Published: Peace

I am blessed to say that Fr. Anthony has yet again published my work on his blog. This time, my post is about peace. (P.s. A special thank you to Fr. Anthony, who has even mentioned my book in the bio before my post!)

Peace. Something we all want, right? How many times do we just yearn for peace and quiet? Or what about those times when we want to feel at peace within our hearts? How about the world's peace? Or peace among our families and friends? We all want to feel at peace. And yet, at times, this seems nearly impossible. Caught up in our daily lives and rushes, we feel trapped and hopeless.

This post is about finding peace in God's grace. It is about realizing that when all seems hopeless. God can give us peace. This post means a lot to me because I often struggle with feeling so busy and flustered. When I was in the ICU, I wanted to be at peace, and yet, this seemed impossible. With God's strength, I recovered and am now healthy and strong.

Remember to take time to be at peace. Engage in activities that promote self-care, such as exercise, eating a balanced diet, sleeping, playing and working, etc. And don't forget to pray! Ask God to give you peace, to fill you with satisfaction and faith. Ask others to help you when they can. Spread peace in other's lives by being kind, gentle, and supportive. Tolerate the differences in others and realize that we are all human and deserve to have our dignity protected. Understand that regardless of how difficult life may be, there is always hope. Always. Never give up. And never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your goals. You can. Stay strong, and maintain your peace as much as possible.

So please, take some time to read the post, and leave a comment here and on Fr. Anthony's site!

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