It is funny how we often get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget how blessed we are. Sometimes, we (I'm definitely on the top of this list) forget all fo the postiives in our lives and focus on the negatives.

But taking the time to see the great things about life is one of the most humbling experiences I have had. Among all the crazy work that I have to do, I was blessed to have an amazing weekend with my family. We did not go anywhere or do anything special...but I still felt how blessed and lucky I am.

First, I am lucky to be alive. I am proof that people can recover from ED and live a healthy and happy life afterwards. Next, I am lucky to have a school and an education. I am blessed that God has given me the ability to learn, to see, to hear, to taste, to speak, etc. I am living my life once again, free from ED. This is a milestone that I can never forget.

Then, I have so many people who love and support me. I have an awesome family who takes extra special care of me. I have friends at school who watch out for me, who help me with work, etc. I have teachers who understand me and motivate me to achieve my best potentional. I have a faith community that strengthens me and builds my character. I have an education that will take me to many great places and give me the chance to help others. I have my blog that is being read around the world. I have the NEDIC website that provides me with the chance to reach out to others and to make a difference.

But in times of trouble, I forget about all this. I start to think about only the problems at hand, and I feel so hopeless. I feel that there is nothing good about my life - even though deep down, I KNOW there is a lot to be happy about.

So, the solution? I'm starting to write little notes about what I am thankful for. It could be anything from 'today God made it sunny so the drive to school was clean and safe' to something bigger like 'I got a good mark in a class'. It could even be that today I woke up healthy and alive. Or that I am lucky to have food on my plate, a roof over my head, clothes on my body, and a heart that beats. Anything.

When times are rough, I am going to take a look at this list. I am going to realize that everyday, I was blessed. God was with me everyday. I have a good life. Just because it is not always smooth-sailing, it does not mean that life 'sucks'.

So I'll start with today: today, God blesed me with friends who took notes for me when I was late for lecture. Sounds simple, right? But it is truly a blessing! Yesterday, the sun wasa shining and made me feel so warm and cozy as I sat in my home.

What are YOU thankful for today?

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