5. For sure media have their own agenda that is very much different than ours and to rest on the safe side ,I do believe we be selective readers and use our discretions.
    Their are many options in this world and We just have make our choice and tolerate other's way of life ,thinking and behaviours as long as not affecting others .
    I hear you when you say media impacts negatively on people with ED and their families .
    This is right.

    That is life


  6. Even though you were not athletic as a child what’s your favourite sport?

    1. Hi Ashley. I love to play all kinds of sports! Especially badminton, basketball, and soccer!

  7. You can watch and see how the media going frenzy and crazy chasing Mayer Ford and Duffy ?
    I do not think this is personal but I do believe it is their job.
    So same with what media about.
    I agree with you We use our discretion.


  8. Marina
    Yesterday Oprah W said to new grad expect failure in life and learn from your mistakes dadada..I like this and I am trying .
    I am asking her why don't you tell your self and all your media to do same thing !!!
    Have a good Friday Marina



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