I have some big news to share with you all. My family and friends may already know this, but my online readers do not. Are you ready...?

Ever since I recovered from ED, I wanted to share my story with others. I created this blog, and I am sure we can all look back to the start and see how far I have come. I believe that this blog has helped so many people - whether for ED, mental health, physical health, etc. But part of me wanted to do more. I wanted to make a bigger difference. I began giving presentations on ED, bullying, and mental health. But still, I wanted to do more. I wanted to use my story and experiences to help more people.

I started writing a book about my experiences with ED and mental health. When I finally finished it, I tried submitting it to multiple publishers. I got numerous rejections, for various reasons. Some told me that they simply were not interested, while others told me that they didn't have enough money now to publish a new book. I was devastated. Until one publisher got back to me and told me that if I fixed some parts of the book, they might be interested. And so, I worked at fixing the book. I added parts, removed others, and changed some...until...

IT IS PUBLISHED!!! That's right. I am now a formal and professional author. My book, Recipe for Recovery, is now available for purchase from bookstores, as well as the Publisher's Website.

RECIPE FOR RECOVERY: I Battled and Overcame an Eating Disorder, and You Can Too!  PREORDER Available May 15Recipe for Recovery is a book about my experiences with ED, mental health, depression, etc. It is for ED patients, survivors, caregivers, parents, and even health professionals. It is also for anyone interested in reading about my experiences, or learning about ED and mental health. There is something in it for everyone. There are funny jokes and even my own journal entries, which make it a funny and interesting read. There is no inappropriate or triggering information in it, so it is appropriate for patients who are still ill with ED. It can help you learn about how to work through your own problems (or to help someone else!), such as anxiety, an addiction, self-confidence, mental health, and more. You will read about CBT tips, relaxation strategies, confidence statements, etc. The book is NOT my blog is a book format; all content in the book is my own work that no one has read before! I also include updated research about ED and mental health treatment, all in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. There are even food puns to make you smile and enjoy the read!

This is such a HUGE accomplishment. It is very difficult to get a book published these days - but here I am, with my own book published! I am so thankful to God for all His mercy and strength. He truly allowed me to go through all my challenges in order to help others. Thank you to my family and friends who have showed their consistent support through all my struggles. And thank you to all my readers who have supported me through this journey. Your kindness and involvement in my blog motivated me to write a book and to stay strong throughout my recovery.

My friends and family who live close to me have already purchased their copies from me. But, for all my online readers, I am asking you for your support! Please go to the link above and purchase a copy - it is only $21, and you will get buy and read my book! The website provides a payment option using MasterCard, Visa, and money orders. PLEASE PURHCASE A COPY, and when you get your copy and get to read it, let me know what you think of my book: what you liked about it, what you learned, how it has helped you, etc. And don't forget to please pass on this information to your own family and friends so that they too can buy a copy.

I promised that after I recovered, I would use my experiences and struggles to reach out to others and help them. I would be the individual who spoke openly about mental health and ED, who wasn't afraid to tell others about my struggles so that this would make a difference. And here I am, with my blog and now, my own book. Recipe for Recovery is more than just a 'help' book - it is a journey, a guide that seeks to raise awareness and challenge stigma associated with mental health and ED. It is a light-hearted read that helps readers understand what it is like to struggle with a mental health issue (like ED), how to recover, and how to stay sane during the entire process. I guarantee that you will enjoy it and learn something from it.

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