More ED and Mental Health Myths

I found this online and thought that it did a great job of busting some myths about eating disorders. It is worth reading - before suffering, I admit that I believed some of these myths. Sadly, society still has many misconceptions about eating disorders and this is why I work to raise awareness about this illness and mental health in general. I think this is a great fact sheet to look at and to question yourself about. For example, many people think that eating disorders are all about getting attention. Others think that ED only happens in Europeans and only in females. Take a look at these myths and what the truth is. Become informed and be aware! For more information or to see the picture in a greater size, you can visit

Before you read the picture, try asking yourself or someone you know these questions about ED and/or mental health, and see what the response is. Do you know the truth, or are they myths?

1) People choose to have eating disorders
2) It is easy to recover from ED
3) Recovery only means eating lots of food
4) Mental illnesses do not cause death
5) You always know when someone has ED or a mental illness
6) Only people with dysfunctional families get mental illnesses
7) You have to be a perfectionist to get an eating disorder
8) Recovery is never truly possible
9) Most healthcare professionals know how to help patients with ED
10) Mental health stigma no longer exists

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