Monday, 19 May 2014

Published: Peace

I am blessed to say that Fr. Anthony has yet again published my work on his blog. This time, my post is about peace. (P.s. A special thank you to Fr. Anthony, who has even mentioned my book in the bio before my post!)

Peace. Something we all want, right? How many times do we just yearn for peace and quiet? Or what about those times when we want to feel at peace within our hearts? How about the world's peace? Or peace among our families and friends? We all want to feel at peace. And yet, at times, this seems nearly impossible. Caught up in our daily lives and rushes, we feel trapped and hopeless.

This post is about finding peace in God's grace. It is about realizing that when all seems hopeless. God can give us peace. This post means a lot to me because I often struggle with feeling so busy and flustered. When I was in the ICU, I wanted to be at peace, and yet, this seemed impossible. With God's strength, I recovered and am now healthy and strong.

Remember to take time to be at peace. Engage in activities that promote self-care, such as exercise, eating a balanced diet, sleeping, playing and working, etc. And don't forget to pray! Ask God to give you peace, to fill you with satisfaction and faith. Ask others to help you when they can. Spread peace in other's lives by being kind, gentle, and supportive. Tolerate the differences in others and realize that we are all human and deserve to have our dignity protected. Understand that regardless of how difficult life may be, there is always hope. Always. Never give up. And never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your goals. You can. Stay strong, and maintain your peace as much as possible.

So please, take some time to read the post, and leave a comment here and on Fr. Anthony's site!


  1. This is wonderful Marina to talk about peace among ourselves.I always feels the things that give me peace inside is when I am close to God and feel content with what I have .


  2. As you know Marina I am from Iraq and came to Canada as a refugee looking for peace and calmness and escaping from war and terror.
    I find peace only in Jesus Christ my saviour.


  3. Talking about peace is a hallmark for our life.Without feeling peace ,We can not have a normal life ,We can not do our work,succeed,achieve and even rest ,nourish and sleep.
    Peace on earth Jesus said .
    Peace in our soul is much important to me .Peace inside me protect me from feeling greedy and make me love others and willing to give more than take.
    Jeus is love and Peace to humanity.
    I felt the peace inside first time when I accepted Christ.

    Sam Ibrahim

  4. For sure Marina God's peace is what we need in this world.God blessed you and your family with your complete recovery and for the first time all your family,friends and church thanked God for your recovery and the peace that followed.

    I pray with you and ask Fr Anthony to pray for all of us so that God grant us peace.

  5. your post brought to mind a saying of St Seraphem of Sarov, (one of the very popular Russian saints of the 18th century) who said, "Acquire a peaceful spirit, and around you thousands will be saved."

    We all need to realize that our peace is in Christ and that if we seek this we will find our way home to our Lord. One of the Pascha sayings we heard recently was the resurrected Christ saying "my Peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you." Peace is one of those things we can ask for and it will be given us.


  6. Yes Marina
    Love ,hugs and care give us what all of us want is a PEACE OF MIND.
    Hate ,greed lead to fights and war and feeling of despair.
    The real peace is in Jesus


  7. You got it Marina
    I counsel every body to practice their realign and spirituality to get some internal PEACE .
    Peace when felt inside is cure for depression and anxiety and enhance our immunity.
    Please pray for me and all those who are ill.

    Kelly W

  8. Marina
    As you recall I was born in Afghanistan and brought up and studied in Pakistan till my family immigrated to Canada when I was 12.
    I am hoping for world peace and no one single war any more as I can feel all my home country fears and worries.
    Now as a psychology student and future therapist I appreciate the peace and serenity inside our souls.
    I learn to help people feel the peace inside despite the all stressful life around them.
    Thank you Marina for your compassion .I agree with you our belief in God is our refuge and guide to peace.
    With my humble respect.


  9. After long struggle with my emotions and feelings while I was suffering ED.
    Now after my recovery Thank God and thanks to Marina ,I am now feeling calm and peace inside me.


  10. come from love Peace promote health and prosperity.
    World peace and self peace .


  11. As you remember my ordeal with ED and inpatient program and then out patient program and losing 1 year of school were very tough on me and my family and I felt helpless, fearful and disheartened .I tell you with my recovery I felt the real peace inside me .
    I am not religious like you but I started praying while I was sick as your post helped me to get strength from inside and seek help.
    God gives us peace and strength from inside and this will shine outside .
    You are a real Christian Marina by actions and role model not only by words and preaching .


  12. You will be amazed if you look at all pictures.
    God may grant all of us His Peace .


  13. Hey
    Your style of writing and issues you are tackling all relevant to all of us and related to or life .
    We all hope for peace.
    God bless you
    You deserve Fr Anthony honour.


  14. This is sweet of you to write about peace in our life.
    I like all what you write.
    Thanks Marina


  15. Your blog adorable especailly when ou talking about your book in humble and about peace in calmness.
    We love you Marina


  16. Seeking the Godly peace comes from inside you and it is one of your strength that helped you in your recovery and success.
    I am very proud of your personality and commitment and strong belief.

    The youngest Christian author

  17. Let me tell you that hard to see some body in your age who has strong commitment to their belief and values and morality as you.
    May God grant you peace and prosperity. My daughter is doing well thanks to you.

    JP( a thankful mother)

  18. We really need to cast all anxieties .Your writing is mature and credible.


  19. I like to cast all my anxiety and I wish there is easy way to do this other than CBT as I am not religious like you seeking God's help. What Can I do ?


  20. I like your blog as you always endorse God's action and plan in our life .
    I read my bible when I feel stressed and this gives me peace;


  21. Fathers A website and your blog Marina give me hope and peace


  22. As you know I used to feel peace only when I slam 3 bottles of my wine but since my recovery I feel peace when I read good blogs like this one or talk to positive friends. I pray so that Jesus fill our life with peace .


  23. I see and hear troubles all over the world and I can feel people around me can not catch their breath and all stressed ,rushed and worried.

    I agree and like your guide ,that only Jesus can give us peace, hope and serenity

    Sheila Ketson

  24. I went to a tour to visit the Holy land and I can not describe the feeling of peace and happiness despite among the fears of wars and fight every where around from Syria to Lebanon to Egypt and Yamani .


  25. I do believe that just feeling that God is inside us gives us peace that whole world can not give.
    Wonderful articulate writer Marina


  26. I pray for peace to every body and I am sure you and Fr A always pray for peace .
    I can not recall when my people in Iraq felt peace and I wish them life with peace and prosperity.
    Thank you Marina for talking about Spiritual peace .


  27. Hard to find peace in this world if you distant yourself away from God.
    Congratulations Marina for this Being a writer publishing on your own and also contributing to Fr Anthony website.
    You are a talented writer.


  28. We are lucky in Canada as We live in peace .
    When I look at how many other countries in turmoil I thank God for our country.


  29. You are ahead of Pope Francis .Today I heard he invited Israel Primeminster Sharon and Abbas Phalestine President to pray for PEACE .
    You are head Marina of the Pope .
    I am impressed



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