Watch me on TV: Using My Journey to Help Others!

Last month, I was called by Rawal TV's (an international TV channel) manager, who heard my story on CBC and saw my book. He told me that he was very interested in having me appear on one of the shows on Rawal TV called 'Our Canada, Our Home'. I was more than delighted to help out!

This interview segment is about my struggle with ED, and why I decided to write my book (a special note of thanks to Namal, the lovely host of this show!). Many people hear about ED, but they don't quite know WHAT it is, why it is so deadly, and how to help someone with an eating disorder. There are also many questions around how to prevent EDs, how to provide support for those struggling, and how to speak with one's family and friends about EDs.

When I was ill in the ICU, I thought I was going to die because of the ED. I was scared, tired, and hopeless. Even through recovery, I was frustrated. I never thought that I would ever see the day when I would be healthy and happy again. This is why I decided to share my story, to start this blog, and to write my book. I want to make it clear to the world that EDs (and mental health) is not something to be ashamed of. The more we know and educate ourselves, the wiser we will become. This will help us to not only help ourselves, but to help break the stigma, to provide care and support, and to get treatment for whatever we need help with.
Please take the time to watch my appearance on this TV show, which you can find on Youtube here: (My part starts at 20:20). If you have Rawal TV as one of your channels, you may watch it there as well. I hope you enjoy this interview, and that it helps you or someone you know learn something about ED or mental health, food, recovery, etc. I also hope that it teaches you about how to approach food in everyday situations. Finally, I hope my message is clear: EDs are life-threatening illnesses. But with proper prevention, identification, and treatment, recovery is 100% possible. This is the same with any illness. Never lose hope. And remember: health and happiness always go together!

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