Saturday, 12 October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Aside from being a day off from school and work, this is a wonderful day to take some time to think of your blessings. We are often so busy during our normal lives that we stop to realize how much we have to be thankful for. I feel like this a lot. This week has, and will continue to be, very busy for me. I have so much going on, and my mood has been really off lately. I have been waking up angry, sad, frustrated, and stressed. So much to do, so little time, and so much pressure. But this weekend of thanks is just what I needed. (By the way, I LOVE Mickey Mouse and his gang - hence the adorable picture! I am obsessed with these characters!)

Sometimes, we can forget how much we have to be thankful for. Try taking just two minutes to think of everything you are thankful for. You'll be surprised at how much there is! Remember these things: others may not have them, or maybe they are important to you. Whatever you can think of, be thankful for it. If you can, write these things down. Then refer to them when you are down, tired, angry, sad, frustrated, or stressed. It won't fix all your problems, but it will certainly allow you to realize how much you have - and this can help you muster the strength to overcome your challenges.

Here is my list - although it is not complete. Which things that I wrote stood out to you? What are YOU thankful for?

-my family and friends
-my Church community and faith
-my intelligence and university education
-my home, clothes, car, and food (of course, food is something I now see as being necessary!)
-books to read, toys to play with (yes, I am still a child at heart!), my phone and computers
-money to buy what I need and want, even if sometimes I don't always get what I want right away
-having this blog and it becoming so famous in so little time
-the support of all my readers online and in person
-having people to support me and listen to my feelings, as well as people who really care about me
-feeling loved and important, even when I don't love myself
-living in a free country like Canada and not being persecuted for my faith, appearance, beliefs, etc.
-being healthy: I can see, taste, hear, write, read, talk, walk, carry things, dress myself, etc.
-waking up each morning
-nature and the beauty it brings to my life - naturally created artwork by God Almighty

....Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am definitely thankful for all those who read this blog, comment, share it, support me, and spread the word! God bless all of you! Please take the time, even a few seconds, to be thankful for what you have. And enjoy this time with those who love you and care for you most, if possible. Breathe in and out slowly. And as you are doing this, think of one thing that you are really thankful for. How relaxing is that?!


  1. Happy Thanks giving to you and your family Marina


  2. Thank you for this thanksgiving message.


  3. I love Mickey too and I am busy enough to say I had enough but not to forget to thank you for this well respected blog.


  4. I am thankful for my recovery from depression and now I am living normal life with my husband again after I pushed him away for years when I was depressed./


  5. If you look at your life with a positive eye ,you will see many many blessing to thank for.
    Most important for me is recovery of my dad from deep intractable depression and my graduation last year bachelor degree with honour and now I am doing master degree.
    I am thankful for your blog too.

    With my humble respect

  6. I thank God that he guided me to your blog as my mentor and supporter when I feel lonely


  7. My thanks is for God who has given me self empowering to look after myself after separation of my parents .
    I thank God for coming across your wonderful blog


  8. I am thankful for my good health and my parents who are both 91 and in good health.
    I thankful also because you recovered and you are sharing your experience and knowledge.


  9. As an RN being healthy myself and helping people are things that I am thankful for but meeting you through this blog is rewarding for me and I thank you for it.


  10. The blessings that all your reader need to thank for are your recovery and your commitment to your blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving Marina


  11. Happy thanks giving Marina

    S K

  12. I am grateful for your blog and I am thankful for my health and my memory


  13. This thanksgiving day I devote to thank God for your recovery and well being and I am happy to read all the blessing that you listed and you are thankful for Marina


  14. I am thankful for entering medical school but above all thankful for staying healthy.
    I agree with you marina number 1 is to be healthy and well in Order to be able to achieve what you want.


  15. I happy and thankful for you Marina


  16. I am thankful for staying healthy at 76 and my big family are healthy.
    I am thankful for you as I consider you with great regard and respect.

    Sam Ibrahim
    Burnhamthorpe ,mississassauga

  17. Marina I thankful for your guidance when you supported me to get help while I was in denial.
    I am thankful for my recovery and I tell you the one year that I devoted for my health worth it,.
    Nothing in life worth good heath.
    I realized that when you have good health ,you can function and achieve what you have lost and now I am catching up with what I lost because I was not well
    I am thankful for my recovery and I will do all my best to maintain my health.


  18. I am thankful for my family and for being able to meet people hopeful and optimistic like you Marina


  19. I am thankful for being able to recover after I was sick last year .
    I am thankful for coming across your blog and get a hopeful message.


  20. I love Disney characters too.


  21. I am thankful for all the blessings that you listed Marina whether I have some of them myself or someone else enjoying all the blessings.
    May God bless you and I thank God for you .


  22. Happy thanksgiving


  23. My health and my family is the only thing I am thankful for.
    I am behind in my class and I hardly pass my year and I think I will not go to make any money and may live in poverty but as long as I and my family healthy ,I am thankful


  24. I have a lot to thank for but most important is my recovery. And I thank you as I owe my recovery to you Marina
    feeling healthy again and being in control without external pressure from ED and its OCD is the unique thing that I will celebrate till end of my life .I will not forget you as the only person motivated and guided me and brought me to this point.


  25. I am thankful because I am living in Canada and I enjoy excellent health.


  26. I am thankful to Canada as I feel safe since I fled my country Columbia from the Gorilla who were going after my family.


  27. I will be thankful for the rest of my life since I was born again after recovery from alcohol and depression. I am thankful to you and your blog


  28. I am thankful to you and your blog not only on Thanksgiving day but 24 hours a day ,7 days a week and 365 days a year.

    A Thankful mother for her daughter recovery and helping me to get her back on track before slipping

  29. Thankful for been able to wake up every day and go to school.


  30. To fled the harassment by fanatic extremist people in my home country Iran because of my religion(Baha'i) and feel safe in Canada is something I will be thankful for for ever.


  31. Coming across your blog after my recovery is the most important achievement in my life that I will be thankful for for ever.


  32. I am thankful for your health and mine


  33. Having your blog saved on my favourite is my thankful to God and you


  34. Happy thanksgiving


  35. Thankful for my health and my family happiness and knowing your hopeful blog and reading your hopeful message.



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