Published again! 3 Phrases to Keep You Going

Yet again, blessing upon blessing, I am honoured that my work has been published on Fr. Anthony's site. This time, the topic is on three phrases always said by the late Pope Shenouda III, may he rest in peace. Even if you are not Coptic Orthodox, I strongly encourage you to read this post on these three phrases. I guarantee that you will feel at peace and will draw upon these sentences in times of trouble or distress.

What are the three phrases? Simple: “’this too will end soon”, “God is here”, and “all is for the good”. We all have times when we want to give up. We all have moments when we are frustrated, angry, sad, and tired. And although it is at these times when we least feel like calming down, this is when we need to take a moment to breathe. And when you do, think of these 3 sentences. They have always brought me comfort and peace when in despair. If you can meditate and think of these phrases, you will see how much truth is in them. You will see that this challenge and obstacle will pass; there cannot be a rainbow if there is no rain. The sun comes out after the darkness.
So, please read my post and if you desire, leave me a comment on Fr. Anthony's site and here. Thank you once again to all my readers, supporters, family, and friends. Taking a look back to my was two years ago when I was just starting up this site up. I was beginning my journey of recovery. And I have this blog, I've done interviews, and now, I have my own book. God is good. For all of you who are suffering, tired, or feel like you are fighting a heart-breaking and endless journey - do not give up. Every challenge you face makes you stronger and teaches you a lesson. If it were not for my journey with ED thus far, I would bot have had all these amazing opportunities to use my experiences to help others. So, whenever you feel like giving up....remember: “’this too will end soon”, “God is here”, and “all is for the good”.

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