Monday, 11 November 2013

Published AGAIN! NEDIC: Body awareness

So far, my work has been published three times by Fr. Anthony, and approximately 10 times by NEDIC. Let's not forget about the conference I gave, as well as the two radio interviews! I'm amazed at how God has blessed me - and thank you to all those who read this blog, comment, and share with others. Without all your support, I would not have become so strong and open to sharing my story. God bless you all - your love and kindness mean so much to me, and I am blessed to have all of you!

This post on NEDIC is about body awareness - remember how I spoke before on how we need to learn to love and/or accept our bodies? This is the focus for this post on NEDIC.

As a sneak peak, just remember that our bodies do amazing things for us. Sadly, society teaches us that we should only like our bodies if we are a certain weight or body size. But society is WRONG! Think about your life without a functioning leg, arm, brain. heart, stomach, etc. It is simply too hard! This is because we NEED our bodies; thus, we need to keep them healthy and strong. With ED, this task can be even harder than in those without ED. But taking the time to appreciate your body, as well as pamper it in any way, allows us to understand just how much we depend on our healthy and strong bodies.

So, check it out! And remember: loving your body doesn't mean that you fit into what society says is beautiful or attractive - it means learning to accept your body for YOU!


  1. As I said to you
    2013 is better but more to come in 2014 and even more in 2015


  2. Holly

    Congratulations again


  3. Your good work deserve acknowledgment somewhere some how.
    I do believe good work can not be forgotten


  4. As you may remember I had hard time accepting my large breasts as a man but your encouragement and support helped me to love my body and respect my self for who am I whether others liked or not.


  5. Even though I admit that I still struggling accepting my body now being now 117 Ibs and my height is 5"4 and my BMI is 21.
    However overtime I am feeling good and I feel that the tough time is over and ED will not hunt me again with my new body.
    It can be hard sometimes but kicking ED thoughts out is helping us Marina


  6. You may tell me you are a politician and you play with words but I swear I tell you the truth.
    Despite I have the ugliest body as a man ever but I do love my body and resect my self and I can prove to others that my body is healthy and I am not ugly.
    Remember I have very big belly and I have a very big butt and 2 breast similar to woman but I do love my body


  7. Excellent discussion but I love you talking how magic massage is like a cold nice breeze on our body
    I do love massage so much


  8. It is a good new to know that now you are seeing the positive aspects of things.
    You are now aware of the benefits of your recovery and able now to compare how you are you relative to when you were sick and this helps to hang on to recovery and health at any cost.


  9. God took what seemed to be a terrible thing, and made you into a very inspirational young woman. Continue to do these amazing things and share your story and always give the glory to Him. God is good! I will pray for you and hope that God will continue to bless you to carry on and do amazing things in His name!

  10. I need to remind you that you are a strong Christian and God lives in your body and I am sure looking at your body from this aspect you will love ,adore and worship your body.
    I quote the last sentence from you .

    You said this before in one post.
    May God bless you

    Sunday Priest

  11. Marina
    You are telling us the truth and that why We love your blog and trust your posts.
    Many people with or without ED not satisfied with at least one area of their body and hoping to make some changes and for that same reasons many choose to go under the knife for cosmetic surgeries that sometimes can be risky.
    Back to your post I as quiet sure you are able to overcome that feeling towards your new(healthy ) body overtime.
    Someone like you -who has been able to make a breakthrough in ED treatment-is able to overcome this feeling.

    Congratulations for all your publications and achievements

    Medical student

  12. You are great GEM


  13. Marina tell me if I am wrong.
    When we are not in love with our body ,is this a self criticism ?
    Could be better if We are easy on our self?
    Why we are harsh on our self??
    Why don't we brag about our body whether beautiful or not??
    These questions and lot also of similar questions come to mind while I was reading this blog.


  14. Hi Marina
    You are right this feeling would be the last to normalize( I mean when you feel in love with new body)
    ED is same as other mental health ,physical symptoms resolve first and lastly the feelings and emotions.
    I have no doubt that this also will be better overtime.
    What you have done for your own recovery is unprecedented


    CJ(RN and Diabetes Educator)

  15. Marina

    As you said before in your blog that statistics showed ED victims are unique in having lots of qualities as intelligence ,hard work and achievers.
    I have no trust in ED as a terrible and deceptive disease but I have complete trust in You ,me and all ED victims and I am sure all of us can handle the remains of Ed scars and turn them into stars
    I am sure one day we will love our new healthy body even much more than those who never hit by ED


  16. Sooner or later ,you will love every thing in yourself and around you.
    Life will be the happiest and you will live it to the fullest.
    You are so kind and you deserve a lot

    A thankful mother

  17. Marina
    I really love massage and my way of treating my stress is going for massage.
    I wish I can afford it daily but what I do I use warm water shower cheaper


  18. I do not have ED but I do not like my small breast and I wish I can afford breast augmentation surgery.
    I agree with Marina ,loving yourself is different than loving every part of your body.


  19. I love massage and I use massage to treat my chronic neck and shoulder pains from computer use and I am happy to tell you that massage is the best to calm down my stress.


  20. I like the good things you mentioned about recovery and how you are now better and stronger


  21. I like the Canadian blog nominee award and the picture.
    I like all the positives things you mentioned about your health and I love massage .
    I live in Mississauga too and if you know cheaper massage place ,please post it.


  22. I am amazed with your strong words about recovery and also how effective massage in treating not only muscle pains but also cooling effect


  23. You are so talented and God has used this talent in a very important cause that is to help others happened to have tough time in life.
    We like to remind ourselves with all our achievements and We need to feel proud of them


  24. Hi Marina
    I congratulate you for all the accomplishments and I would agree with you We need to feel good about our body no matter how our body look like .I do not care about society or media look at bodies and I do love my body as my baby and I do agree with you I pamper my body even my nails to keep my body healthy and well cared for.
    I hope this task of caring and pampering our bodies be easier to all of us especially those who has or had ED


  25. I love every cell of my body and I don't care about fitting into society standard or not.
    I counsel my clients a lot and teach them certain tips how to love ,respect, care and pamper themselves and their body.
    I do believe society norms should be flexible to have a room for every body and match every body feeling and not vice versa..
    Thank Marina for bring this issue

    Kelly W

  26. I am a good girl ,not perfect and I do not want to be perfect. I want to be moderate in every thing.
    I love my body as it is and I would appreciate others to respect me for whom I am .,But if they havea negative opinion about me ,I rather ignore their opinion and I will never been affected by others negative opinion of myself at all.
    I do not want change or trade my body so that fit what society believe as attractive and beauty.
    My beauty is inside me and this reflect on my smile and good attitude
    I love you Marina


  27. I love the pictures and I wish you winning 2013 award ,however just being nominated after only 2 years of starting this wonderful blog is a big deal


  28. You have done what many others not able to do even while in and out of treatment programs
    I am sure you one day able to love your body.
    Great job Marina
    Lots of accomplishments

  29. To be nominated for 2013 Canadian weblog award after 2 years can not be overestimated .It is wonderful to have your blog nominated .I think you deserve as you are health and wellness promoter,.
    I have no doubt that you will slowly but surely love your body and help others to overcome this problem. You have done what many others not able to do even while in and out of treatment programs
    I am sure you one day able to love your body.
    Great job Marina
    Lots of accomplishments
    With my humble respect


  30. I love massage and I love reading your blog .Both making me relaxed and happy and help me love and appreciate my body


  31. I love my body no matter what the society says


  32. I hope our society focus on what matters to people and not on beauty and body shape.
    Marina you set an example on how to cure serious illness and you can do this with how to tip others to love their body.


  33. I love the picture and psalm of the day.
    I agree massage and pampering my body making me feel good about my body



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