Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What do YOU want to read about?

I have a LOT to write about: ED, life, feelings, stress, school, friends, God, nursing, health, etc. And thankfully, I love writing! I have been getting a lot of emails and comments about things that people want me to write about or to discuss on the blog.

I wan to make sure that I get all the topics you are interested in. So, please leave a comment below with the topics or things that you want me to write about. I really do not care what it is about - I will try my best to make posts about all the topics you suggest.

So, start suggesting! If you have any topics that you are interested in - about ED or not - leave a comment below. Ideas can include ED, stress, things about me, nursing, medicine, stress .... whatever! I hope this will help you, others, and myself. It is always great to learn something new!

God bless all of you! And thanks again for all the support and love you all show. I am so blessed to have this place to share my thoughts and feelings, as well as so many wonderful readers!


  1. I am interested to hear you thoughts about hypoglycemia and ED.
    I have been thinking about A who has ED and Type 1 diabetes and both can cause fatal hypoglycemia.


    1. Me too,I love to know more about low sugar in ED and do victims feel the symtoms and how they can manage.Do they worry about low sugar and many questions really.


    2. I am interested in knowing more about low sugar and how one can help


  2. I like to read any thing you are writing.Every single thing you write makes sense to me and I benift from your writing in my health and my study and my personl life.Thanks Marina for the optimism you created in all of us despite the rough life..


  3. Marina
    You did speak about your ordeal with Ed before.
    Can you summarize you experinec and lessons learnt from your illness till your recovery.
    I would like to protect my children and I also my slef as you know no one is immune against diseases in general.

    I appreciate you taking time and effort aiming to benift others.


    1. I am a man ,suffering from mild ED for 10 years and living with it.I am interested in knowing your lessons that you learn from the experinece and what can I do to eliminate the disease from my life one and for last.
      I really getting sick and tired of it.
      I do not like dietitians or programs.
      I live on my own



  4. I am from the Carribians and I have disordered eating (not officially diagnosed with eating disorders.
    I was told as Angela said before that ED affcets only white people but I am plagued with disease and I am ashamed of myself and I will not disclose this to any body.
    Can you explain the role of culture and ethnicity in ED?
    Also I was told it only affect rich,white and famous and poor hard working people should not have that luxury.They can eat any thing any time !!!
    Any comment


  5. I also want know role of culture .As you know I am from Iraq and all my community never heard about some body "just does not want eat"
    Thanks Marina so much


  6. I am from India and seems like Indian community aware and I could detect few having ED ,actually one friend made me aware of your blog.
    I would like to know effect of culture and ED and if treatment is same.


  7. Sexuality and ED

  8. anorexia purging type

  9. I like to read and keep notes of all your refections.All are very helpful to me.I apprecaite your work .You are setting an example and role model of how hope and motivation can make a huge difference.


  10. I always call you Ms HOPE.
    Any of your post in this blog or your contribution to NEDIC and FEAST give hope to many.
    Please continue to put all your reflections,thoughts ,tips in writing.

    Thanks again


  11. As you know I am keeping track of the benifits of complete recovery.
    I wonder if you can summarize the benifits of recovery as you have been experiencing it.We are aware of the hard work to recovery but you mentioned several times before that it worth it.

    Thanks Marina for your altruism.


  12. I also like all your posts.
    All very hepful.
    Your main goal is evident that you want to help others and alleviate and better avoid any sufferings.
    We appreciate it.
    God bless you

    Kelly W
    Therapist ,To

  13. I would like to endorse my plan to avoid going into relalpse again and I hope I read and endorse your thoughts and expereince on how to prevent going into relapse.
    I have been sucessful now for 6 continuous years.
    Thanks Marina
    I really love to read your blog and having you as afriend on the web

    Recovered ED

  14. Your writing comes from knowledge and experience supported by evidence and sense of responsibility and that is why it has tremendous impact on others.
    Whatever you choose people will find it interesting and helpful

    Thanks Marina


  15. I can not agree more.
    We love Marina's writings.
    Any post Marina is a blessing and hope to many of us

    Thanks again


  16. I am no different
    I read your blog regularly and I quote a lot of what you advise us to do to be healthy



  17. Marina
    I like to read one post about how to prevent relapse .
    As you recall,I had severe alcohol problem and I recovered.
    Your blog motivates me to continue to be sober.
    I aprreciate.


  18. I want be able to have the memory ,motivation and long life so that I continue to read your blog.
    This gives me a hope and happiness in my elderly life .
    Thanks Marina

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Mississauga

  19. I am making use of any post you are writing.
    I enjoy reading and making notes of it to benift my life

    Sandra D

  20. I like any thing you write and I am able to make use of it.
    Thanks Marina


  21. Marina
    I know you wrote a letter to ED before and was great.
    Can you write another letter now telling him how good We (you,Anne,Recovered ED victims and myself) are without him and he is not welcome at all in our life ,our houses,streets,cities ,and our country.
    I love you so much

    Nanraj(you can call me Nana)

    1. Good point Nana
      I like to read a letter again to that nasty monster ED.
      I wish this disease obsolete .


    2. Me too,
      I like to see ED terribly defeated and out of our world


    3. I like a letter from you to Ed declaring your victory and asking him leave our world and our human being.


  22. I have 2 daer friends recovering from Ed and I want hear the final declartion of victory over ED


  23. Did you catch some kind of infection when your parents took you to the hospital? Is that why you got so sick ? did they say what kind of infection you caught ? influenza ?

  24. I really want a summary of the lessons learnt that I want keep in a laminated folder to guide me to support my daughter and making sure she is far away from the monster.
    Thanks Marina
    I am gratful to you

    JP a Thankful mother

  25. You writing is a real life experience and that is why I find it very trustworthy and credibe.
    I am a reasercher and I can search for info but I like your blog because of your honsety.
    Whatever topic you talk about ,people will be attracted to it and find something in it that can apply to their life.



  26. You know Marina
    I am a lonely person,has no friends and when I feel down,I go to your blog and I keep reading several posts .
    You wonder if I tell you ,it gives me serenity and hope and I feel better.


  27. I hope you did well in your exam.
    God bless you



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