Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blog Nominated!!!

2013 Canadian Weblog Awards nomineeI could not believe my eyes when I received the email saying that my blog - this website - has been nomiated for a Blog Award (2013) under the 3 categories of Activism/Social Justice, Life, and Health/Wellness. (See for details)

WOW! I am so blessed. This is such a HUGE acheivement - I love writing on my blog and I feel tears many days as I read the love, support, and encouargment of all my wonderful readers and their comments.

I started this blog a little less than a year ago after experiencing a life-chaning experience from my illness - anorexia nervosa. I never thought that one day, it would be featured on international organizations such as FEAST amd NEDIC - and now it is nominated for an award!

At this point, I am just thrilled. Winning would mean so much to me, but just being nominated is an amazing achievement. I am - for once - speechless. The awards will be announced in December, and it not a 'voting' award - there are judges who judge the blog based on criteria. But nevertheless, I am excited. Whether or not I win, I am SO blessed and honoured for this recognition.

I want to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who has helped me thus far. I am so thankful for my faith community and to my God who has been by my side always. I also need to thank my family members - the most loving people in my life. They brought me through the hardest times during my illness, and they keep supporting me throughout my recovery. And I cannot forget about  my friends and everyone who reads this blog, comments, and reccomends it to others. Each of you is truly a blessing and I sincerely believe that I would not have made it this far without all of you. God bless each of you. Keep coming and reading this space, keep smiling and staying happy, and know how special and important you are.

Once again, THANK YOU. I am honoured and humbled that my blog has received this amount of recognition. WOW. To anyone suffering from ED or to anyone who feels sad, frustrated, hopeless, or angry (and we ALL feel this way sometimes!), this is proof that when you have a strong support network, hope, and faith, you can accomplish anything you want to. Last April (2012) I was in the ICU, dying because of anorexia. Today, March 2013, I am healthy, recovering from ED, my blog has helped many, and now my work nominated for an award.


  1. I am also very thrilled and I do believe you are very deserving to this award as you are realling making a difference.
    I do not know you but your blog waking me up ,motivating me and give me a hope of good health and life.
    You are my leader and supporter and I will follow your lead.
    I am very happy ,I am joining your blog.


  2. I hope you win.
    You deserve a giant honor.


  3. Having your name nominated is a big event that you really feel proud and blessed.
    Keep swimming girl


  4. It is my first time to leave a comment but I read your blog weekly.
    You deserve


  5. Fantastic.
    My friend is a regular reader of your blog and she just told me today.
    I believe you are up to the big reward


  6. Knowing you for more than 6 months through this very informative and resepcted blog,if I were the one who has final say ,I would give you the reward

    My heartfilled congratulations.

    Welland ,on

  7. Congratulations


  8. Your blog is the most respected and it worth the honor


  9. I hope you win .You have been a very strong and enthusiatic social activist.You advocate for fairness and justice .You defend those who suffers any illness especailly mental health and in particularly ED.
    You speak up about wrong messages in the media.
    You raise the awareness about ED and you helping those who ask for help and your blog is a hope for those who suffer.
    You are a real wittness for those who at certain moment in life they suffered any agony that they can recover and pursue normal happy and successful life.
    My best wishes for you to win and for now ,my congratulations .

    Recovered ED victim for 6 years

  10. Congratulations.
    You are a winner in my heart ,soul and mind.
    You are the one who helped me to see my problem and to dismiss the thoughts od Ed >I was believing the thoughts of ED thinking that I had mild ED that is not bothering me ,etc till you helped me to dismiss the negative thoughts and I became aware that they were thoughts ,not facts.
    Now ,thanks to you ,I am recovering and progressing well and started to reap the fruits of recovery.
    You are a winner.


  11. WOW
    Having your blog nominated in itself is an acknoledgment that this blog is unique and productive .As you know they are many many blogs over there.
    I agree that this blog is making a difference in ED recovery and in raising the awareness.Do you realize that your blog is hope for those who suffer and those who lost significant meaning to their life and to those who are grieving .
    You are giving all of them hope for a better life.
    Keep swimming girl


  12. Wonderful
    Good luck
    I beleive your blog deserve the honour

    Oakville ,On

  13. Yahooooooo
    Way up

    Sandra D

  14. Congratulation
    You are a crown on top of the heads of all Arabic speaking ,not only Egyptian.
    You are a true Canadian who love others and showing care to others and sense of responsibility towards our society.

    May God bless you

  15. I Bet you are winning.
    If this well respected blog that send message of hope and care to others is not the winner ,who would be ??
    Your blog showing other that no matter what is our problem ,We always can stand up again and turn scars into stars.
    Your knowledge,skills and personal experiences intermingled with your love to others and love to help and the product is unique blog.
    I bet you will win.

    Keep swimming girl

    Psychology student

  16. This blog is the best that spending any time reading it is not a waste at all.
    I benifit from it and I take notes from what you saying.


  17. The benifit of complete recovery is to be honoured by many of your reader.
    Winning or not ,just nominating this blog is a humangous achievment.
    We are very proud of this blog that we chat ,interact,vent ,acuire new ideas and skills.

    May God bless you


  18. Excellent Job


  19. In my opinion ,you are winning and this is the least.
    Look at all what you have accomlish.
    May God bless you


  20. If your blog does not win,whose will??


  21. I am very happy to hear this.
    Winning an award would be good but would not add to your excellent work,altruism and sense of responsibility.


  22. It is a very exciting new to hear this Marina
    You are the best person that deserve this honor.I will never forget your support and help to me while I was not sure what to do for my daughter.
    I pray for you and wish you all the happiness

    A thankful Mother

  23. I was refered to your blog by a friend and I find it very informative and serious and you are very committed person
    I hope you win but if you do not ,remeber only one has to win and no more than one.
    Keep up the excellent work and good attitude


  24. Wondeful
    I hope you win

  25. Hooraay


  26. I am sure you will win.
    You are a socail advocate
    You are a devout young woman
    You are making a diffrence.


  27. I was follwoing different blogs before but since I have been hooked to yours ,it has become my daily coffee(I enjoy it and benift from it and I do not vist other blogs ).
    You are a winner
    You are a challanger
    You are unique
    You have a lot to brag about.


  28. WOW
    See there are thousands of weblogs overthere.
    Your blog touched us all.Your blog gives hope of recovery from any illness no matter how serious it is.Your blog motivates every one to make the necssary changes in their life so they can live better and make a meaningful life.
    Your blog is unique and I hope will attract the attention of juries.
    However remember juries are human and make mistakes too and so if they do not select you as a winner ,they are just human being !!!
    My regards


  29. Your blog is very well respected


  30. You deserve the award ,I do not see any other weblog worth .



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