Happy Valentine's Day!

How do you define 'love'? It is a feeling, an action, a word...or all of them?

The greatest example of love if Christ - He died so that you can have life - and life abundantly! 

Abundant Living – Linda Sharp-Williams

On the theme of 'love' because it is February (i.e. Valentine's Day is February 14) - take some time to let those around you know that you love them. Yes, saying I love you goes a long way...but the heart (haha!) of love lays in actions. How do you show love to those around you? How can you show those around you that you appreciate them, that you care for them, and that you will always be there for them?

108 Bible Verses about Love - DailyVerses.net

And remember - you are wonderfully and fearfully made, loved by a God who gave His life up for you. Never forget that you are made for a purpose - the Lord has His eyes on you at all times; oh, how He loves you! 

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