Saturday, 2 November 2013

AMAZING! Success!

I am so pleased to update you on the status of both my health and my blog. To start, I am maintaining my healthy weight and loving it! I look and feel beautiful (inside and out!) - and I am not affected by any talk of weight gain, food, or body sizes. I am eating enough and normally, and life is good! Recovery was the smartest thing I ever did - and the hardest. But as I am strong today, I can say that I am so pleased with my decision and commitment. What a huge accomplishment!

Now to my blog. I am overwhelmed and so proud to let you all know that my blog has been nominated for an award: Best Canadian Blog about Lifestyle, Health, and Inspiration/Advocacy ( What an amazing honour! I only started this blog about two years ago, and look at it now! I'm being nominated for awards and it is gaining so much attention! I have been doing radio interviews, which have become a huge hit, and I am constantly being asked to come back and do more interviews. Let's not forget as well the blog posts I write for NEDIC! In addition, my blog has readers from all over the world. After only a year and a bit, my blog has around 60, 000 views!

Also, my video on social media bullying was a HUGE success, and I got so much positive feedback on it. Everyone enjoyed the presentation and told me that they learned a lot from it. I was also recognized by the Police Committee in Brantford as being an activist for social justice! Furthermore, I have been invited by McMaster's School of Nursing to give presentations on mental health, community nursing, and more!

I am so amazed at how God has used all my experiences to help others, and He has made me stronger in the process. All of this would not be possible without the support of my family and friends, as well as those who read this blog. I am so thankful to all of you - for your love, kindness, and support. I am humbled by the amount of love you all show and the support that you provide. I am so much stronger and wiser now, and all of my experiences have made me the person who I am today. Because of all of you, God has blessed me and allowed me to become a stronger person and use my experiences to help all those around the world with mental health, healthy living, and more. I am so blessed!

THANK YOU to everyone! Can you believe how successful this blog has become? How far I have come? How this blog has made us all stronger and happier, wiser and more aware? What a blessing! May God continue to bless all of you, and may His love and peace continue to shower you all. I pray that this blog continues to touch and empower people, and that we all continue to learn and support one another! Look at this way: in 2011, I was dying in the ICU. Today, in 2013, I am healthy, strong, and wise. This blog has been nominated for awards, I have been doing interviews and presentations for Members of Parliament and more, I am a leading advocate for NEDIC, and my work has been published by so many organizations and people! Glory to God! SUCCESS!


  1. I told you are a precious GEM.
    Only few people can achieve what you have been doing.


  2. Congratulations .
    Your hard work pays off.
    You deserve a reward.


  3. I think you deserve the award ,not only because of what you accomplished but because of your altruism and how you try to extend your hand to others .I am one example .


  4. The success ladder is very beautiful and very meaningful. Starting with the first S when you were in red zone and small glimpse of hope ,growing up till now you are at highest level of success and all life looking green and full of hope.
    What a wonderful accomplishment.
    I do believe you deserve a big honour.


  5. I am very proud of you as my colleague .Congratulations for tireless efforts to stay healthy ,strong and wise and for you compassion to others .
    You are showing all the quality of excellent nurse while you are still in school.

    CJ(RN and diabetes educator)

  6. I congratulate you and I do believe you deserve a big WOW


  7. WOW 60,000 views
    That a lot
    However I am not surprized and I do congratulate you from my heart
    Keep going girl ,you making a difference


  8. Wow
    Very happy for you


  9. Marina ,you are amazing


  10. 60,000 vies !!!! Holly Macanaha

    Very proud of you


  11. True
    Recovery is the smartest thing that you done.
    You couldn't have continued to be successful with recovery.
    Thumbs up


  12. I am very happy for all your success.
    I have to tell you that your paid a lot to get this experience and knowledge.
    You paid much time, sufferings and injustice. We all know not only ED was targeting you but some others who have no heart or soul were so mean to you.
    You persisted and persevered and you won
    Exactly like all heroes and public leaders who suffered and some tortured before became famous and leaders
    Please continue your success and above all your good health

    Originally from Iraq

  13. Congratulations for all you have been doing.


  14. I can not believe you are able to accomplish all this in such short time period.
    Touch wood.!!!


  15. Congratulations
    I am very happy to read all the success .
    You know Marina ,you made all this success that once sounded like a dream but you made reality.
    As you know doctors ,nurses and therapist role is to empower people to look after them selves and make the changes that suits their life.
    You were very mature and responsible ,you did all of the recovery while you continued your school and while you helping others in different ways.
    I really give you lots of credits for all that.
    I happy also to feel that you are very proud and confident in your self
    You have become a very strong young woman

    Kelly W

  16. For this wonderful blog 60,000 views is not surprising to me.
    I recommend your blog to every one ,not only those with ED or mental health


  17. You empower yourself to recover and you made the wright choices and that is why you are now strong ,healthy and achiever.
    I read your blog regularly and I learn stuff that I' ve never heard before.
    Keep up

    Medical student

  18. Even though I love the achievement but what I appreciate the most is feeling strong body,smart brain and maintaining health.
    Your blog is well taken by many and so please keep going

    I wish you win a big award.


  19. Excellent job


  20. I am very happy with all you have done.
    I wish my daughter able to do 10% of what you are able to do .

    God bless

    JP a thankful mother

  21. That is quite a lot of accomplishment


  22. What a difference a year can make
    2012 was harsh
    2013 recovery and achievement despite having hurdles
    I am expecting 2014 much easier
    You will reap all the rewards 2015


  23. I am one of those who have been following your blog from the beginning since I was alerted to it by a friend and without your support and guidance I would be worse now. Thanks to you I recovered very well from my ED after one years in and out.
    I am aware of all your achievement and I am witness to your good deeds.
    I watched your video and I listened to your radio talk.
    I am blessed to have you as friend and I am glad I could see your face .


    1. I would like to learn more about your journey Anne. I would love to see a blog by you also

    2. I am not as talented but I am trying to keep some diarry
      Thanks for the interest.
      Please follow Marina 's blog


  24. You are doing much more than any body can imagine.
    I admire you for the motivation despite facing rough time.


  25. Excellent work done by a hard working individual who not only cares about self but has huge love to others.


  26. We all love you Marina


  27. I watched your video and I was amazed by people can use all the technology just to hurt others
    I think those bully shoudl be brought to Justice


  28. I read your blog daily as my morning paper and headline news
    I do learn and enjoy and make good health changes accordingly
    Thanks Marina


  29. Marina
    God empowered you to make the best decision and He guided you to self care and recover and because of your good nature and strong belief,you are investing the gifts God has given you in this helpful blog to share your knowledge and experience to benift others
    You are for sure a daughter of Christ
    May God bless you

    Sunday priest

  30. Even though this is a short summary of some of your achievements but it is a good summary that can remind those who may forget who you are and what did you do and what you are doing now.
    I urge you to continue the excellent work of mainating and promoting good health for yourself and for others


  31. I am impressed with this update and I wish you you well in the years to come.Someone like you struggled a lot ,deserves the best future and I can see this coming
    Keep your fingers crossed


  32. This is prove of your excellent work and your good nature


  33. Marina
    You are really an angel living with us in this world to help others.


  34. No doubt your blog and good deeds stand for you for ever but most important you were able to make your recovery from a serious disease with no or little supervison by health care.


  35. I believe the worst is over and from now on you will see the best of life.
    You suffered a great deal and no one can deny the right to enjoy the rest and best of life to the fullest.


  36. I definitely see you as an angel who is doing every thing to protect others from ED and mental illness.


  37. No doubt that you are the highest among all achievers.
    Despite I was raised by a hard working tough family and I thought I am a hard worker but I consider my self nothing relative you you and despite I have not suffered ED or mental illness as you did (my dad did however)

    I gave you an standing ovation

    With my humble respect


  38. I do agree with the priest that no single human being can achieve what you have done in very short period while you are spending much time in your own recovery.
    I think the blessing of God is blessing all your steps.You helped yourself to recover without having to be in hospital or program and only few weeks after you were gasping in the ICU God touched you with mnay blessings
    Please keep up and feel proud with many many blessing


  39. Congrat for all the achievements


  40. Keep up the good job Marina
    If you are healthy and strong,you will continue to achieve more and more


  41. I can understand how hard you are working
    The years to come will be much easier as you will be reaping all the fruits of your commitment


  42. I visit several blogs daily but yours is unique for your honesty and helpful tips.


  43. For sure a huge success that you can take pride in.
    I like what people said that you endured quite a lot and year 2012 was gloomy but 2015 will be booming
    You know Marina I am 76 and I have many kids and grand and grand grand kids but I do not think any of them suffered as much even if you add all their suffering will not be close to what you suffered yourself alone
    However the accomplishment you achieve much more than all of them

    I respect you so much

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Mississauga

  44. I do wish you good years to come
    You really deserve .


  45. I do agree with every body and I respect your blog and your health talk.


  46. Your blog full of evidence on how you turned the scars into stars..


  47. All your readers including me love you and read your blog. We all amazed with you making your own recovery from a disease that doctors and medicine can not help that much


  48. You have so many good years a head of you.
    The best is yet to come.


  49. Hey Marina
    Excellent summary of your achievements
    I admire you


  50. I watched the video and you really pretty and articulate

    S K

  51. I like to remind every body around me with my achievements and I urge you do same but I think the best achievement is recovery from a serious disease as ED


  52. I like your being hopeful and positive and I loved all the positive comments from your readers.
    This gives me good feeling. For sure I love this blog


  53. I am very happy for all you have achieved especially your best and strongest decision ever (your recovery)


  54. Thank you all! This success wouldn't have come without you! Everyone - keep being strong and fighting. I know each and every one of you who comments here and I cherish all your words!


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