Published AGAIN - Happiness :)

I am so blessed to say that my work has again been published on Fr. Anthony's website. His introduction of me is so sweet and thank you, Abouna! I am so blessed to have this opportunity yet again!

This post is about happiness. It is something we all want and desire. But today, we often get missed messages about what happiness is. Is it having everything you want? Being rich? Thin? Having a family? Being close to God? Being smart?

I challenge you to read this post and consider your own experiences with happiness and how you define it. Please read it and comment here and on Fr. Anthony's site and share your feelings or experiences, or feedback!

Thank you to all my readers and family, and friends. You are all so wonderful. I cannot believe how many blessings and publishing chances God has given me. Thank you, Lord, for making me happy.

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