Published Again! Why Have Faith?

I'm very blessed to say that once again, my work has been published on Fr. Anthony's website. This post is about faith...and why it's important.

What purpose does faith serve in our lives? Sometimes, circumstances in life become too difficult for us to handle. We feel overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated. We see no hope or end to our struggles. At these times, when nothing seems to be helpful, faith can carry us through. Trust in God and belief in His mercy is all we need. When you feel so down and alone, remember that God is there. When you feel that nothing in the world can help you, remember that God is Almighty.

Please take some time to read this post and leave a comment here and at Fr. Anthony's website. Thank you all for your support. I can't tell you all how much your kind words, supportive thoughts, and prayers mean to me!

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