Wednesday, 3 April 2013


When I first thought about the title for this post, I was worried that some readers would read it and think I was going to write about a mother pushing to deliver her baby! Nope, that is NOT what this is about!

(Okay, now that we are done joking around, let's get a bit more serious...!)

We all have times when we feel tired, hopeless, scared, worried and tired. You know those days when things just cannot get any worse? When there is simply too much to do, too little time, so many problems, a load of worries and challenges...the list goes on and on!

I had a day like this recently. I had finished working on something only to discover that all my work had somehow been lost by my computer. I freaked out. I was so angry - all that work, gone to waste? WHY?! WHY ME?! It was so frustrating. I did not know what to do but cry, sob, and complain. I was furious.

Thankfully, my mom and sister were by my side to provide support. They calmed me down and told me that although this was terrible, they knew that I could do the work again, and maybe ever better this time. That helped a lot, but I was still angry and sad. I could not imagine sitting down and writing the entire thing all over again!

My mom and sister told me something that really stood out to me: that God has brought me through much worse times. My God is a BIG God. He saved my life when I was dying in the ICU. Could He not strengthen me for a few hours to complete the assignment all over again?

Even if you do not believe in God, this post can still apply to you. It is about hope. It is about knowing that if you got through past times, you can get through this problem as well. PUSH, the title of this post, stands for 'Pray Until Something Happens'. I think so often we get so caught up in life that we forget to pray and thank God for all that He has done. We start to moan and complain and forget all the great things that has happened in our lives. That day when I was furious about my work, I forgot to pray. I did not talk to God and tell Him my frustrations; I was too tired. I did not stop to remember that God saved me from anorexia. He could certainly give me the strength to do this assignment once again.

I wrote a post before about HOPE - Hold On, Pain Ends. It is similar to this one. PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens. Do not despair when things get too tough. You certainly have the right to complain. We are human and having these feelings is normal. In fact, when I experience times like this, complaining is almost necessary! But one thing that I often forget is to remember that I have gotten through worse times. I know that my strength and encouragement comes from my God, in whom I have faith. I know that this is yet another challenge in life that I can overcome if I pray. This is my faith, and it is what keeps me going through each day.

Sometimes the problem in front of us seems way too big for us to handle and we become overwhelmed. In such situations, I encourage those who believe in God to PUSH. God wants to hear you. He knows your problems, but He is waiting for you, His child, to speak to Him. So do it. You will so much better. You just have to PUSH and you will get through your problems. And do not forget to stay hopeful. No matter how terrible the situation may be, try to remain hopeful. If you cannot find hope, ask someone around you to give you hope or encouragement. It is strengthening to feel that things will get better, that life will get easier. Stay hopeful, strong, and faithful. And don;t forget to PUSH.


  1. Despite I am very busy in my final year but I read your blog daily recent and past.
    Many times I find my self in situations like this when you have several duties and have very little time and energy.Many times I had to do my work again.
    For you Marina ,you really have the ALMIGHTY BIG GOD with you.
    You are a blessed peson.
    You can make a difference and set example all the time despite having tough time .
    You are able and you showed all of us how you can achieve your goals.
    I give you a thumb up and my humble respect

    Psychology student

  2. I believe in prayer more than I believ in science.I trust God and prayers more than what doctors say about statistics.
    PUSH is my daily bread.
    I am with you We PUSH every day and good things happen.


  3. WOW My Daughter Marina
    I know you have a strong belief and I know you are HOPEFUL girl.You are a sign of hope ,your blog is a message of hope.
    PUSH is through HOPE .
    Prayers make miracles
    I pray for you

    Sunday Priest

  4. With prayer ,hope and good attitude you will handle all the obstacles facing you.
    You gave us a messgae of hope that promises us with happy future
    Thanks Marina


  5. Marina
    I usually do not pray as I do not believe in God ,
    However I agree with you having a good spirit and having good wishes and attitude and hope all helping me to feel better when I run into tough moments and tough moments happen often
    I learnt this from you Marina
    Thank you for the assisstance and guidance


  6. I feel better when I read your blog.
    Your blog is like a counsellor for my stress and anxioety
    Thank you


  7. I love the message of hope and I hear you prayers work
    I pray for you
    Please pray for me


  8. Thank you for your sense of humor.
    I always push to my limit and leave the rest to God.
    You are enforcing our faith and trust in God

    Thanks again


  9. As long as God with you,you fear none ,worry nil
    Please pray for me

    Sandra D

  10. You deserve all the blessing Marina


  11. I will pray for you.
    You are a very mature and helpful girl

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,Miss

  12. God bless you


  13. I wish you all the happiness and sucess in your life .You helped me to regain my self confidenec and I will never forget this


  14. Honestly You are doing the job,responsibility and duties of at least 3-4 people and you are doing this very well.
    How you are doing all this and you are good at despite what We know about the challenges you are facing??
    I think it is the blessings of God.
    I applaud you all the time.I am recovered ED for 6 years and I feel I need to be in touch with your blog to continue my recovery and maintain my happiness .
    Regards from recovered ED victim x 6years

  15. Since I have known your blog,I brag about you
    You are my ideal


  16. Almost always every body commenting here is amazed with your personlity and how you are so sincere and pleasant
    I am also liking you


  17. I always pray like you Marina especailly when I am under stress I pray and I feel much better.


  18. Marina
    I have no doubt that God is listening to you.
    Please pray for me when your pray for your self.
    I wish I can "PUSH" as you.
    I am learning from you



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