Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Published once more! 'Fuelling up the vehicle'

I am amazed at the reception of my writing and story. From a year ago, my work has been published over 10 times....within ONE YEAR! This is truly a blessing, and I thank each and every single person (both in my life and on this blog) for giving my this experience. I am so blessed!

This time, I wrote a post comparing your body with a car. Sounds far-fetched right? Well, if you think about it, they have a lot of things in common. Your car needs gas to keep working, and you need food to keep surviving. Your car cannot operate without gas, and you cannot function without nutrition. Your car needs to be taken care of in order to do its job, and your body needs to be well in order for your to live day by day. See how similar they are? Take a look at this link for the full piece on fuelling your body - just like you would with your car:

(PS. A special thank YOU to everyone out there who has supported me through this past year. I can, thank God, say that today, I am doing SO well and am fully recovered and healthy. If you look at the bottom of the article on NEDIC, you will indeed say (under the bio part) that ' RECOVERED from anorexia nervos' .... WOOT WOOT! YAY! Thanks again, everyone!)


  1. Hi Marina
    I have not read the post yet but I want to be first person to congratulate you not only for your writing(which is a great accomplishment) but my most happiness as a mother is your complete recovery.
    You know Marina you are so intelligent and so knowledgeable and when you said you are completely recovered ,you mean it.
    This is a hope for all ED
    This is a hope for all treatment programs.
    This is a message to all treating hospitals not to kick people out for non compliance but rather to be patient with them and guide them till recovery.
    Keep up the excellent job marina
    My hearty congratulations to you and your family

    A thankful mother

  2. I am very happy for you ,your complete recovery and acknowledgment as a writer.


  3. Wow
    Recovery and success match hand in hand


  4. Amazing how you describe our body parts and the necessary of fuel for each part to work.


  5. I bet if ED victims knew that this will lead them to this end, they would have fought their butt off to avoid falling into his traps.


  6. I am also very pleased with your writings and above all your complete recovery.
    Please enjoy the best of the life


  7. Congratulations
    Recovery will bring you all the happiness ,little by little.


  8. I like the analogy. It really express the fact that We can not live ,do our job, think ,have our sanity, study ,achieve or even move one step without the fuel that God has made for us.
    I am also happy reading that you RECOVERED(rather than recovering).

    Happy for you


  9. I am also very excited to hear about your success.


  10. Marina
    I am reflecting on your "bio" when you signed as Recovered .
    This means a lot to you and me and all ED victims and all treating hospitals and programs.
    You were able to achieve what many has failed to do.
    You motivated many including me to same same.
    I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.


  11. Not only I am very pleased with your post on he NEDIC but I am very pleased with your complete recovery and I like your new bio(recovered)
    I am also recovered and I am now feel my body cues better than the car.
    I like the similarity and it is true.
    See my comment on NEDIC left today.
    Keep up Marina
    You are my role model


    1. I definitely agree with you Nanaraj and I just left a message to Marina on the NEDIC.
      I am very pleased with analogy and very pleased with recovery.
      I did experience the disease and I do now taste the recovery and what a big difference .
      Life with ED is Hell.
      Life without ED is Paradise and heaven.
      I hope every one of us enjoy the best of life away from the monster

      Recovered ED victim

  12. We need to thank you Marina for your excellent work ,not only helping your self and now you are completely recovered but you are sharing your experience and motivating others and being a role model in taking responsibility for your own health and taking the time to volunteer and writing to NEDIC blog .


  13. Happy for you


  14. This is wonderful
    Keep up the excellent job


  15. My body is exactly like a train, I can only run if my tank is full.
    Keep up the good job


  16. My heartfelt congratulation with your recovery and writing.
    You are wonderful


  17. I am very happy for your success.I wish you all the happiness and best of luck


  18. I am pleased with your success in promoting your health and marinating your standard at school and your hoppy as a writer and your altruism and kindness as a helper to others.


  19. I like your new bio and also WOOT WOOT YAY


  20. Marina
    You are adorable and I am very impressed with this post.
    We are eating to live same like cars fueling to move.
    What a meaningful analogy.
    Please see my comment I left at your NEDIC post.


  21. I liked your post and happy for you.
    First time I visit NEDIC and I like it and liked to read your previous posts
    Cheers Marina


  22. Thank you to everyone for your comments and support here and at NEDIC. This is a huge accomplishment for me and I am so blessed to have shared it with all of you! I love all of you and am so grateful for the support I receive here. You all keep me motivated and strong. God bless all of you :)

  23. Marina
    You are a GEM
    With my humble respect



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