What do YOU want to read about?

I have a LOT to write about: ED, life, feelings, stress, school, friends, God, nursing, health, etc. And thankfully, I love writing! I have been getting a lot of emails and comments about things that people want me to write about or to discuss on the blog.

I wan to make sure that I get all the topics you are interested in. So, please leave a comment below with the topics or things that you want me to write about. I really do not care what it is about - I will try my best to make posts about all the topics you suggest.

So, start suggesting! If you have any topics that you are interested in - about ED or not - leave a comment below. Ideas can include ED, stress, things about me, nursing, medicine, stress .... whatever! I hope this will help you, others, and myself. It is always great to learn something new!

God bless all of you! And thanks again for all the support and love you all show. I am so blessed to have this place to share my thoughts and feelings, as well as so many wonderful readers!

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