Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Easter!

This coming weekend is Easter! I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter. This year is unique because my Easter, that is, for Coptic Orthodox Christians, is actually on the same day as for other Christians (it usually is not!). I hope everyone enjoy this wonderful time.

Why is Easter important? For Christians, Easter is more than just the death of Christ. It is realizing that Jesus - God, gave up His life for us. He saved us from our sins and took the burden upon Himself. God, in all His glory, chose to die for us. What humility and what love! Do you love others as this? Can you honestly say that your love for others mirrors how Christ loved us?

I can't. I wish I could - this is something I am trying to work on. This doesn't mean that I have to die for others, but it does teach me that I need to refine what I mean when I say that I am Christian. Am I Christian by name only, or do my actions show it? Can others see Christ through me?

The season of Easter is also a celebration; not just a remembrance of Christ's suffering. The celebration is in realizing that Jesus arose from the dead. Death cannot hurt us - God is alive! He has triumphed over death; we need not be worried about what the world can do to us. We have God to lean on, and He alone can give us peace and joy. We celebrate and  become joyous in knowing that we are not left alone to suffer in this world - God is near to those who believe and call on Him.

For those who are not Christian or do not celebrate Easter, I still urge you to take this time to spend it with those you love. Or, take the time to evaluate your life: what is going well now? What can be changed? Is there room for God in your life? Are you showing love and kindness to others? Is your life so focussed on work and money and sensual desires, that you have lost sight of what is truly important? What IS important to you? Take this time to make new goals. Easter is about starting anew: seeing that we are no longer the same as we are before, for we must learn to see that new beginnings can have powerful and positive changes in our lives.

So, Happy Easter to everyone! Rejoice that Christ in not dead; we are not alone in this world!

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).

"But thanks be to God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ". (2 Corinthians 215:57)


  1. Happy Easter to you, family and all your readers


  2. Have a very happy Easter Marina


  3. No love is better than one gave his life to save others.
    This is an example for us at least to be gentle and nice to each others.

    Happy Easter


  4. You showed the love and care to others .
    We wish you Happy Easter


  5. May God bless you with a happy EASTER


  6. Happy Easter


  7. You deserve the best Easter and summer.


  8. I wish you and all readers all the best during the Holy week and the weeks and years to come.
    I wish you a happy and long life.


  9. Happy Easter my dear.
    With any occasion, I would have to say thank you so much Marina for reaching out to others and I believe I was one of the first people to help them get help and freedom from slavery of ED.


  10. Happy Easter my friend


  11. Your blog helped me to calm to anger and express my ideas and thoughts through helpful discussion rather than anger.
    I wish you all the happiness during the Holly week of Easter .


  12. I wish all of us take this opportunity of Easter time and remember that Jesus our God and role model on how we should live life on earth and be nice ,loving and caring to each other.
    Marina I admire you and congratulate you for being that role model.

    Happy Easter every body


  13. I can do it all with Christ .
    Happy Easter
    Jesus is risen

    Sunday Priest

  14. Hello Marina
    It is wonderful to see spring only by Easter.
    I wish you all the best
    Happiness and success.


  15. Thank you for the pictures .
    Happy Easter.
    All the best


  16. You always on top of things
    Thanks for sending this nice congratulations and the love message of Easter


  17. Congratulations Marina


  18. Happy Good Friday
    and Easter


  19. Yahoo
    I love XMAS,Easter and Christ.
    I wish you the best of love and happiness.


  20. Happy Easter from your Iraqi friend


  21. Marina
    Thank you for this spiritual and hopeful message
    For all those who believe in Him will feel the peace,serenity ,prosperity and happiness.They will always God is behind all their steps.

    I am very proud of you as a person,student,Christian ,writer and activist.
    I wish you all the happiness and blessings of Easter.


  22. I want to wish you a very happy Easter and thank you for what you did for me .
    You are a friend of mine on the web.
    May God bless you.


  23. Happy Easter to you and family

    Ivanka and family

  24. No one has shown sense of responsibility and takes action to help others and get rid of a serious disease as you did Marina.
    I admit I was so selfish and I just taken care of myself .
    I admire you so much and please accept my gratitude and my best wishes for you for a happy Easter and successful life.

    Recovered ED survivor

  25. Christ is Risen,

    You are a real insparation Marina with your willingness to raise awarness of the true nature of Ed's in the world and in the Church.

    As our Lord met you and meets each of us in our own personal hell through his decent into Hades we can be shore that as he was resurrected he will bring us up, restoring us as he did Adam and Eve. This great feast of feast proclames that nowhere is too dark or far for our Lord Christ to go to find his lost sheep and bring them home.


  26. Marina and all readers
    I wish you all a very happy Easter and I hope all of you continue to look after your health and wellness ,manage any stress, relax and enjoy life.
    I admire you Marina as you really inspired many to recover and raise awareness about serious disease that many people do not know what is it.

    Kelly W

  27. Happy Easter Marina


  28. It is my pleasure to congratulate you and wish you and your family a very happy Easter.
    I am celebrating a wonderful Easter this year and also somewhat last and as you know I struggled years with my daughter illness.
    Thank you for helping me to get my daughter to recover and be able celebrate the blessings of Raster.

    J.P. A thankful mother

  29. Happy Easter


  30. I can tell how much I enjoy Easter time since I have become Christian.
    I wish you a very happy Easter .

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Mississauga

  31. Happy Easter


  32. Wish you the best during Easter week and all weeks


  33. Your altruism, sense of responsibility and commitment all are example what Christian needs to be .
    Happy Easter.


  34. Happy Easter


  35. Shoutout to my eating disorder for trying to ruin a holiday that’s extremely important to me and my faith. Trying to concentrate on what’s important - my belief that Christ died and rose again to save me from my sin and redeem me- give me life both here and in heaven- and what am I obsessing over? How fat I look in my Easter dress, how thin all the other young women ( and little girls, who am I kidding) look in their Easter dresses, how I shouldn’t have eaten breakfast, how fat I look, all the fat welling up on every part of my body, etc.

    That’s the most tragic, most important loss to me- my values. My core beliefs. My ED messes with that. I never would have thought that before I had an eating disorder. I had this strange idea that I would actually be closer to God somehow if I didn’t need anything, any sustenance.

    Big, fat lie.

    But despite my shortcomings- Christ is risen, and gives me new hope every day. And that supersedes my eating disorder. Always.

    Amy <3

    1. Amy, could you email me, if you are okay with this? I want to make sure you are okay and see if I can help out.... Happy Easter!

    2. Amy
      As you know ED is a disease of the thoughts.
      Hurry up and get CBT or DBT .
      Please communicate with Marina and let all the negative thoughts out .


    3. To Everyone,
      Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, Spring or 420, please remember ED is NOT invited. If you are hosting events, please remember that it doesn't have to be perfect, people are glad just to have the chance to get together. I wish you a relaxing and joyful day.


    4. Amy
      Please kick the thoughts of ED out .
      You know ED can sneak on you in different ways .Ed knows you are smart and target the weakest and sorest spot in you.
      I convinced my self long ago that ED is a liar and liberated my self but not after few relapses.

      Recovered ED survivor

    5. Amy
      Please kick ED out of your mind.
      ED is a big liar and do not let him in your life at all.
      Please read all the tips that Marina listed in one previous post.
      My heart and soul with you


  36. I wish you are having a good Easter.


  37. Happy Easetr Marina


  38. Happy easter to you and your family and readers


  39. I wish you are having a Happy Easter.


  40. Happy Easter week



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