Published! - 10 Things

What a wonderful birthday gift from NEDIC! My blog has once again been published on NEDIC. This post is about ten things that I want patients, parents, and everyone to know about ED. I think it is a helpful post because it really summarizes many key aspects or facts about ED.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their support, love, and good wishes. I am really blessed to have the chance to raise awareness for this terrible and sad illness. I am so glad that it is helping people learn about ED and get the help they need.

At the same time, I think many of my blog posts and publications (including this one about 10 Things) can apply to many people's lives. If you are struggling with any addiction (alochol, drugs, whatever) this all applies to you too! If you know someone who needs help, maybe you can refer them to this blog - and I pray that they benefit from it. Or, if you just enjoy reading some interesting and fun stuff, continue to come read my blog (I'm not bragging...but seriously. I think my blog posts are kind of entertaining...!).

Thanks again! God bless you all! Stay stromg, stay happy, and stay healthy. And to all those celebrating Easter, Happy Easter. May the joy and hope of this season bring warmth and comfort to your hearts.

PS. Here is the link!

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